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Updated April 3, 2012 - 11:10 PM EDT
Syria's Assad Endorses April 10 Peace Deadline
In Yemen Drone War, US Bombs Rulers' Rivals
Israel: Enemy Attack Would Kill Less Than 300
Libya Seeks Ceasefire as Western Towns Clash
West African States Impose Mali Sanctions
Jordanians Face Military Tribunal, Prison for Speech
Iraqi Political Machinations as 12 Killed in Attacks
Israeli Experts Mum on Iran Attack to Support Bibi's Bluff  by Gareth Porter
Hawk Fights Hawk for Mass. Senate Seat  by John V. Walsh
Don't Fear a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East  by Steven A. Cook
Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You  by Chris Hedges
Why India Isn't Joining in Sanctioning Iran  by Ramesh Thakur
America's Communist System in Cuba  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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US Draws Up Plans for Nuclear-Powered Drones

NATO Denies Accelerating Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal

Rockefeller Calls for Troops to Leave Afghanistan

US Women Wear Hijabs in Support of Slain Iraqi Woman

Al-Qaeda's Online Forums Go Dark for Extended Period


Afghan Policeman Killed After Surviving 16 Attacks

Afghan Market Bombs Injure 24

Rogue Afghan Police Officer: A Taliban Infiltrator's Road to Fratricide

Pakistan Jails bin Laden's Family for Illegal Stay

Militants Storm Pakistan Checkpoint in Mohmand


March Deaths Iraq's Lowest Since 2003

Iraq Accuses Kurdistan of Smuggling Oil Via Iran

United States

Army's 'Chilling Trend' Puts Women at Risk

Life After Army Service Riddled With Trouble for Man Accused in Kentucky Slayings

Predator Strike That Killed Marine Angers Father

Supreme Court Upholds Jail Strip Searches, Including for Minor Offenses

Sudan's Bombing of South Sudan Scares Away US, Chinese Oil Investors

Angola Urged to End Crackdown on Protests


Mostar: One Family, Three Armies, a Divided City

Britain's Web Monitoring Plan Draws Comparisons to 1984 and Kafka

France Deports Islamist Militants, Imams Amid Crackdown

Lawyer: French Attacks Suspect Claimed Innocence


World Powers Increase Backing for an Armed Syrian Rebellion

Defectors: Torture of Children, Rape by Syrian Army 'Routine'

Syrian Military Kills Civilians in Reprisals, 'Executes Own Troops'

Middle East
Egypt's Coptic Church Withdraws From 'Futile' Islamist-Dominated Panel Drafting Constitution

Egypt Brotherhood Under Fire Over President Bid

General Who Led 1980 Coup in Turkey Goes on Trial


Israeli Army Orders Settlers Out of Hebron House

3 Gaza Children Burned to Death Due to Energy Crisis, Hamas Blames Israel

France Warns Pro-Palestinian Activists Against West Bank Trip


Myanmar Poll: Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD Sweeps By-Elections

Khmer Rouge Jailer Says Ex-Leader Called Him 'Very Bad'

Rising US-China Mistrust Has Dangerous Long-Term Implications, Brookings Study Says

Rocket to Cost N. Korea Equivalent of Feeding 19m People for 1 Year

Wave of Tibet Immolations Among History's Biggest


Obama Says Drug Violence Can Hurt US-Mexico Relations; Testy Calderon Says US Partly to Blame

Candle for War Dead as Britain Marks Falklands Invasion

Argentina Still Wants Falklands 30 Years After War

Falklands Row Could Hit UK's South American Ambitions

Colombian Rebels Free 10 Captives Held More Than a Decade

Ecuador's President to Boycott Americas Summit Over Cuba's Exclusion

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