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Updated February 3, 2012 - 11:28 PM EST
Israel Ramps Up Push for Attack on Iran
  Panetta: Israel to Attack Iran This Spring
  Israeli Vice PM: We Can Hit All of Iran's Nuclear Sites
  Business Before Animosity: Iranians to Attend Agritech Expo in Tel Aviv
Report: 200 Killed by Syria Forces in 'Massacre'
  West Backpedals on Syria, Seeks Russia Deal
  Syrian Opposition: Tanks Encircle Contested Town on Lebanon Border
US Spy Drone Crashes in Somali Refugee Camp
Shoot-Out at South Sudan Peace Talks; 37 Killed
Iraq's Crisis: Vice President Hashemi Speaks
  Iraq Wants Exemption From US Sanctions on Iran
  Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan: A Marriage of Convenience
Feds: Interest in Privacy a Terrorism 'Indicator'
  DHS Seizes 307 Wrestling, Football Sites Over Linking
US 'No-Fly' List More Than Doubles in 12 Months
US Dismisses Confusion Over Panetta's Afghan Statements
American PR Firm as Propaganda Arm of Rwandan Regime
Precedent Warning as Assange Extradition Case Ends
Egypt: Thousands Storm Ministry in Protest at Match Deaths
Pakistan's Supreme Court Confirms PM's Contempt Case
He Who Defends Everything Defends Nothing  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Present Stands No Chance Against the Past  by Robert Fisk
American Decline Could Worsen With Focus on Iran and China  by William Pfaff
The Preconditions Game and Talks With Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
NYT Hypes Israeli Attack on Iran  by Ira Chernus
Anatomy of a 'Terrorism' Prosecution  by Katherine Hughes

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US Airbase in Germany to Host Missile Shield Command
US-Backed Airstrike Kills 3 Philippines 'Terror Leaders'
Romney Criticizes Afghan Pullout Plan
US Marine Fights Conviction for Suicide Attempt
Combat Troop Ailments Drive Medical Backlog
Scholar Accuses Nobel Peace Prize Panel of Breaking Award's Criteria
US and Allies Exploring Prospects for Assad Exile
Arab League: UN Security Council Talks Put Pressure on Syria
1982 Hama Massacre Looms Over Syria Revolt
Breaking the Silence Over the 1982 Hama Atrocities
Syria Locks Down Hama on Anniversary of Massacre
Russia Will Not Stop Selling Arms to Syria
Syrians in Occupied Golan Heights Can't Join Arab Spring
Palestinians Hurl Shoes at Visiting UN Chief
Senate Panel Approves Potentially Toughest Penalty Yet Against Iran's Economy
Israeli FM Heads to US Next Week for High Profile Meetings
Israel: New Subsidies Don't Apply to Settlements
IDF: Soldier Left in PA Village Refused Locals' Assistance
Israel Says Iran Has Material for Four A-Bombs
China Intensifies Criticism of Sanctions on Iran
Iraq Schedules More Executions; 10 Killed in Attacks
Iraq's Parliament Speaker Confers With US Ambassador on Current Crisis
Muslim Brotherhood Backs Crackdown on US NGOs
Egypt Mourns Soccer Riot Victims, and Many Blame Military for Melee
Egypt Film Star Sentenced for 'Defaming Islam'
Bahrain Police Break Up Opposition Protest in Capital
Bahrain Boils as Uprising Nears 1-Year Mark
Head of Bahrain Unrest Report Holds Talks in Kingdom
Middle East
Kuwait Opposition Seen Making Gains in Snap Election
Rafik Hariri Murder: Suspects to Be Tried in Absentia
NATO Defense Ministers See Afghanistan Combat Through 2014
Final Tally Says 2,000 Canadians Wounded in Afghanistan
Breakdown of NATO Troops in Afghanistan
US Diplomat Says US Open to North Korea Diplomacy
North Korea Opens Door to Talks With South Korea
Philippine Military 'Kills Three Wanted Militants
Mali: Tuareg Rebellion Sparks Angry Protests in Bamako
Clashes Kill Three Jem Soldiers in East Darfur
William Hague Visits Somalia's Mogadishu
Congo Leader's Party Loses 45 Percent of Its Seats
2 German Men Plead Guilty to Terror Charges in UK
Mexican General and Troops Charged in Border Town Atrocities
The War at Home
NYPD Document: Gather Intel Info at Shi'ite Mosques
US Navy, Marines Say More Capable Arms Offset Cuts
Monsanto Accused in Suit Tied to Agent Orange
US Republicans, Attorney General Fight Over Gun Sting
Yemen Seeks to Enhance Military Cooperation With Powerful Countries
Yemenis Protest Saleh Presence in US
Seven Aid Workers in Yemen Freed, UN Says
Report: Turkish General Staff Knew Uludere Victims Were Civilians Ahead of Strike
Turkish Lawyers Seek Life Sentence for Ex-Army Chief: Reports
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