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Updated March 21, 2012 - 11:18 PM EDT
US Troops 'Threatened Afghans Ahead of Massacre'
  Afghan Massacre Soldier 'Doesn't Remember' Killings
  US May Change Afghan Night Raid Policy to Secure Long-Term Deal
Report: Syrian Rebels Commit Serious Abuses
  Poll Shows Little US Support for Syria Intervention
Iran Embargo Exacts Heavy Price on US Companies

Details of Talks with IAEA Belie Charge Iran Refused Cooperation

Pakistan Parliament Demands US End Drone Strikes
63 Killed in Baghdad Explosions on War Anniversary
  Iraq's Govt. in Crisis Again as Party Issues Ultimatum
The Three Amigos and the Misuse of History  by Paul R. Pillar
Republican Math and the Pentagon Budget  by William Hartung & Nick Turse
Dismissal Is the Only Option in Bradley Manning Case  by Kevin Zeese
Mutually Assured Madness  George Kenney interviews Peter Jenkins
You Call This a War? I'll Show You a War  by Anthony Gregory
Iranian Dissidents Don't Want War  by Ramin Jahanbegloo & R.N. Khatami

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US Senators to Introduce Resolution on Joseph Kony and LRA

Ex-FBI Snitch on Muslim Spying: 'It's All About Entrapment'

Palestinian Prisoner Hana Shalabi 'Close to Death'

Terrorists Use Online Games Like Call of Duty to Plot Attacks


UN Envoy: Afghan Revenge Risks Foreign Support


Despite Iran Jitters, Israeli Antiwar Camp Muted

US Exempts Japan, 10 EU Nations From Iran Sanctions

Obama: No Reason for US and Iran to Be Divided

Germany Sells Sub to Israel but Warns on Attacking Iran


North Korea Complicates Nuclear Talks With Plans

UN Nuclear Watchdog Invited to Visit North Korea

Myanmar Invites ASEAN Observers for April Elections


Syria Rebels Flee Another Town; Army on Offensive

For Syrians, No Easy Exit From Conflict

US Warns Lebanon Against Attempts to Evade Syria Sanctions

Middle East-North Africa

Algerian Dissident Silenced by France

Bahrain Claims 'Significant' Progress Made on Reforms

Mauritania 'To Extradite Former Gadhafi Spy Chief to Libya'


Islamist Rebels Ousted From Central Somali Town


Russian Bloggers Sense Threat

Peru Cancels British Boat's Visit in Support of Argentina's Falklands Claim
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