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Updated March 27, 2012 - 11:07 PM EDT
White House Offered Pakistan Drone Concessions
US Suspends Some Aid to Mali, Won't Call it 'Coup'
  Mali Coup Has US Intervention Written All Over It
Three NATO Soldiers Killed by Afghan Security Forces
  Poll: US Opposition for Afghan War Hits All-Time High
20 Killed as Militias Clash in Southern Libya
Peace Deal in Syria Languishes as Powers Meddle
Israel Cuts Ties With UN Human Rights Council
Obama to Russia: Wait on Missile Defense Until After Election
The Profligate Occupation of Afghanistan  by Hiroaki Sato
What Ever Happened to 'Extremism in Defense of Liberty Is No Vice'?  by A. Barton Hinkle
America Must Not Buy Into Israel's Warmongering  by David Dietz
Sanctions Make War More Likely  by Trita Parsi
Iran Sanctions Leakage  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Mali: Another Imperialist 'Success' Story  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Disabled Soldier Backlog Puts Army at Risk

Study: Military Service Makes Men Grumpier

Number of Homeless Women Veterans Is on the Rise

More Than 70 Percent of Bomb Casualties Civilian in 2011; Iraq Worst

Iraqi Woman Brutally Beaten in Calif. Will Be Buried in Iraq


Ahmadinejad Tirade on Afghanistan Prompts US Walkout

Billions in Cash Smuggled Out of Afghanistan Every Year

Group: US Negotiation Efforts With Taliban Have Failed

Sgt Robert Bales' Wife Says Charges 'Unbelievable'

Afghan Massacre: The Coming Sanity Board

Interview: Amb. Ryan Crocker Warns Against War Fatigue in Afghanistan

Iraq Tests Regional Muscle With Arab Summit

Iraq's Ominous Trendline of Violence

Iraq's Kurdish Region Threatens Oil Export Halt


Iran, 5+1 Agree to Meet on April 13

Iran Warns US: Stop Dictating World Policy

UK Threatens to Nationalize Iranian State Media Property in London

Tibet Activist in India Sets Himself Alight

Myanmar Exiles Test Government's Promise of Change

US, Australia Plan Expansion of Military Ties Amid 'Pivot' to SE Asia


UN Gets Reports of Child Soldiers With Syria Rebels

Heavy Shelling on Homs, as Syrian Rebels Intensify Attacks

Syrian Children Struggle to Resume Normal Lives in Turkey

Turkey Recalls Ambassador to Syria and Closes Embassy

Middle East

Libya's Leader Admits Instability

Libya Militiamen Storm Tripoli Hotel, Kidnap Manager

Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda Edges Away From Sharia

Israeli Diplomat Faces Protests in Morocco

Angry Malians Protest Against Military Junta

Warriors and Websites – A New Kind of Rebellion in Mali?


Sudan and South Sudan Clash in Border Regions

Two Killed in Somali Rebels' Mortar Attack on Palace

Police Use Tear Gas on Protesting Congolese Blast Survivors

In Nigeria, Schools Become a New Target for Boko Haram


Colombian Troops Kill 35 Rebels in New Blow to FARC

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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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