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Updated January 20, 2012 - 11:24 PM EST
47 Killed as Libyan Ex-Mercs Fight Mali Military
  Rights Groups' Report: NATO Committed War Crimes in Libya
  Students Rough Up Libya's NTC Vice President
  British Troops Were on the Ground During Libya War
New US Commando Team Operating Near Iran
  Russia Warns Against US Attack on Iran
  Iran Warns Arab Rivals Not to Interfere With Hormuz, Sanctions Issues
  Iran Says Scientist Assassins May Have Used Privileged UN Info
After Killings, France Pulls Out of Afghan Mission
  Copter Down in Afghanistan, 6 US Marines Killed
  US, NATO May Aim for Smaller Afghan Force
  Anti-US Protests in Afghanistan Over Civilian Killings
  Supplying Troops Costs US Six Times After Closure of Pakistan Routes
Islamist Factions the Big Winners in Arab Spring
  Egypt's Military Rulers Warn of 'Grave Danger' Ahead of Protests
Pakistan FM: Ties With US 'On Hold'
Maliki Accused of Detaining, Torturing Political Opponents
Former Liberian Ruler 'Worked for CIA'
US Closes Website One Day After Anti-SOPA Protest
Blood on Whose Hands?  by Chase Madar and Tom Engelhardt
The 'Anti-Semitism' Smear Campaign  by Glenn Greenwald
Grasping at Straws: the Mexican Govt's Latest Spin on Drug Violence  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Who Wants War With Iran?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The World War on Democracy  by John Pilger
Israel's Humane Society  by Belen Fernandez

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GOP Officially Endorses One-State Solution
Putin Welcomes Kissinger: 'Old Friends' to Talk Shop
Active-Duty Soldiers Kill Themselves at Record Rate
Obama Defends Foreign Policy to Campaign Donors
From Guantánamo to Palau: Exchanging One Prison for Another
US General Visits Israel for Discussions on Iran
IAEA Chief Urges Iran to Cooperate on Weapons Allegations

Iran Downplays Sanctions, Street Feels the Bite

Turkey Calls for the Immediate Resumption of Iran Nuclear Talks
Turkey, Iran Eye Closer Financial Transfers
Netanyahu Pressuring Europe to Embargo Iran Oil
NATO Not Even Thinking of Syria Operation: Top General
As Arab League Mandate Expires in Syria, Rebels Look to UN
Arab League Considers Extension of Syria Mission
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Isolate Assad
Hamas Attack on Gaza Shiites May Indicate Its Political Shift
Israeli Troops Capture Palestinian Parliament Speaker
Israeli MPs Demand Arab Counterparts Be Charged With Treason
Why Did Netanyahu Choose AIPAC Over Africa?
The Badly Kept Secret of Israel's Trade Throughout the Muslim World
Rockets Hit Turkey's Embassy in Iraq Amid Rising Acrimony
Allawi Says Maliki Risks Splitting Iraq
Iraqiya List Insists on Boycotting Cabinet and Parliament Sessions
Allawi Open to Ending Iraq Parliament Boycott
Can Iraq Survive Its Own Politics?
Baghdad Governor Threatens to Kill Any Foreigner for Security Breach
Kurdish Judges in Baghdad to Investigate Hashemi Matter
Civilian Killed in Armed Attack East of Mosul
After 20 Years, an Iraqi Returns to a Changed Land
Yemen Amends Draft Law Granting Immunity to Saleh and His Aides
Going on One Year, Protests Continue in Yemen
Thousands March in Turkey for Slain Journalist
The War at Home
Still Struggling With Suicide, Army Sees Uptick in Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence
Air Force Launches Military Satellite to Improve Communications With Drone Aircraft
Woman Makes It Onto Flight in Texas With Gun in Her Purse
Pakistan Supreme Court Postpones Standoff With Govt
Pakistan PM Defiant at Contempt Case
US Claims Senior al-Qaeda Figure Killed in Drone Strike
Norway Spy Chief Kristiansen Quits in Pakistan Secrecy Gaffe
Bomb Attacks Kill 19 in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Government Feels Out of the Loop on Talks
Car Bomb at Afghanistan Air Base Kills 7 Civilians
DoD Identifies Units for Upcoming Afghanistan Rotation
Myanmar Government in Kachin Ceasefire Negotiations
An Ethnic War Is Rekindled in Myanmar
Ethnic Shan Leader in Myanmar to Re-Register Party
Indian Security Forces Kill Militant in Jammu and Kashmir
Bangladesh Stops 'Heinous Conspiracy' by Army Officers to Topple Government
Mubarak Trial: Egyptian Army 'Responsible for Deaths'
IAEA in Contact With Egypt After Theft of Radioactive Devices
Egyptian Scholar Says Islamist Win Is Just a Blip
Charity Shuts Two Big Medical Centers in Mogadishu
Al-Shabaab Tweets Photographs of Supposed Kidnapped Kenyan Officials
Somalia: Hunger and Homelessness
Sea Piracy Drops in 2011; Somali Attacks Up
Ethiopia Sends Elders to Help Release Kidnapped Tourists
Ethiopia: Journalists, Politician Found Guilty
5 Unemployed Moroccans Set Themselves on Fire in Protest, 3 Hospitalized
Nigeria Puts $310,000 Bounty on Escaped Bomb Suspect
Rwanda: Top Army Officers Arrested for 'Indiscipline' Over Congo Minerals
Northern Ireland
2 Bombs Hit Northern Ireland City; Nobody Reported Wounded After Warnings, Swift Evacuations
Mexico Catches Alleged Sinaloa Cartel Gun Runner
Canadian Naval Officer Charged With Spying
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