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Updated March 22, 2012 - 11:22 PM EDT
Gen. Allen: Pakistan a 'Threat' in Terror War
Syria Violence Spills Over Into Lebanon
  Real or Hoax: Syria Arms Smuggling Centers on Soccer Goal
Bales Charged With 17 Counts Over Massacre
  Afghan Officials Flip-Flop: Massacre Had 1 Shooter
Kurdistan President Slams Maliki Power Grab
  Iraq VP Accuses Govt. of Torturing Bodyguard to Death; 22 Killed
62 Reported Dead in Syria Despite Ceasefire Calls
Coup in Mali Possible Consequence of Libyan War
France Standoff With Gunman Reaches Deadly End
Humanitarian Aid Is Military Intervention  by Joel Poindexter
The West Is Helping to Crush the Bahrain Spring  by Tim Black
The Mission in Afghanistan Is Over – Leave  The Seattle Times
Top 10 Lessons of the Iraq War  by Stephen M. Walt
Israel's Nuclear Triggers  by Grant Smith
Is the CIA in Your Kitchen?  by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Afghan Officials Likely to Press for Veto Power Over Night Raids in Formal Talks

Rep. Peter King Warns: Hezbollah Agents in US

After Bales' Arrest, Military Tried to Delete Him From Web

Toulouse Killings Suspect Is 'Al-Qaeda'

Troops Stressed to Breaking Point


UK May Cut Funds if Afghan Graft Persists

Turkey Debates Afghan Mission After Helicopter Crash

Afghan Officials Deny French Suspect Escaped Their Prison

UK Afghan Pullout to Save $3.8 Billion by 2015

UK Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan


Palestinian Worker Loses Spleen in Savage Israeli Police Attack

Israel Clears Out Its Embassy in Egypt

Former Mossad Chief: Israel Will Know Before Iran Begins Producing Nuclear Weapons

Obama to Visit Demilitarized Zone on Koreas' Border

Philippines Using US Smart Bombs

Support Grows for Expanded Japanese Military Role, Poll Finds

Vietnam Says China Is Holding 21 Fishermen on Disputed Island

Bomb Explodes Near Indonesia's Paris Embassy


Syrian Government Tanks 'Shell Damascus Suburbs'

Islamists Seek Influence in Syria Uprising

Middle East-North Africa

NYPD Says Iran Has Conducted Surveillance in NYC

Leader Calls for Unity as Tunisia Celebrates Independence

Road Ahead Rocky for Tunisia's Newly Liberated Media

Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Calls for Destruction of Churches in Region

Egypt's Brotherhood Mulling Run for President

Egypt's Brotherhood Eyes End to Gaza Blockade


Car Bomb Rocks Mogadishu, Shabaab Claims Responsibility

Boko Haram Rules Out Further Talks With Nigerian Govt.


Colombian Troops Kill Dozens of Guerrillas, Defense Minister Says

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