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Updated April 7, 2012 - 10:40 PM EDT
US Air Force Ramps Up Drone War
  Drones Flying Under the Radar
Mali's Tuaregs Declare Independence in North
  US, EU, AU Spurn Northern Mali Independence
Lebanon-Syria Border Bus Attack Kills 7
Special Ops Trained MEK Agents in the US
  Obama Signaled to Iran US Would Accept Civilian Nuclear Program
  Iran Stops Shipping Oil to Greece After Companies Stop Paying
Yemen: Al-Qaeda's New Haven
  Yemen Sacks Two Military Chiefs Related to Saleh
Panetta: 'Dysfunction in Washington' Threatens US Security
  Obama Embraces National Security as Campaign Issue
US Bounty Rallies Pakistanis Behind Banned Charity Head
The Hunger Games as a Metaphor for the Warfare State  by Joel Poindexter
Privacy From State Snooping Defines a True Democracy  by Henry Porter
Intervention in Libya and Syria Isn't Humanitarian or Liberal  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Ten Years of Torture  by Andy Worthington
Render to Caesar, Extraordinarily  by Ray McGovern
Strip-Searches: Obama Wants You to Spread 'em  by Glen Ford

More Viewpoints

US Police Track Cellphones Without Warrants
Paul Ryan's Hawkish Foreign Policy
Russia Deploys S-400 Missiles in Region Bordering Poland, Lithuania
France to Free Suspected Islamist Militants
US Navy F-18 Crashes in Residential Virginia
At Least Seven Dead in Afghanistan Tanker Blaze
Afghans Store Opium Like Gold
FM: 'Afghanistan Won't Be Used as Launch Pad for US Drone Strikes on Pakistan After 2014'
Pakistani With US Bounty Said Helping De-Radicalize Militants
Pakistan Rejects Indian Claim on Evidence Against Hafiz Saeed
Memogate: Haqqani Summoned on April 12
China Shuts Leftist Web Sites as Political Strife Continues
China Hints at Pakistan Hand in Attacks in Xinjiang
China Names Six Uighurs on Terror List
Myanmar Agrees New Peace Terms With Ethnic Rebels
Maldives Elections Will Not Be in 'Foreseeable Future'
Mali Attracts Islamist Fighters, al-Qaeda, in Void Left by Coup, Rebellion
Mali's Coup Leader Agrees to Return Country to Constitutional Rule
Bosco Ntaganda: Congo's 'Terminator' Troops Defect
Many South Sudanese Unable to Return Home
Nigeria: Planned Easter Attack – 60 Explosives Discovered in Gombe
Alarm Over Delay in Swearing in New Malawi Leader After President Dies
Bosnia-Herzegovina Marks 20th Anniversary of War
Bosnia Still Divided, 20 Years Since War Began
Northern Ireland
Bomb Found by Dublin-Belfast Road
Names of 3,700 North Ireland 'Troubles' Dead Read on Good Friday
British Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement 'Hanged Herself After Bullying Campaign'
UK Anger at Toll of Dogs Put Down by Army
Weekend Reviews
Return of the Cold War: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
The Passion of Bradley Manning
Should Ron Paul Be a Hunger Games Super Fan?
Justin Sirois's Falcons on the Floor
Enemies: A History of the FBI by Tim Weiner
Mubarak Loyalist to Run for President
Islamist Candidate Tries to Bridge Divide Between Religious and Secular in Egypt
Bahraini Hunger Striker Casts a Long Shadow Over Claims of Reform
Police Descend on Bahrain Rally for Hunger Striker
Bahrain Hunger Striker's Daughter Arrested
19 Killed in Syria as Ceasefire Deadline Approaches
Russia Criticism of Assad Hints at Calculus Change
3 'Terrorists' Killed, 97 Prisoners Released in Syria
Syria Crisis: Turkey Tells UN It May Need Refugee Help
Iranian Cleric Says Saudi Arabia Is 'Center of Sedition'
Iran Navy Rescues Chinese Freighter From Pirates
Saudi FM Receives Iraq VP Hashemi
Sunni Protests in Iraq
Gaza's Islamic Jihad: We Are Commited to Cease-Fire With Israel
Palestinians: Israeli Soldiers Stole Jewelry During Raid
Middle East
Two More Turkish Soldiers Killed in PKK Clashes
Tunisia's Presidency Backs Conviction of Men for Insulting Islam on Facebook
Al-Qaeda Militant Dies in Botched Attack in Yemen
US Sentence for Arms Dealer Bout 'Political,' Says Russia
Communist Cuba Marks Good Friday With Public Holiday
Former Hard-Line Exiles Return to Cuba to Talk
Argentine War Heroes Revealed to Be Henchmen in Military Dictatorship
US Military
Navy Jet Crash: Witness Said Plane Just 'Dropped Out of the Sky'
Maryland Man Gets 25 Years in Military Bomb Plot
Panetta's Commuting Tab: About $860,000 So Far
Board: Marine Who Criticized Obama Should Be Dismissed
Brother of Ohio Soldier: 'We Are a Nation at War'
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