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Updated March 14, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
Taliban Attacks Karzai Officials at Massacre Site
  Kyrgyzstan Wants US Out as Panetta Arrives for Talks
Little US Popular Support for Israeli Attack on Iran
  Azerbaijan Arrests 'Iran-Backed Attack Plotters
US Drone Strikes Kill 15 in South Waziristan
Israel Violates Cease-Fire Almost Immediately
Iraq: 17 Killed in Fresh Attacks
How Netanyahu Tries to Bully American Presidents  by Larry Derfner
The Massacre Underscores the Message: End the Occupation of Afghanistan  by Matthew Rothschild
I Don't Want to See Their Faces; I Don't Want to Hear Them Scream  by Christopher Cooper
The Ongoing Effort to Sanitize Obama's Image  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Drone Secrecy Farce  by Scott Horton
Obama Trumpets the Superpower Status Quo  by Gregory D. Foster

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Justice Dept. Backs New Category of Secret Govt. Files

Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

A Look at Military Justice in Afghan Killing Case

Cameron in US: Public Want Afghanistan 'Endgame'

Lockerbie: Inching Closer to the Truth

We Will Treat Killing of Afghans as if They Were American, Barack Obama Says
Afghan Support for US Pullout Grows After Shooting Spree, Attack on Delegation
Afghan Villagers Moved Back Home to Find Peace, but Death Found Them

Afghan Shootings Refocus Attention at Fort Lewis-McChord Base

Heroin Harvest: NATO Losing Afghan War on Drugs


Iran: UN Rights Accusations Come From 'Terrorists'

Iranian Released From US Prison to Be Deported: Official

United States

Lawmakers Press Pentagon on Massacre Suspect's Brain Injury

Orlando-Area Airport Will Try Again to Kick Out TSA

Who Is Securing the Texas Border? How Private Contractors Mislead the Public, Then Get Rich Off Taxpayer Money
Fraud Investigation Targets Recruiting Program for Army National Guard, Reserve

NGO Urges Probe of Honduras Journalist Killings

Guatemala Massacre Soldier Given 6,060 Years for War Crimes

UN Peacekeepers Sentenced in Haiti Rape Case

Venezuela's Chávez Says 2 Soldiers Killed Near Country's Border With Colombia

Syria Army Reportedly Takes North Rebel Stronghold

Damascus Fights Back in Media Tug-Of-War

Russia Says It Will Keep Selling Weapons to Syria


Palestinian Children Traumatized by Israeli Jail

Five Israelis 'Anxious' After Gaza Rocket Strike

Violence Renews Debate Over Israel's Targeted Killings in Gaza

Turkey's Erdogan: Israel Must Stop Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza
Middle East-North Africa
UN Chief Urges Libya to Investigate Human Rights Issues From Last Year's Uprising

N. African al-Qaeda Chief Buying Arms in Libya: Source

Suicide Bomber Kills Four Yemeni Soldiers

Lebanese Army Discovers Subversive Cell Intent on Attacking Military Sites

Former Ben Ali Regime Aide Arrested in France


In Spotlight, Uganda Says Congo Slows Hunt for Kony

Sudan Rebels Say They Shot Down Drone, Government Denies

10 Killed in Kenyan-Led Fight in Somalia


Russian Official: No Missile Deal at NATO Summit

Putin Critics Say US Should Open Trade With Russia

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