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Updated January 22, 2012 - 11:08 PM EST
178 Killed in Attacks in Nigeria's Kano
Hundreds of Libyans Storm NTC Headquarters
Egypt's Islamists Win 75% of Seats in Parliament
Greece Pleads Against Cutting Off Iranian Oil
  Panetta: US Will Keep 11 Carriers to Project Sea Power Against Iran
Karzai Meets for Peace Talks With Taliban Faction
  Taliban Claim They Recruited Afghan Soldier Who Killed NATO Troops
35 of Iraqi Vice President's Staff Arrested
Ambush of Police Truck in Syria Kills 14
How Bradley Manning's Fate Will Be Decided
Fearing Own Separatists, Spain May Veto Scotland's EU Bid
A Fitting Symbol of the American Empire  by Sheldon Richman
Pull the Plug on SOPA/PIPA  by Bruce Walker
Guantanamo's System of Injustice  by Laura Pitter
Think Before Acting on Iran  by Leslie Gelb
The US-GCC Fatal Attraction  by Pepe Escobar
Pressure Israel, Not Iran  by Marjorie Cohn

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Gingrich Backed Panel to Shut Down Websites
Army Report: Suicide Rate Sets Record; Some Alcohol Abuse Up 54 Percent
Arizona Sting Catches 2 US Officials in Drug Smuggling
Bioterror Fears Halt Research on Mutant Bird Flu
Obama Eases Visa Rules to Boost US Tourism
Yemen Officials: Saleh to Depart for Oman, Then US
Yemen MPs Approve Saleh Immunity Deal
Report: Turkey Intercepts Material for Missiles, Chemical Weapons on Iranian Trucks
Tehran Rejects Sarkozy's Accusation of Seeking Nuclear Bomb
Iranians Worry About Possibility of War Amid Tensions With West
After Threats, Iran Plays Down US Naval Moves
Israel Urges Seoul to Ban Iran's Oil
Security Forces, Dissidents Clash in Damascus Suburb
Arab League Observers Urged to Stay in Syria
Lebanese Boy Shot Dead by Syria Gunmen
Hamas: Leader Khaled Mashaal Won't Seek New Term
Palestinian Stabs Border Guard Officer Near Shufat
Video: Settlers Claim Olive Oil as 'Israeli'
Gaza Builders Lead Economic Recovery – With Some Help From the Black Market
Maliki's Political Game May Have Alarming Regional Repercussions
35 of Iraqi Vice President's Staff Arrested as Attacks Continue
Kurds Caught in Middle as Tensions Stoked by Regional Jockeying
Middle East
Egypt's Military Chief Pardons 1,959 Detainees
Bahrain Shi'ite Cleric Warns Troops Not to Attack Women
2 Arrested for Arms Trading in South Beirut Suburb
Colombia's FARC Destroys Radar Station
Colombia's President Says Late Rebel Chieftain Was Major Landowner
Guatemala Ex-Dictator Ordered to Give Testimony in Genocide Accusations
After Cancer Treatment, Chávez Reclaims Spotlight
Cuban Document Details Charges Versus Jailed American
The War at Home
Panetta, Defense Industry Meet as Huge Cost Cuts Loom
Special Forces Get Social in New Psychological Operation Plan
TSA Agent Accused of Selling Stolen Property From Luggage on Craigslist
Trial of Accused Haditha Ringleader Resumes Without Plea Deal
Thirteen Killed in Afghan Violence
Afghan Asylum Bids at 10-Year High, Human Smuggling Rife as Troops Begin to Leave
Pakistan President's Immunity to Be Debated
Foreign Secy Terms Pakistan-US Ties Important
Two, Including PPP Activist, Fall Prey to Target Killings
Pakistan Police Arrest Man Who 'Posed as General' for Years
Generation 88 Activists Back Myanmar's Reform Path
Thein Sein Says Myanmar on 'Right Track' to Democracy
Suspected Maoist Rebels Kill 13 Indian Police by Landmine
His Dear Leader: Meet North Korea's Secret Weapon – an IT Consultant From Spain
Nigeria Stunned by Kano Attacks
Dynamite Targets Bridge in Oil-Rich Nigeria Delta
2 Journalists Killed in Nigeria Amid Unrest
Recent Attacks by Radical Islamist Sect in Nigeria
Gunmen Kill 1 Peacekeeper, Wound 3 in Sudan's Darfur Region
Eastern Sudan Struggles 5 Years After Peace Deal
Somali Gunmen Kidnap American Citizen
Pro-Gbagbo Rally Attacked in Ivory Coast, Many Injured
Madagascar Exiled President Sent Back to South Africa
After Croatia, Who Is Next in the EU Queue?
Massive Pro-Government March in Budapest
Old Foes Predict a Golden Future in Northern Ireland Even as the Bombers Strike
Americans Still Dying
Son, Also Serving in Afghanistan, Accompanies Father's Body Back to the US (IN)
Arkansas Family Loses Second Son in Afghanistan
Indiana Civilian Chopper Pilot Working in Afghanistan Leaves Behind Wife, Five Children
Norwood (MA) Army Medic Remembered by Neighbor and Friends
Grieving Michigan Community Says Goodbye to Airman Killed on Sixth Tour
Indiana Guardsman, Former Marine, Laid to Rest in Private Funeral
Rice Lake (WI) Civilian Contractor Killed in Airlift Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Pahrump (NV) Marine With Ties to Oklahoma Accidentally Electrocuted in Afghanistan
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