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Updated January 27, 2012 - 11:13 PM EST
Israeli FM Seeks Naval, Aerial Blockade of Iran
  Iran Set to Turn Off Oil Supply to Europe
  The Iranian Oil Embargo: Does This Mean War?
100 Syrians Reported Killed by Security Forces
  Report: 62 Killed Thursday as Arab League Pushes Syria Plan at UN
US Warns Iraq: Don't Blow This Opportunity
  Iraq Will Take Legal Action Against GIs Involved in Haditha Massacre
  Friday: Car Bomb Attack Near Funeral in Baghdad Kills 32
  Thursday: 31 Iraqis Killed in New Attacks
Aid Groups Cite Widespread Torture in Libya
  UN: Libya Arms Could Reach al-Qaeda, Boko Haram
46 Killed in Sectarian Clashes in Northern Yemen
US to Reestablish Military Presence in Philippines
NATO Chief: No Summit Unless Russia OKs Missile Defense
Thousands of NATO Trucks Backed Up at Pakistan Port
Pilotless Drones: All the Killing, None of the Accountability
Panetta: Military Spending Is Going Up  by David Swanson
The Human Rights 'Success' in Libya  by Glenn Greenwald
Barack Obama's 'Unbreakable Bond' With Israel  by Richard Sudan
Gitmo's Prying Eyes  by Kelley Vlahos
No Joy in Egypt  by Daniel Williams
A Real Foreign Policy Debate  by Tim Kelly

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Thousands March in Poland Over ACTA Internet Treaty
Fox News Analyst Vows to Expose Pakistan's ISI
Politics of Defense Cuts: Emphasize the Positive
Spy Drone and Missile Sub Are on Budget-Cutting List
CIA to Pull Officer From NYPD After Internal Probe
Rand Paul Calm During TSA Patdown, Video Shows
Iran President Ahmadinejad Offers Nuclear Talks
Dempsey: US, Israel View Iran Threat Very Differently
Senior IDF Officer Told Cabinet Israel Cannot Stop Iran's Nuclear Program
Israelis See Iran's Threats of Retaliation as Bluff
China Says EU Ban on Iran Oil Not 'Constructive'
US Has Arrested Iranian Scientist
Iran Fighter Plane Crashes in South, 2 Pilots Die
Syrian Troops Fight Rebels Near Damascus
Outside Syria's Capital, Suburbs Look Like War Zone
Pakistan Leader Softens Criticism of Army and Spy Agency
In Tumultuous Syrian City, Kidnapping Trade Booms
Deadline Looming Over Israel Settlement Evacuation
Settlers Who Went Too Far – Even for Netanyahu
Efforts Underway to Try to Save Israeli-Palestinian Talks
'Israel Outlined Principles on Borders to Palestinians'
Egypt Bans Travel for US Official's Son, 9 Others
Two Copts Killed in Southern Egypt
Washington: Saleh Still Yemen's President
Al-Qaeda Activity Puts Yemen Regime Change in Doubt
Middle East
Top Shi'ite Cleric Asks Iraqiya Party to Return to Parliament; 31 Iraqis Killed in New Attacks
Bahrain Detainee Dies in Custody, Opposition Sees Torture
Battles of Britain
Calls for UK Inquiry Into 'Anti-Muslim Media Bias'
Airfield May Be Sold by MoD to Raise Funds
Nuclear Subs Will Stay in Scotland, Royal Navy Chiefs Decide
DoD Identifies Brigades Slated to Leave Germany
US Blacklists German Terror Suspects
US Military
Pentagon Proposes Limiting Raises and Closing Bases to Cut Budget
Arlington Cemetery Trying to Account for Missing $12 Million
Lockheed Order Backlog to Cushion Tough 2012
'War on Terror'
Anti-Islam Documentary Producer Was Arrested for Impersonating Secret Service Agent
Prosecutors Ordered to Identify NYC Terror Witness
Accused Pentagon Shooter Pleads Guilty in Va.
The Dark Truth Behind the Man Who Claimed He Had bin Laden in His Sights
Md. Man Caught in Sting Pleads Guilty in Bomb Plot
IED Attacks in Afghanistan Set Record
Italy Promises to Back Afghanistan After 2014
Attack on NATO Convoy Kills 4 Civilians in Afghanistan
Germany Trims Back Authorization for Troops in Afghanistan
Haunted by Deaths, Company Sets Out on Final Mission in Afghanistan
Pakistani Official Says Iranian Border Guards Kill 6 Goat Traders
Troops Kill 20 Terrorists in Kurram Agency
Syria Chaos Claims Priest and an Aid Group Official
Rocket Propelled Grenades Fired at Military Academy Near bin Laden's Compound in Pakistan
Army Fully Supports Democracy: Gilani
Three Britons Injured in Lashkar Gah Explosion
A Year Since Raymond Davis Case: One Family Still Looking for Justice
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea PM Says Mutiny 'Over'
Leader of Papua New Guinea Military Mutiny Demands Pardon After PM Refuses to Step Down
US Lawmaker May Pursue Limited China Bill
Tuareg Troops Return Home to Mali After Service to Libya's Leader, With Plans for Rebellion
Tuaregs Attack a 5th Town in Mali
'Free' Libya Shamed by New Torture Claims
Boko Haram 'Leader' Issues New Threats in Internet Message
Nigeria President Tells Boko Haram to Come Out and Talk
Nigerian Islamists Deny Civilian Killings
German Engineer Kidnapped in Kano, Nigeria
'Free' Libya Shamed by New Torture Claims
Sudan: Brother of Darfur Rebels' Late Leader Takes Over
Somali Captors Holding an American Move Their Hostage 3 Times After Deadly SEAL Rescue
Ethiopia: Journalists, Politicians Get Jail Time
Julia Gillard 'Rescued' Amid Australia Day Protests
9 People Found Shot to Death in Center of Violence-Plagued Monterrey in Northern Mexico
5 Slain Police Tried to Extort Cartel Suspects
Security Contractors See Opportunities, and Limits, in Mexico
Former US Diplomat Elliot Abrams Confirms Systematic Baby Thefts by Argentine Dictatorship
Guatemala Ex-Dictator Appears in Court, but Refuses to Give Testimony in Genocide Case
Haitian Leader Could Pardon Duvalier
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