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Updated January 28, 2012 - 11:24 PM EST
Israeli DM: World Must Act Against Iran Soon
  Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb To Attack Iran
  Weapons Experts Part of UN Team Probing Iran for Alleged Nuke Work
  Growing Elite Opposition to Military Option Against Iran
Sarkozy Speeds French Pullout From Afghanistan
  US 'Will Manage' After France Announces Afghan Troop Withdraw
Rumors of US Ops in Iraq as Violence Spikes
  Dozens Killed in Baghdad Funeral Attack
Twitter to Selectively 'Censor' Tweets by Country
  SOPA Stopped for Now, Anti-Censorship Activists Turn to ACTA
100 Syrians Reported Killed by Security Forces
Designed to Reject? Israel Offers Wall as Border
US Threatens to Halt Egypt Junta Aid
Panetta: Pakistan Govt. Knew bin Laden Location
US Falls to 47th in Press Freedom Rankings
Pentagon Rushing Commando 'Mothership' to Middle East
Obama Using Loophole to Quietly Sell Arms to Bahrain
Why OWS Should Lead the 'No Iran War!' Resistance  by Joe Scarry
Do Israeli Leaders Really Think Iran Is an Existential Threat?  by Robert Wright
Water for All: The Case for a One-State Solution  by Ramzi El Houry
Not a Peep About the President's Praise for War  by Laura Flanders
In Honduras, a Mess Made in the US  by Dana Frank
Bert Sacks: A Hero in Our Time  by Jacob G. Hornberger

More Viewpoints

Liberal Dems Want to Double Pentagon Spending Cuts
Justice Dept. Takes on Itself in Probe of 2001 Anthrax Attacks
Ron Paul Calls for Diplomatic Relations With Cuba
An Iraqi Massacre, a Light Sentence and a Question of Military Justice
Admiral: US Has 'No Desire' for New Asia Military Bases
Former Pakistani President Musharraf Calls Off Return Home
Pakistani Family Wants Justice in CIA Killing
Will Foil Conspiracies Hatched Against Government: President Zardari
Hekmatyar's Never-Ending Afghan War
UK Soldier Killed in Afghanistan, MoD Announces
North Korea
South Korea Allows Group to Deliver Aid to North
US Team Due in North Korea in March
Two Uighurs Deported From Cambodia to China Get Life
Tibetan Student 'Killed in Third Sichuan, China Clash'
In Libya, Rebels Still Dominate Tripoli Streets
Libyan Commander Says Will Retake Bani Walid
Nigeria's Supreme Court Dismisses Five Governors
Nigeria on Edge as Islamist Group Extends Campaign of Violence
US Citizen Kidnapped in Nigeria Freed
Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi Says Troops to Leave Somalia
Crooked Guard Led to Aid Workers' Kidnapping in Somalia, Group Says
Seized Pirates in Legal Limbo, With No Formula for Trials

Tribal Clashes Kill 21 in Northern Kenya

Sudan and South Sudan Leaders Bid to Defuse Oil Dispute
Zimbabwe: Mystery Deepens Around General's Death
13 Killed in Clashes in Russia's Volatile Caucasus
German Angst as US Troops Bid 'Auf Wiedersehen'
Aborigine Protesters Burn Australian Flag Outside Parliament for Second Day
Weekend Reviews
The United States of Fear
Filmmakers Catch Human View of Palestinian Village in 5 Broken Cameras
Documentary Makes the Case Against Torture by Interviewing the Tortured
The Influence of the Inquisition
Sundance Documentary Examines Rape in US Military
A Terrible Mistake: H.P. Albarelli's Investigation Into CIA Scientist's Murder, at the Crossroads of Mind Control and Assassination
Syrian Rebels Make Inroads With Help of Armed Fighters
Hamas Quietly Quits Syria as Violence Continues
UN Security Council Mulls Assad Measures
Syrian Free Army Fighters Claim Control of Douma
Russia Sides Firmly With Assad Government in Syria
UNICEF Says 384 Children Killed So Far in Syria
Protesters Storm Syria's Embassy in Cairo
Barrier Proposed as Israel Border
Pro-Palestinian Hackers Apologize for Bringing Down Haaretz's Hebrew Website
Palestinian Arrested With 9 Crates of Munitions
Dozens Killed in Baghdad Funeral Attack
Deputy PM: Iraq on Verge of Sectarian War
Iraq Water Crisis Could Stir Ethnic Clash
Baghdad Landing by US Helicopter Sparks Rumors US Troops Still in Iraq
Some Egyptian Protesters Turn Their Ire on Islamists
Egypt Plans to Send Delegation to US as NGO Furor Mounts
Abused Egyptian Female Protesters Fight Back
Egyptians Argue Over Fate of Charred Mubarak Party Building
Middle East
Leader of Yemeni al-Qaeda-Linked Group Calls for Anti-Army Protests in the Country's South
Saudi Prince Discusses Kingdom's Iran Problem
Bahrain Criticized Over 'Inappropriate' Use of Tear Gas
Kurd Party Refers Turkish Air Raids to Hague Court
Haiti President Now Says No Pardon for Duvalier
Cuban Communists to Consider Term Limits for Leaders
Guatemala: Ex-Dictator to Face Genocide Charges
The War at Home
FBI Seeking Social Media Monitoring Tool
NYC Mayor Defends Kelly, but Says Anti-Muslim Film Caused Damage
St. Louis Hosts 1st Big Parade on Iraq War's End
New York City Mayor Bloomberg Says No Parade for Iraq Vets
US Military
Police, Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers in the Skies Above Downtown Los Angeles
Fedex Employee Charged for Bomb Joke on Army Base
Senator: Army Buys 4,900 Acres South of Ft. Polk
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