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Updated March 17, 2012 - 11:22 PM EDT
Karzai: US Not Cooperating in Massacre Probe
  Narrative Grows Around Kandahar Massacre Suspect
  Profile of a Killer: Staff Sgt. Robert Bales
  NATO Helicopter Crashes Into Afghan House, 16 Killed
  Nobody Wants to Stay in Afghanistan (except a Few Generals)
Panetta: US Will Be Involved if Israel Attacks Iran
  Iran Buys US Wheat Again, Trade Set to Grow
Twin Blasts Kill Dozens in Syrian Capital
Eritrea FM Accuses US of Backing Ethiopia Over Raids
State Dept to 'Waive' Reform Criteria, Egypt Aid to Flow Again
New Outrage as North Korea Plans Satellite Launch
Terror, Trauma, and the Endless Afghan War  by Amy Goodman
Afghanistan Shooting Shows US Should Stop Treading Water  by Malou Innocent & Robert Naiman
Are Obama's Efforts to Justify Drone Warfare Aimed at Iran?  Der Spiegel
Obama's Iran Policy Commits Him to War  by Sheldon Richman
War, Pipelineistan-Style  by Pepe Escobar
The World Robert Kagan Made  by Kelley Vlahos

More Viewpoints

Whistleblower Who Predicted Retaliation Gets Axe From State Dept.
Bin Laden 'Wanted to Attack Obama Directly'
Insanity Defense for US Soldier May Be Tough Sell
Army Cancels Plan for Troop Trains
DOJ Wants Contractor's Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld Dismissed
Iraq PM: Iran Flights to Syria Carrying 'Humanitarian Goods, Not Weapons'
Annan Urges UN to Unite on Syria; Damascus Vows Cooperation
Clashes Outside Syrian Capital as Rebels Ignite New Front
Syria Protesters Urge Military Intervention
Despite Bold Talk on Syria, Turkey Sees Limits of Its Power
Turkey Considers Syria Border Buffer Zone

Turkish Nationals Urged to Return Home From Syria

4 Gulf States to Close Embassies in Syria
Assad Father-In-Law Compares Homs to London Riots
Press TV Chief in Syria Denies E-Mail Correspondence With Assad
UK's Cameron: No Justification for Israeli Attack on Iran
Top Israel Official: Move to Cut Iran From Swift Network Is 'Mortal Blow' to Tehran
Lieberman: International Community Can Stop Iran's Nuclear Program
Islamists Claim Iraq Attack That Killed at Least 27
Advocates Demand Protection for Iraqi Emos
Baghdad Marketplace Oasis Holds 'Iraq of Dreams'
The New Iraqi Air Force: F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters
Bedouin in Egypt's Sinai Besiege Peacekeepers' Camp
Egyptians Decry Acquittal Over 'Virginity Tests'
Hariri Tribunal Judge Rejects Prosecution Move to Expand Indictment Against Hezbollah Members
Sleiman Urges Army, Police to Strike Saboteurs With Iron Fist
Northern Africa
Libya Tweaks Constitution in Concession to Regions
Conservative Islamists Demonstrate in Tunisia for Religious-Based Constitution
Middle East
Palestinian Protester Bitten by IDF Dog, Arrested
Swiss Woman Kidnapped in Western Yemen
Jordan Demonstrators Want Jailed Activists Freed
Bahrain to Retry 20 Medics in Uprising Case
Turkey Admits Its Slow Legal System Often Leaves People Unfairly Imprisoned
The War at Home
Air Force to Further Discipline Former Supervisors in Dover Mortuary Scandal
9/11 Hate Crime Victim's Kin Become US Citizens
New Case of Afghan Soldier Killing Marine
'Karzai Only Said What Everyone Already Thinks'
Germans Want Early Withdrawal From Afghanistan
Despite Ban for US Troops, Alcohol Still Makes It Way to Bases in Afghanistan
US Sniper 'Told He Wasn't Going Back, and Then He Was Told He Was'
At Afghan Prison, Invasive Search of Female Visitors Raises US Objections
Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri Urges Pakistanis to Revolt
Mansoor Ijaz: a Super Spy Struggling With Debt
North Korea/China
UN Chief Urges North Korea to Reconsider Satellite Launch
China Voices Concern to North Korean Ambassador Over North's Planned Rocket Launch
China's Modern Economy Belies Secretive and Opaque Politics
East Timor
East Timor Set for Presidential Election
George Clooney Arrested at Sudan Embassy
Somalia Forces Advance From Mogadishu Against Al-Shabab
Nigeria, Islamist Group Boko Haram in Indirect Talks
Congo Under Scrutiny Over Hezbollah Business Links
Malawi Ups Security After Mutharika Resignation Call
Anti-Terror Police Join Probe Into French Shooting
France Paratroop Killings Spur Ban on Off-Base Uniforms
Bat-Wielding Man Attacks Mosque in France
In Belarus, Fate of 2 Sentenced to Die Is Unknown
Putin's Big Promises Need Fueling by High Oil Prices
Norway Police Say Future Breivik-Style Attacks Possible
14 Colombians Arrested After Murder of Venezuelan Soldiers
Coke's Sentencing in US the Talk of Jamaica
Catholic Dissidents Evicted From Havana Church
Weekend Reviews
A New History of the Philippine-American War
Can a Fiercely Antiwar, Anti-Political Novel Change the World?
Indicting Violence: a Pacifist Review of The Hunger Games
No Woman's Land Book Details Newswomen in Warzones
Teaching Palestine to Americans
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