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Updated February 25, 2012 - 11:14 PM EST
US, Europe, Arabs Plan UN Force for Syria
  Hamas Ditches Assad, Backs Syrian Revolt
  US Secretly Planning Moves Against Syrian Chemical Weapons
  Obama Commits to US Intervention in Syria
  Death Toll Figures Vary Widely on Another Bloody Friday in Syria
  US Continues Mixed Signals on Arming Syrian Rebels
IAEA Hypes Fear on Iran’s Nuclear Program
  US Does Not Believe Iran Is Trying to Build Nuclear Bomb
  Calm Down. Iran's Missiles Can't (and Won't) Hit the East Coast
  Despite War Drums, Experts Insist Iran Nuclear Deal Possible
Policeman Kills 2 US Officers at Afghan Ministry
  24 Afghans Dead as Quran Protests Spread to Pakistan
  Obama 'Consulted' Team Before Apologizing Over Quran Burnings
Yemen: Car Bomb Kills 26 as President Sworn In
  Obama Hails Yemen's President 'Elected' Without Opposition
Secret US Cable Warned About Pakistani Havens
NYPD Spying Program Aimed at Muslims
US Drone Targets 'International' Fighter Kills 4 in Somalia
Drive-By Interventionism: Does Libya's Fate Hold Lessons for Syria?  by Stephen M. Walt
Don't Northwoods Iran  by Jacob Hornberger
Progressives Embrace Humanitarian Imperialism – Again  by John V. Walsh
Insinuation as War Propaganda  by Anthony Gregory
Adnan's Victory  by Uri Avnery
Iran, Israel, and the US: The Slide To War  by Conn Hallinan

More Viewpoints

Saying No
to Militarism

by Robert C. Koehler
Air Force Chief Warns Service Must Wean Itself Off War Funding
Satphones, Syria, and Surveillance
Guantánamo Conditions Have Fallen, Military Lawyers Say
Odierno: Army Could Drop 13 Brigades Down to 32
Gingrich Slams Obama Apology to Afghans for Quran-Burning
EU Ban on Iran Oil May Be Bonus to Tehran's Fields
Iran: IAEA Report Proves 'Peaceful Nature' of Nuclear Program
Retired General: US Can't Stop Iran From Making Nukes
Israel Leader Tells Ministers to Stay Mum on Iran
US, Saudi Maneuver to Contain Iran Oil Market 'Threat'
UK Suspect in Iran Missile Plot Handed Over to US
8 Reported Killed in Renewed Shelling of Syrian City
Clinton: Syrian Regime Must Agree to Cease-Fire
Syrian Rebels Get Arms From Abroad: Opposition Source
Russia Backs Annan Syria Role, Urges Homs Ceasfire
Saudi Arabia Backs Arming Syrian Opposition: Minister
Syria Opposition Seeks Arms Pledge
Nations Want 'Tsunami Wave' of Pressure on Al-Assad
EU to Freeze Assets of Syrian Central Bank
France Says Tougher Sanctions Needed Against Syria
Tunis Police Beat Back Protesters at Syria Meeting
Driven to Bear Witness, Journalists' Risks Increase in Syria
Distrust Between Syria, Rebels Blocks Red Cross Evacuation of Wounded Journalists
Palestinian Negotiator: Israel Presented No Position or Offer in Amman Talks
11 Officers, 15 Palestinians Hurt in Temple Mount Riot
Tel Aviv: Hundreds Rally Against Haredi Draft-Dodging
US Refuses to Grant Visa to Israeli MP Due to His Membership in 'Terror Group'
Islamic State of Iraq Takes Credit for Bloodshed
Congress Members Press Iraq to Buy US Rice
Committee Says It Will Reveal Names of Iraqi Officials Working for CIA
Charges Submitted, but Not Yet Approved, Against Accused Terrorist Held by Iraqi Govt
Iraq Town Seeks Shift From 'Terrorism' to Tourism
Middle East
Yemen's Saleh Is in Ethiopia, Foreign Ministry Says
Death for 3 Lebanese Who Spied for Israel: Judiciary
US Senators Discusses Held Contractor With Raul Castro
Pro-Govt Crowds Surround Cuban Dissident Home
4 Bodies Abandoned Near Mexican City Hall in Gulf Coast State of Veracruz; Gunmen Escape
Long-Buried Landmines Surface in Chile
10,000 US Marines to Be Cut in Afghanistan
Deadly Violence as Commander Warns Against 'Vengeance'
White House Defends Obama's Apology for Quran Burning
Malaysian Muslims Denounce Burning of Quran in Afghanistan
Pakistan Calls on Taliban to Hold Peace Talks
Zardari Jumps in to 'Salvage' Balochistan
Four Including Sho Killed in Peshawar Police Station Attack
Tokyo Governor Backs Nanjing Massacre Denial
Chinese Official Warns Tibetans Against Separatism
China 'Sent Back Nine North Korean Refugees'
China Calls on Myanmar to Ensure Border Security
US, Myanmar Discuss Recovery of WWII Remains
Sri Lanka Government Publishes War Death Toll Statistics
Libya Tribe Offers Olive Branch to Misrata
Two British Journalists Held in Libya
Prisoner of Zintan: Gadhafi Son in Libyan Limbo
Explosions, Gunfire Echo Through Northeast Nigeria City Previously Targeted by Sect
Fresh Fighting in Sudan's Darfur
Mali Clashes Displace Nearly 130,000, UN Warns
Senegal's Presidential Campaigns Wrap Up Ahead of Tense Vote; Protests, Mediation to Continue
Ivory Coast Rivals Soro and Gbagbo Welcome ICC Move
Rights Groups Say Togo Govt Doctored Torture Report
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Vows to Resist Mugabe Poll Push
Serbia Reaches Deal Over Kosovo Ahead of EU Verdict
Cold War Tactics Against Germany's Left Under Scrutiny
IRA Apologizes for 1973 Killing of 9-Year-Old Boy
Somali Militants Target Drug Users in UK's 'Khat Cafes'
The War at Home
Documents Expose NYPD 'Mosque Crawlers'
Former Governor's Orders Opened New Jersey to NYPD Spying
Marine Found Not Guilty in Hazing Trial
2 Dozen Military Aircraft Have Crashed Since 2008
Weekend Reviews
Is Israel a Failed State?
Forgetting the Past, One Military Movie at a Time
The United States of Fear
Movie Examines Journalists' Battle to Report Egypt's Uprising
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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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