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Updated January 24, 2012 - 11:18 PM EST
Pakistan Army Rejects US Report on Nov. Attack
  US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan
  Fox Analyst Cancels Travel to Pakistan to Testify on 'Coup Memo'
Gadhafi Loyalists 'Retake' Town of Bani Walid
EU Agrees on 'Gradual' Iran Oil Embargo

Car Bombs Kill 14 Across Baghdad

  Iraq VP: I'll Go to Baghdad Court if Maliki Resigns
Activists: 33 Killed in Syria Violence
  Reports: 'Free Syrian Army' May Split in Leadership Battle
US Pays Millions to Afghan 'Collateral' Families
UN: Obama Flouting International Law at Gitmo
Nigerian Police Find 100s of Bombs, Death Toll Rises
Saleh Leaves Yemen, But Fight for Reform Goes On
Road to Palestinian Statehood Through Guatemala?
Supreme Court: GPS Trackers on Cars Require Warrant
Hold Iraq Hawks Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum Accountable  by Peter Beinart
A Foreign Policy of Peace  by Jeremy Davis
Why Obama's 'Targeted Killing' Is Worse Than Bush's Torture  by Mary Ellen O'Connell
Stop Internet Censorship  by Rep. Ron Paul
Avoiding a Catastrophic War With Iran  by Nathaniel Batchelder
The Operators: Six Questions for Michael Hastings  by Scott Horton

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Stop the

by Yousaf Butt
Sen. Rand Paul Detained by TSA

Petraeus: 'The Troops Can't Quit'

US Army Panel Advises Trial in Afghanistan Suicide

Marine Charged in Haditha, Iraq, Killings Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge
Atlanta Jewish Times Publisher Resigns Over Obama 'Assassination' Column

US and Afghan Officials Flexible on Peace, Outlawed Group Says

Administration Looking Into Repatriating Non-Afghan Detainees at US-Run Prison

US Envoy Says No Decision on Gitmo Releases for Taliban Talks

Senate Demands Musharraf's Trial for High Treason

In Pakistan, Coup Looms but Does Not Strike


Iran Lawmaker: Closing Strait of Hormuz Legal

Iranian Buying Unlikely Culprit for Uranium Stock Rise

Russia Lashes Out at EU Sanctions on Iran, Says They Will Impede Resolution of Nuclear Issue

Hamas Lawmakers Arrested at Red Cross in Jerusalem

Buoyed by 'Islamic Spring,' Hamas Considers New Direction


India Police Arrest Two Over July Blasts in Mumbai

India Sails New Nuclear Submarine Home

Groups: Police Fire on Tibetans, at Least 1 Dead

EU Suspends Visa Bans on Leading Myanmar Politicians

Cambodia Rebuffs UN on New Judge for Khmer Rouge Trial

Rwanda War-Crimes Suspect Deported After Almost Two Decades in Canada

Mexico Officials: Cartel Leader's Aide Killed in Gunfight

Three Cuban Political Prisoners Released


Unrest Strands Iraqis in Syria Awaiting American Visas

Report: Russia Signs Deal to Sell 36 Combat Jets to Syria

Syria Rejects Arab League Demand That Assad Cede Power

Assad's Inner Circle
Middle East

A Year On, Has Egypt's Revolution Stalled?

Chaotic Start to Egypt's First Democratically Elected Parliament

Yemen to Release Protest Activists Ahead of Election

Officers: Mutinies Spread to 4 Yemen Air Bases

Yemen Sends More Troops to Militant-Held Town

Lebanese Demand Army on Border After Syrian Troops Kill Fisherman

Possible Ban on Russian Candidate Prompts New Charges of Election Bias

Poland Defends Stance on Treaty After Web Attacks

French Senate Passes Bill Criminalizing Armenian Genocide Denial

Britain's High Court Clears Way for Basque Suspect Extradition

United States

Lt. Gen. William Boykin: Years On, Still a Lightning Rod

Burial Problems Found at VA Cemeteries

Hockey Player Snubbed Obama Because Government 'Out of Control'

US Envoy Previews Upcoming NATO Summit

Ex-CIA Officer Charged Over Classified Leaks

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