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Updated March 10, 2012 - 11:14 PM EST
West Demands Iran Open Military Site to Inspectors
  Sen. Levin Pushes for Naval Blockade of Iran
Annan's Calls for Talks Anger Syrian Opposition
  Syrian Opposition Claims 60 Killed Ahead of Annan Visit
  Bomb-Iran Week Turns 'Syrious'
  Libya PM 'Not Aware' of Arming, Training Syria Rebels
Israeli Air Strikes Kill 15 in Gaza Strip
  US Weapons Claiming Palestinian Lives, Group Says
US Agrees to Give Kabul Control of Prisons
  US Officials Say Karzai 'Endangering Troops' by Opposing Night Raids
  Report: Afghan Delegation Visits Gitmo on Possible Detainee Transfers
US Drones, Yemen Airstrikes Kill 45
US Drone Attacks Kill 13 in South Waziristan
Bahrain Reform Seems Far Off After Biggest Protests in Year
Critics Say 'Kony 2012' Video Distorts Fight Against LRA
In Afghanistan It's Lies That Are Really Killing Our Soldiers  by Simon Jenkins
Palestinian Prisoners Take Reins From Faltering Leaders  by Charlotte Silver
The Crime of Truth: Obama's Persecution of the Peacemaker  by Chris Floyd
Nuclear Iran Is an Exaggerated Threat  by Malou Innocent & Jonathan Owen
Why Egypt Doesn't Trust Us  by Stanley Meisler
The Kony 2012 Campaign Is Advocating a Misguided Policy  by Matthew Feeney

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A Not-Quite Confirmation of a Memo Approving Al-Awlaki Killing
Afghans Hindering Smuggling Inquiry, 2 Americans Say
TSA Apologizes for Mistake Over Breast-Feeding Mom's Ice Pack
Nuclear Weapon Opponents to Protest at Vandenberg
US Army: Geotagged Facebook Posts Put Soldiers' Lives at Risk
Syria's Bashar Al-Assad Firmly in Control, US Intel Officials Say
Syrian Army Officers Defect to Turkey
Russia Opposes 'Unbalanced' New UN Draft on Syria
UN Relief Chief Says Syria Govt Resistant on Aid Proposal
Israel Claims to Kill Commander Responsible for Schalit Abduction
Israelis Build the World's Biggest Detention Center
Israel Is Only Mideast State Safe for Christians, Envoy to US Says
Dud Blast Kills 2 Palestinian Kids Near Hebron
Israeli Inspector Suspected of Accepting Bribes for Approving Substandard Bomb Shelters
Iraqi Lawmakers Trade Blame For Monday’s Slaughter in Haditha
Turkish Jets Strike North Iraq: Rebels
Ex-Chalabi Aide Launches Arabic News Channel
Thousands Rally in Iraq Over Bahrain Crackdown
Middle East
Rights Group: Saudi Protesters Held Full Year
Police: Muslim Brotherhood 'Invading' UAE Social Media
Protesters in Egypt Demand End to US NGO Funding
Al-Qaeda Announces Death of Yemeni Commander, Terror Monitoring Group Says
Turkish Spy Chiefs Under Pressure on Kurd Rebels
UN Says Yemen Violence Forcing Families to Flee
Powerful Pakistani Intelligence Agency Gets New Leader
Drone Strikes Are Attack on Pakistan's Sovereignty: Gilani
Okinawa City Tells Marine Corps: We Don't Want Ospreys Here
US Asks Japan for Additional $1.2 Billion to Move Marines to Guam
US Report: China's Cyberwar Skills a Risk to Military
Reports Say Chinese Police Fatally Shoot Tibetan Man, Wound 2 Following Protests
China Rights Situation Deteriorating, Say Activists
Thousands Rally in Libya Against Autonomy for East
UN Panel Urges Nations to Help Stop Libyan Human Rights Abuses
Italy Decries Fatal UK Raid in Nigeria
Ivorian General: Regional Bloc Mulling Armed Intervention in Mali to Stem Tuareg Uprising
UN Says 3,000 Have Fled Eastern Congo's Violence Into Uganda Already This Year
Slovak Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Anti-Corruption Protesters Outside Parliament
Dismembered Bodies of 4 Youths Left in Plastic Bags Stirs Horror, Anger in Central Mexico City
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