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Updated February 8, 2012 - 11:19 PM EST
US Reviews Military Options in Syria
  Russia Pushes Syria as Violence Continues in Homs
UK Iraq Inquiry Reveals Secret Prison Camp
  Former US Base Opened to Iranian Terrorist Group
  Iraq: Autonomy-Bid Governor Quits Over Tensions and Violence
US May Expand Role of Special Ops in Afghanistan
Officials: CIA to Stay in Iraq, Afghanistan for Years

Car Bomb Kills 10 in Somali Capital

US Drone Kills 8 in Northwest Pakistan

Embassies in Israel Prepare for Iran War
  Europe Fears a Summer Attack on Iran
Election Season: Yemen's Only Candidate Starts Campaigning
Israel Drones on About Attacking Iran – but Will It Fly?  by Marsha B. Cohen
The West Has Incompatible Objectives in Syria  by David Blair
US Military Toxins: The Gift That Keeps on Killing  by Terry J. Allen
Waging War in Secret vs. American Democracy  by Conor Friedersdorf
Obama's Super-Bowl Fumble on Iran  by Ray McGovern
Never Let Law Profs Near the Oval Office  by Gene Healy

More Viewpoints

Sanctions Don't Promote Democratic Change
by Natasha Bahrami & Trita Parsi

Marines Practice Amphibious War, Storm US Beaches

Radical US Muslims Little Threat, Study Says

UK 'May Sanction Nerve-Agent Use on Rioters,' Scientists Fear

China Forges Arab Ties, Hedging Bets in the Gulf

DoD Backs Parade for Returning Vets, but Not Until All Troops Are Home

Pakistani Minister Urges Reopening Border to NATO

Pakistan's New Envoy Brings Liberal Charm but Faces Slim Chance for Diplomatic Thaw

US General to Visit Pakistan

US Still Considering Apology for NATO Attack That Killed Pakistani Soldiers

Official: 5 Men Killed in Shooting in Afghanistan


Commerce Returns to Iran-Iraq Border Waterway

Israeli Radio in Farsi Transmits Peace to Iran

On US Visit, Israel's Lieberman Thanks Clinton for Resolute Stand on Iran

Police Revolt Topples Maldives President

US Mulls Transferring 4,700 Marines to Guam from Japan

Age, Military Ties Mark Kim Jong Un's Inner Circle

China Vows to Continue Crackdown on Tibetan Unrest

Up to 10,000 Myanmar Refugees Seek Refuge in China

Argentina to Complain to UN Security Council Over Britain Sending Warship to Falklands

Economic Embargo on Cuba Turns 50

Canadian Intel Okays Use of Torture Info

United States

Lockheed's F-35 Fighter Jet Under Renewed Pressure

Iraq War Vet Held for California Homeless Killings Charged in Two More Murders

PTSD Ruling Returns Benefits to Thousands of Vets


UK Rules Out Military Action or Arming Syrian Rebels

UN: More Than 400 Children Killed in Syria

Germany Arrests 2 Alleged Syrian Spies

Israel Fears Hezbollah Could Get Arms From Syria


United States Planning to Slash Iraq Embassy Staff by Up to Half

Iraq's Sunni-Backed Ministers Return to Cabinet


Palestinians Slam Selection of Abbas as Unity PM

The Mainstreaming of Hamas Continues as Palestinian Unity Gains Steam

Israeli Court Grants Reprieve to 'Abandoned' Palestinian Village

'Price Tag' Vandals Attack Jerusalem Monastery, School

Middle East

Moroccan Army Promised Better Deal After Protests

Egypt Officials See End to US NGO Standoff

Egypt's Feminists Prepare for a Long Battle

Bahrain Refuses Journalists Seeking to Cover Protest Anniversary


Liberia Ex-Warlord George Boley to Be Deported From US

Mali: Tuareg Rebellion Forces Medical Staff to Withdraw

Bombings Hit Near Military Bases in Nigeria

Nigerian Troops Kill 8 Militants in Raid

Cameroon Economy Suffers as Nigerian Border Shut Over Boko Haram
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