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Updated March 20, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Ret. Gen.: 'Massacre May Force US From Afghanistan'
  Military Struggles to 'Regulate' Information on Afghanistan Suspect
Russian Anti-Terror Troops Deploy in Syria
NATO Fails to Investigate Libyan Civilian Deaths
  Libyan Airstrike Victims Still Waiting for Redress
Palestinian Hunger Striker in Failing Health
  UN Report: Settlers Seizing Palestinians' Water Supplies

Drones Focus of Pakistan's Latest US-Ties Hearing

Pentagon Simulation: Iran Attack Bad for US

63 Killed in Baghdad Explosions on War Anniversary
How Bad Would Iran Be With the Bomb?  by Walter Pincus
Where Is the Outrage Over the Killing of a US Citizen?  by Leonard Pitts Jr.
Sensible Citizens Fight Militarization of Their Town  by Jim Hightower
Financing Terror  by Chase Madar
Afghanistan and American Imperialism  by Glenn Greenwald
Ron Paul's Common Sense  by Leonard Goodman

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Lynndie England: No Saying 'Sorry to the Enemy'

Army Threatens to Fire Whistleblower for Talking to McClatchy

As Occupy Arrestees Arraigned, Iris Scans Affect Bail

Pentagon Says It Has No Records of bin Laden's Death; CIA Hasn't Answered Open Records Request

Ambassador Defends Karzai Remarks on Slaying of Afghans

German-Afghan Man Being Tried on Al-Qaeda Charges

In Pakistan, Surviving Suicide Bombings Is Part of a Political Family's Life

Pakistan World's Third Biggest Weapon Importer


Iran Oil Exports Increase in January Despite Sanctions

'Israel Loves Iran' Initiative Takes Off on Facebook

After Sanctions, Iraq Offers to Replace Iranian Oil to Sri Lanka


White House: Still 'Long Way to Go' for Iraq

Iraq Bans Security Firms on Oil Fields

American Freed in Iraq Was Never a Soldier: Pentagon


Despite Concerns, North Korea Defends Rocket Launch

Myanmar Frees Ethnic Karen Rebel Leader

Asia Is World's Top Weapons Importer: Research Group

Five Suspects Killed in Bali Anti-Terror Raids

Maldives Parliament Opening Marred by Clashes

Gunmen Kill 12 Police Officers Sent to Investigate 10 Deaths in Southern Mexico
Hugo Chavez Says Plans for Attack on Rival Uncovered in Venezuela, Government Offers Security
Experts: Sanctions Squeeze Syrians, but Are Unlikely to Change Assad's Behavior

Two More Syrian Generals Defect: Turkish Diplomat

Middle East-North Africa

Libyans Struggle With Secrets of Mass Graves

Libyan Deputy Premier in Mauritania to Press for Handover of Gadhafi Intelligence Chief
British Journalists Held for a Month in Libya Had Reported on Revenge Attacks

Bahrain Opposition: Free Prisoners Before Talks

Will Egypt's Generals Produce a Last-Minute Champion?

Desecration of Quran, Mosques Shocks Tunisia

Yemen Air Force Ends Mutiny After Govt. Agrees to Oust Chief

Israel Using Gaza as Trial Run for Iran Strike: Hamas

US 'Troubled' by UN Calls to Debate Settler Violence Against Palestinians

Palestinians Back Faction Unity, Split on Chances of Success: Poll


Somali Refugees Killed by Mogadishu Mortars

Boko Haram Talks Collapse

Zimbabwe Activists Convicted Over Egypt Protest Lecture


UK Ministers Discuss U-Turn on F-35 Fighter Planes

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