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Updated March 11, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
US Soldiers Massacre 16 Afghan Civilians in Spree
Fears of Non-Existent Iran Arms Program Persist
US Officials: Assad May Survive Syria Revolt
  US, Allies Begin Talk of Potential Military Intervention in Syria
  Assad Issues 'Terrorism' Vow to Annan
  Hezbollah Rejects Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon
US to Restart Military Aid to Yemen
  US Drones, Yemen Airstrikes Kill 45
Israeli Air Strikes Kill 18 in Gaza Strip
  Palestinians Fire 100 Rockets at Southern Israel, Eight Injured
Taliban Gitmo Detainees Agree to Qatar Transfer
UK Staff Face War Crimes Charge Over Pak Drone Strikes
23 Dead as Somali Islamists Attack Ethiopia Troops
In Afghanistan It's Lies That Are Really Killing Our Soldiers  by Simon Jenkins
Palestinian Prisoners Take Reins From Faltering Leaders  by Charlotte Silver
The Crime of Truth: Obama's Persecution of the Peacemaker  by Chris Floyd
Nuclear Iran Is an Exaggerated Threat  by Malou Innocent & Jonathan Owen
Why Egypt Doesn't Trust Us  by Stanley Meisler
The Kony 2012 Campaign Is Advocating a Misguided Policy  by Matthew Feeney

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Pentagon Tries (Again) to Shoot Down Rockets
Vets Groups Suing DOD, CIA Over Secret Chemical Tests
Marines Change Recruiting Pitch to Include Humanitarian Missions
Spies Used Facebook to Steal NATO Chiefs' Details
Lockerbie Evidence 'Was Not Given to Megrahi's Lawyers'
Treating the Wounds of Military Sexual Trauma
16 Rebels, Four Soldiers Killed in Syria's Idlib: NGO
Syria Forces in New Assault Amid Diplomacy Efforts
Russia to Critics: We're Not Protecting Syria
UN: Palestinians' Neutrality in Syria Conflict Must Be Respected
Syria Begins Pulling Envoys Out of EU: Diplomats
UN Veto on Syria Prolonged 'Brutality' Says Saudi FM
Syrian Bedouin Find Shelter in Jordan
Arab League Condemns Gaza 'Massacre'
Netanyahu: Israel Will Continue to Strike Anyone Planning to Attack Its Citizens
Iron Dome Ups Its Interception Rate to Over 90 Percent
Israel: Avoid Large Gatherings of More Than 500
EU Frets at Latest Gaza Violence
Quartet to Meet to Discuss Stalled Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks
Westernized Youth a Target for Iraq's 'Moral Police'
Exodus From North Signals Iraqi Christians' Decline
In Iraq, Growing Gap Sets Kurdistan Apart
Egypt's First 'Free' Presidential Race Begins
Over 100 Egyptians Want to Be President
Clashes Erupt After Funeral in Bahrain
Bahrain Says Will Hold Dialogue to End Crisis Soon
Al-Qaeda Makes 'Alarming Advances' in Yemen, UN Envoy Warns
Germany Pledges 265m Euros in Aid to Yemen
9 Injured in Beirut Rally Clashes Between Kataeb, Authorities
Smaller Crowds Challenge Putin After Russia Poll
Pussy Riot vs Vladimir Putin: the Feminist Punk Band Jailed for Cathedral Protest
Leftist Opposition Wins Big in Slovakia Election
Americans Still Dying
Ponca Tribe Member, Father of Two, Killed in Afghanistan (CO)
Marble Falls High (TX) Remembers Fallen Paratrooper
Navy Petty Officer From Columbus (GA) Died During Dubai Port Visit
Pakistan's Top Court Targets Army
Pakistani Troops Feel West Undervalues Their War
33 'Terrorists' Killed in Orakzai Operation
4 Children Killed, 15 Injured in Bara
At Least Six Dead in Khyber Gunfight: Officials
Six Volunteers of Pro-Government Militia Killed in Dera Bugti
PPP Minister: 'Using Public Funds to Undermine Democracy Akin to Treason'
Restoring 1973s Constitution Biggest Achievement: Gilani
Pakistan Bans Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat Islamist Group
Pakistan Arrests Over 250 Afghan Nationals
Afghan Anger and Security Changes Imperil Aid Groups
Afghanistan Joins Railroad Era —100 Years Late
Self-Immolations in Tibet Show No Sign of Slowing
Tibet Exiles Blame China 'Hardliners' for Immolations
2,000 March in New York to Mark Tibet Uprising
Philippines' Defense Expenditures Soar
Suu Kyi Says Myanmar Officials Censored Speech
Sri Lanka: A Child Is Summarily Executed
South Korea's Unification Minister: 'No One Wants to Just Swallow Up the North'
Amnesty Calls for Release of Azerbaijani Journalist and Youth Leader
Somalia Islamists Al-Shabab Ambush Ethiopia Troops
AU Troops to Replace Ethopian Forces in Key Somali Cities
Nigerian Kidnappers 'Received Ransom Downpayment'
Nigeria Hostages Killed in Bathroom During Rescue: Witness
Deadly Hostage Raid Stuns Nigeria's Home of Islam
In Violence Between Sudan and South Sudan, 'Echoes of Darfur'
Grenade Attack at Bus Station in Kenya's Capital Kills at Least 4, Wounds 40
Mauritania Officer Taken Hostage by North Africa al-Qaeda Branch Is Released, Official Says
Morocco Court Sentences Two to Death Over Marrakesh Bombing
Don't Freak Out, but Iran Is Helping Venezuela Build Drones
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