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Updated March 19, 2012 - 11:14 PM EDT

Ret. Gen.: 'Massacre May Force US From Afghanistan'

  Romney to Make Obama's Afghan Policy an Issue
  Afghan Probe: More Than a Dozen US Troops Involved in Massacre
  Charges for Massacre Soldier Expected Next Week
US, Israel Agree Iran Abandoned Nuclear Bomb
  Hawks Steering Debate on How to Take on Iran
  Israeli Military Spokesman: Iran Pulling the Strings in Gaza, Lebanon
GOP Shifts From McCain on Wars
  Obama Signs Order Allowing for Control Over All US Resources
  The NSA Is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center
Yemen Says More Than 2,000 Killed in Uprising
Israel: Palestinian Economy Too Weak for Independence
55 Killed in Airstrikes, Clashes in Pakistan's Tribal Districts
The Strange Forgettability of Some Civilian Massacres  by Patrick Cockburn
Will Anyone Debate the US-Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement?  by Kathy Kelly
Obama Help With Israeli Strike on Iran Would Violate International, US Law  by L. Michael Hager
A New Age of Enemies  by Karen J. Greenberg & Tom Engelhardt
All Quiet on the Southern Front  by Uri Avnery
License to Kill: When Governments Choose to Assassinate  by Gordon Corera

More Viewpoints

Is Lewis-McChord Really 'Most Troubled Base in the Military'?
Santorum: Commit to Win in Afghanistan or Get Out
US Accelerating Cyberweapon Research
Suspect's Multiple Tours Call Attention to War Strain
Minneapolis Protest: 'End War in Afghanistan Now!'
Pro-Israel Groups Differing Approaches on Iran
Iran Central Bank Raises Currency Exchange Rate to Reflect Unofficial Street Prices
Oman Warns on Military Confrontation With Iran
Blast Hits Syria's Second City; Rebel Areas Reportedly Shelled
Peace March in Damascus Is Cut Short by Authorities
Clashes Erupt in Libya's Capital, 1 Killed
Libya Demands Handover of Gadhafi Spy Chief Senussi
British Press TV Journalists Being Freed by Libya
New Attacks Leave 6 Dead in Iraq
Maliki: No Arms Into Syria for Anyone
Iraq Frees Saddam-Era Trade Minister: Official
Released American Was Working Alone in Iraq
Iraqi Political Prisoner Lived in His Cellar for 22 Years as He Hid From Saddam Death Sentence
Middle East
Militants Kill American Teacher in Yemen
Hamas Chief: Israel Using Gaza as 'Guinea Pig' for Military Testing
Turkish Police Fight Kurdish Protesters, One Dead
2 Brazilian Women Kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai
Senior Official Says Massacre Will Not Derail Afghan-US Pact
US Permanent Bases Not Part of US-Afghan Pact: Faizi
Afghans Extends Deadline on Private Security Ban
Divergent Picture of Robert Bales Emerges
Afghan Shooting Suspect Showed Different Side in Iraq
Afghan Killing Suspect Dogged by Money, Job Strife
North Korea
North Korea Vows to Go Ahead With Satellite Launch
Japanese Government Considers Intercepting North Korean Rocket if It Flies Near Japan
East Timor
President Ramos-Horta Out as East Timor Heads for Runoff
Australia Says Troops Could Soon Leave East Timor
Indonesia Police Kill 5 'Terror Suspects' on Bali
Govt. Ready for Referendum in Balochistan: PM
Villages Razed in Sudan's South Kordofan
15 Hurt in Attack on Guinea Ruling-Party HQ
Dozens Held at Moscow Protest Over 'Pro-Putin' TV Film
1-Ton WWII-Era Bomb Discovered Near Marseille Port
Colombian Rebels: Expect to Free Hostages Soon
Cuba Detains 70 Ladies in White Ahead of Pope Visit
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