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Updated January 21, 2012 - 11:16 PM EST
170 Killed in Attacks in Nigeria's Kano
After Killings, France Pulls Out of Afghan Mission
  NATO's Afghan Alliance Unhinged by Growing Mutual Mistrust
  Taliban Fighters Hear of US Marines Urinating on Corpses, Vow Revenge
New US Commando Team Operating Near Iran
  Mixed Signals From EU on Potential Iran Talks
  Britain Revokes PressTV's License, Forces Iranian Station Off Air in UK
Pakistan: US Trainers Allowed Back, Not Drones
  Fox News Analyst Says US OK'd Testifying on Pakistan Coup Memo
Ambush of Police Truck in Syria Kills 14
SOPA 'On Hold' in Face of Massive Public Opposition
Libyan Islamists, Secularists in Dueling Rallies on Sharia
Maliki's Sectarian Arrests Fuel Another Political Crisis in Iraq
Pentagon Directing More Military Aid to Eastern Europe
Al-Shabaab, African Union Clash on Outskirts of Mogadishu
A Fitting Symbol of the American Empire  by Sheldon Richman
Pull the Plug on SOPA/PIPA  by Bruce Walker
Guantanamo's System of Injustice  by Laura Pitter
Think Before Acting on Iran  by Leslie Gelb
The US-GCC Fatal Attraction  by Pepe Escobar
Pressure Israel, Not Iran  by Marjorie Cohn

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Zbig: Israelis 'Bought Influence' and Outmaneuvered Obama
Uproar After US Jewish Newspaper Publisher Suggests Israel Kill Obama
Prosecutors: 4th Man Recruited in NYC Bomb Plot
Skilled Robots Set to Infiltrate Schools, Military
Top CIA Lawyer Never OK'd NYPD Collaboration
US Military Chief Holds Talks in Israel on Iran

IAEA Rejects Iran Accusation Over Scientist's Killing

UAE Cautions Against Escalating Iran Tension
Ashton: Major Powers Open to Iran Nuclear Talks, Despite Sanctions
Motive Unknown in Iranian Student Activist's Death
US Preparing to Close Embassy in Syria
US: Assad Losing Control, His Fall Inevitable, White House Says
Syrian Activists Call for Release of Detainees
Human Rights Watch Urges Arab League to Release Syria Report
Syrian Opposition to Rally in Support of Prisoners
Official: Syria Has Lost $2 Billion in Oil Revenues
Hamas Calls for End to Peace Feelers After Arrests
Palestinian Fatah Looks Ill-Prepared for Election
Palestinians Condemn Arrest of Hamas MP Aziz Dweik
US Treasury, State Officials to Travel to Israel
Israeli MP: Expel Arab MPs to Gaza
Iraqi Forces Raid Homes of Sunni Politicians
5 Iraqis Killed, Another Political Arrest
Al-Iraqiya's Proposal to Withdraw Confidence 'Unpractical': Sadrist Spokesman
2 Killed, 5 Wounded in Kirkuk
UK Recovers Body of British Hostage Killed in Iraq
US Seeks New Home for Yemen Strongman
A Month Out, Expectations Low for Yemen's One-Man Presidential Vote
At Least 1 Dead, 24 Injured in Blast in Southeast Turkey
Turkey Investigating Extrajudicial Killings
Turkey Warns France on Genocide Vote
The War at Home
Soldier Convicted in Family Deaths Gets 80 Years
Panetta Ends Probation of Marines' F-35 Fighter Jet
US Has New Confidence in Peace Talks With Taliban
Afghanistan's Soldiers Step Up Killings of Allied Forces
Afghan Killing of French Troops 'Isolated,' NATO Chief Says
Pakistan: NATO Supply Routes Not Reopened
President Zardari Meets Army Chief Kayani
Pakistan Kidnap: Two Foreigners Seized in Multan
Pakistan: a Political Timeline
Musharraf Calls for Unification of All PML Factions
North Korea
North Korea Credits New Leader With Nuke Testing
Book Author: Kim Jong Il's Eldest Son Wants Reform
Report: Swede Blames Mossad for Bangkok Arrest
Kazakhstan's PM Vows Political Liberalization
Inspectors: Libya Had Undeclared Chemical Weapon Stock
Libya Power Struggle Tears Apart Assabia
Muslim Brotherhood Chief: Egypt's Military Rulers Will Be Held Accountable
How One Egyptian Sold a Revolution on the Web
South Sudan to Halt Oil Production Over Dispute With Sudan
UN Says 120,000 in South Sudan Need Aid After Fighting
Tunisian Town Rebels Over Being Left Out in Cold
Madagascar's Exiled President Vows Return Saturday
Amnesty Says Cuba Dissident Who Died on Hunger Strike, Names 3 Others
Argentines Stage Falklands Protest Outside UK Embassy
Bolivia Joins Brazil, US in Signing Cooperation Accord on Coca Cultivatation and Control
Chilean Generals Convicted of Trafficking Weapons for Pinochet to Croatia During Balkan Wars
Haiti Judge on 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Case: Trial or Acquittal Before Month's End
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