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Updated January 31, 2012 - 11:13 PM EST

Obama Denies 'Huge' Civilian Casualties in Drone War

Karzai's Taliban Talks Mean Courting Pakistan

Syria Rebels Reject Negotiation, UN Fight Turns Ugly

  Syrian Govt. Forces Have 'Upper Hand' in Damascus Fighting
Israel: Attack on Iran Must Come 'By Summer'
  Israel Policy, Court Rulings Violate Law, Undermine Palestinian Rights
Pentagon To Begin New Base Talks With Iraq
  12 Iraqis Killed as VP Warns of Widespread Sectarian Violence
Turkey Will Resist Western Pressure to Ban Iranian Oil
Georgian President Visits White House for NATO Push

Fearing Arrest, US 'Advisers' Flee to Cairo Embassy

Bahrain Forces Crush Protests After Slain Teenager's Funeral
'Mission Accomplished' in Libya? Not So Fast  by Tony Karon
The Downside of Unbridled Support for Israel  by Mairav Zonszein
Aggression Born of American 'Exceptionalism'  by Hiroaki Sato
The Peacenik Republican  by Lucy Steigerwald
What Happened to the War Powers Act?  by Renee Parsons
US Culpable in African Atrocities  by Clarence Lusane

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Biden Advised Against the bin Laden Raid

Saudi Arabia Says It Can Cover Any Oil Shortages

Islam Critic Backs Out of West Point Cadet Event

Legitimate Megaupload Users Face Data Deletion, US Prosecutors Warn

Largest Drone Can't Fly in Afghanistan Heat


Afghan War Allies Risk Fracture Over Troop Withdrawal Timing

French Judge to Probe Killings in Afghanistan

Sikh's Detention Reveals Flaws in Afghan Justice

In Afghan War, Rate of Post-Injury Survival Rises

Pakistani Supreme Court Extends 'Coup Memo' Inquiry

Pakistan Struggles to Attract Tourists Amid Violence


Iran Says It May Halt Oil Sales to 'Some Countries'

Iran Ground Force Commander: US Wouldn't Dare Attack

'Iran Renaming Ships to Circumvent Sanctions'

India Says It Won't Cut Back on Iran Oil Imports, in Defiance of Stiffer US and EU Sanctions

Philippine Blast Kills Rebel, Wounds 11 Civilians

Trial of Papuans Over Pro-Independence Rally Begins

Papua New Guinea Rebel Soldiers Lay Down Arms After Amnesty Granted

Australia Reviews Timetable for Buying 12 F-35s

Australia's Navy Told to Be More Visible Near Resource Projects

Police Catch Suspect Allegedly Tied to 75 Northern Mexico Killings for Zetas Drug Cartel

Castro Defends One-Party System as Bulwark Against US

Haiti: Duvalier Faces Trial for Corruption, Not Abuses


Norway Jails Two for Danish Newspaper Terror Plot

Serb Demands Compensation From UN War Crimes Court

Middle East

Libya Rejects Torture Allegations

Bahrain Eyes Tougher Sentence for Attacking Police

Egypt's Youth Move to Reclaim Streets in Creative Ways Through Graffiti and Street Art

Report: Saudi Arabia Seeks Swap for Royals on Iraqi Death Row

Tunisia Navigates a Democratic Path Tinged With Religion


Clinton to Attend UN Meeting on Syria

Expatriate Syrian Kurds Call for New Government

Dissident Says Blind Cleric, Prominent Critic of Syria's President, Flees to Jordan
Netanyahu Poised to Win Likud Primaries Despite Far-Right Challenge

MP: Israeli Media 'Anti-Semitic'

Florida Jews Turned Off by Over-The-Top GOP Israel Pandering

Climate of Intolerance in West Bank, Activists Say

Fear in Somalia's Journalist Community After 2nd Killing in Less Than 2 Months

Somali Islamist Rebels Ban International Red Cross


Sudan Army Officers Warn Against Rush to War With South

Food Agency: Up to 500,000 New Refugees Could Flee to S. Sudan

Sudan Frees South Sudan's Oil Tankers; Row Continues

Official: South Sudan Cattle Raid Leaves 70 Dead

In South Sudan, a Wave of Tribal Killings


Vote for African Union's Leader Hits Stalemate

Nigeria: Death Sentence for Former Dictator's Man

Nigeria's Boko Haram Suspected in Kano Police Attack

Security Forces Open Fire on Senegal Election Protest, Killing Two

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