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Updated February 15, 2012 - 11:27 PM EST
US Continues to Provoke Iran in Persian Gulf
  Israel Jumps to Blame Iran for Amateur Explosions in Bangkok
Arab League Looks to Arm Syria Rebels
  Rebels Claim Gains as Homs Fighting Continues
  Israel Shifts Uneasily Over Syria
Bombs Rattle Iraq: 6 Killed, 29 Wounded

17 Killed in Southeast Turkey Clashes

Six US Citizens Arrested in Bahrain Protest

Obama Requests Higher Foreign Aid for 2013

  Military Leaders Insist Obama Budget Is Right Plan
  Militia 'Wanted to Start a War,' Prosecutor Claims
Cyberwar Is the New Yellowcake, Fueling a Cybersecurity-Industrial Complex  by Jerry Brito & Tate Watkins
Can Obama Avert War With Iran?  by Gareth Porter
The Biggest Problem With Qatada? He's Innocent  by Luke Samuel
The Missing Peace Dividend  by Richard Schwartzman
Cold, Cold Hearts  by Kathy Kelly
Britain Shouldn't Aid a Lawless America  by Eric L. Lewis

More Viewpoints

Palestinian Khader Adnan, 59 Days on Hunger Strike, Starving for Freedom
Homeland Security Spending to Rise Steadily in Next Five Years
Legacy of US Iraq Invasion: Near Extinction of Christian Population
Underwear Bomber Challenges Life Sentence: No Passengers Were Hurt

Hackers Claim Attack on American Tear Gas Company


Afghan Leader to Push for Access to Taliban in Pakistan

Taliban Reveals Political Strategy for First Time

Afghanistan Asks for Headscarves, Less Makeup

Afghanistan Combat Outpost 'Aryan' Draws Protest

Pakistan Allows NATO to Ship Food to Afghanistan

Pakistan Still Holding bin Laden Family Months After Raid

Court Activism Sign of Power Shift in Pakistan


Defense Ministry General Assassinated in Baghdad

Iraq Aims to More Than Double Northern Oil Output


Iranian Boats Shadow US Aircraft Carrier in Gulf

Experts Say Iran Has Neutralized Stuxnet Virus

Internet in Iran Severely Disrupted as Elections Loom

Gitmo Detainee With Baltimore Ties Is Charged With War Crimes
Canada Wants Warrantless Internet Spying, Says Critics Support Child Porn
Iraqi-Born Islamist Cleric in Norway Trial to Punish 'Terror' Speech

Britain 'Frees' Radical Cleric Abu Qatada to House Arrest


Syrian Opposition Seeks to Wipe the Assad Name Off the Map

Syrians Say They're Bracing for Full-Blown War

China's Wen Jiabao: 'No Protection' for Syrian Government

Syria: Homs Activists Resort to Pigeons to Communicate

Middle East

Libyan Militias Parade Through Tripoli

Report: Mossad Bolsters Activity in Tunisia

Egypt State Media Accuses US of 'Spreading Anarchy'


Gaza's Only Power Station Closes Due to Lack of Fuel

Israel Vows to 'Settle the Score' in Bangkok Attacks

India Hunts 'Well-Trained' Bomber of Israeli Diplomat


Police: 1 Killed in Blast in Central Nigeria City


Russia to Upgrade Forces on Islands Claimed by Japan

Another Tibetan Monk Sets Himself on Fire

Chinese Blocked Visit by US Religious Freedom Envoy, Advocates Say
United States
Pentagon May Oust Troops Involuntarily to Meet Reductions in Budget Plan

Efforts Lag to Improve Care for National Guard

No Charges in Marine's 'Friendly Fire' Death in Afghanistan

White House Weighs Nuclear Arms Cuts, Will Wait for More Talks With Russia
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