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Updated February 24, 2012 - 11:21 PM EST
US, Europe, Arabs Plan UN Force for Syria

Hamas Ditches Assad, Backs Syrian Revolt


Clinton: Syria Rebels Will Find Arms 'Somewhere'

IAEA Hypes Fear on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran Holds Up Access for Better IAEA Deal


Sanctions Not Affecting Iran's Oil Output

24 Afghans Dead as Protests Spread to Pakistan

Afghan Soldier Kills 2 US Troops at Quran Protest


About 400 Afghans Displaced Every Day

Israel Faces New Hunger Strike After Swap Renege
  Likud Members Push Plan to Annex 60% of West Bank
Coordinated Bombs Kill 97 Across Iraq
  Massive Sectarian Slaughter in Iraq Raises Concern Among Arabs
  US Rice Farmers Livid as Iraqis Not Forced to Buy From Them
Manning Defers Plea as Arraignment Begins
Clinton Threatens Sanctions, More Action in Somalia
How Drone War Became the American Way of Life  by Tom Engelhardt
Peaceful Protest Can Free Palestine  by Mustafa Barghouthi
An Attack on Iran Would Be an Act of Criminal Stupidity  by Seumas Milne
Deconstructing Lieberman's Iran Resolution  by Muhammad Sahimi
Allow Iran to Enrich Uranium  by Norman Robbins
Syria Has No Peace to Keep  by Eugene Lang & Eric Morse

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Military: Who Cares How Many Taliban Stop Fighting?

Homeland Analysts Told to Monitor Policy Debates in Social Media

The Pentagon Has 6 Bomb-Zapping Ray Guns (Which May Be 6 Too Many)

7 Marines Killed in Arizona Helicopter Collision


Afghanistan Demands NATO Put Quran-Burners on Trial

Pak Blockade May Rocket Afghan Pullout Costs

Beheadings Raise Doubts That Taliban Have Changed

In Kabul, Afghan Police Sympathize With Protesters Angry Over Quran Burning
US Delegation to Pakistan Walks Into Uproar Over Congressman's Resolution

Car Bombing Kills 13 at Peshawar Bus Terminal

Clinton: US Ready to Reset Relations With Pakistan


Iraqi Party: Govt. Has to Stop Bloodshed or Resign

Iraqi Lawmakers to Get 350 Armored Vehicles

Iraqi Prisoner Tied to Hezbollah Faces US Military Charges

Iraq Slaughter: 97 Killed, 348 Wounded


Israel Arrests 7 Over Al-Aqsa Confrontations

US, Israel Fully Coordinated on Iran, US Ambassador Reaffirms


War Crimes Suspect Ratko Mladic: UN War Crimes Tribunal Biased

Putin Tells Stadium Rally 'Battle' Is on for Russia

German Minister Tells Serbia EU Membership 'Within Grasp'


Kofi Annan Appointed UN-Arab League Envoy to Syria

Tunisia to Propose 'Peacekeeping Force' for Syria

UN Given Syria's Most Wanted List, Includes Assad

Syrians Reject Blame for Reporters' Deaths

Risk Level in Syria Has Media Outlets in Quandary Over Coverage

French Reporter Edith Bouvier Asks for Syria Evacuation

Ghastly Images Flow From Shattered City of Homs, Syria

Middle East

New Libya Army Flexes Muscles to Halt Tribal Fight

Tunisia, Egypt Islamists Signal Bigger Religion Role

Egypt Press Says Court Should Be Tough on Hosni Mubarak


Girl Killed in Mali Army Bombing of Refugee Camp

Nigeria Military Chief Says Boko Haram Has Ties to al-Qaeda

UN Hopes to Access Sudan War Zone With AU, Arabs


US and North Korea Hold Nuclear Talks

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