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Updated April 17, 2012 - 11:13 PM EDT
Pentagon: Afghan Offensive Sign of Coming Victory
  Karzai Blames NATO as 18-Hr Kabul Attack Ends
  NATO: No Reason to Change Afghan War Strategy
  Another Afghan Soldier Fires on NATO Troops, Killed in Return Fire
Latin America's Drug War Evolution
  Unified Latin America Challenges US Policies on Drug War and Cuba
Secret Wars: The Rise of the Killer Drones
US Planning for Syria Ceasefire's Failure
Senators Reject Iran Talks, Want More Sanctions
Five US Drone Strikes Kill Six in Yemen
Mass Hunger Strike Begins by Palestinians in Israeli Prisons
UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Rocket Launch
US Troops Moving Slowly Against Kony and His Militia
The US and The Afghan Train Wreck  by Conn Hallinan
Israel Should Never Forget Its Mideast Atrocities  by Yitzhak Laor
A Military Trial for Alleged 9/11 Terrorists Is Unlikely to Lead to Justice  by Nick Fielding
Bibi's Dilemma – and Barack's  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Long Road of Negotiations  by Paul R. Pillar
US in Denial: Watershed in Afghanistan  by Marwan Bishara

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Austerity Ends 13-Year Rise in Global Military Spending
Air Force Tells Pilots to Slow Down to Save Fuel
A Fly in China's Russian Ointment
Panetta Regrets Expense of Weekend Trips Home
Norway Killer Admits Massacre, Claims Self-Defense
Shelling, Shaky Truce Challenge UN Few in Syria
Syrian Opposition Delegation Holds Talks in Moscow
Questions Surround German Ship Bound for Syria
Israeli TV Report Shows Air Force Gearing Up for Iran Attack, Says Moment of Truth Is Near
Clinton Says US Will Keep Sanctions on Iran
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Tightens Grip on Internet
UAE Says Gulf Island Spat Threatens Global Security
Thousands Rally Ahead of Palestinian Prisoners' Day
Caught on Film, Israeli Soldier's Beating of Foreign Activist Causes Uproar
Former Soldiers Rush to Defense of Officer Who Hit Dane
Israeli Official: 40% of Names on Shin Bet Fly-In Blacklist Were Not Activists
Denmark Asks Israel for Clarifications Over Beating
Activist Beaten by IDF Officer: Claim Protesters Were Violent Is 'A Complete Lie'
Hamas Delivered Thousands of Dollars to Prisoners Released in Shalit Swap
Iraqiya Seeks Confidence Withdrawal for Maliki
Iraq Arrest Calls Fair Elections Into Question
Iraq Seen Sustaining Southern Oil Exports Surge
Cradle of Libya Revolt Seeks Autonomy From New Rulers
Algeria to Muzzle Gadhafi Exiles: Libyan Leader
United Arab Emirates
Al Shabaab Suspects 'Must Be Terrorists', UAE Security Court Told
Peru Authorities Search for 2 Police Officers Who Disappeared During Search for Hostages
'War on Terror'
Would-Be Plane Bomber Has Sentence Cut After He Assists US
Delta Jet Lands in Dublin Bomb Scare After Passenger Leaves Cell Phone Charging in Restroom
Aussie Troops Out Next Year, PM to Pledge
Afghan Assaults Signal Evolution of Haqqani Network
Taliban Paid 'Protection Money' by Afghan Government
Karzai: Response to Attacks Shows Afghan Forces Ready to Defend Nation
In Afghanistan, the Battle for a Road
World Must Respect Pakistan Sovereignty: Nawaz
Clinton, Pakistan FM Discussed Afghan Attacks
Grenade Attack Kills Student at Peshawar School
Reuters: Neil Heywood Killed After Threatening to Expose Bo Xilai's Wife
US and Philippines Begin South China Sea Drills
Ex-Guerrilla Fighters Vie for East Timor Presidency; Winner to Lead as UN Peacekeepers Leave
3 Vietnamese Bloggers Charged Over Their Writing
Former CIA Ally Omar Suleiman Tries to Remake His Image in Egypt
In a Confused Political Process, Egypt's Military Steps Back Into Role in New Constitution
MPs in Khartoum Brand South Sudan 'Enemy' State
South Sudan Official: Sudan Intensifies Bombing of Disputed Town as North-South Tension Rises
Police Say Radical Islamist Sect Kills 2 in Shooting in Northeast Nigeria; Bomb Injures 3
Nigeria Police Want to Interrogate Rights Leader Over Comments on Extrajudicial Killings
Guinea-Bissau Junta Agrees Pact With Some Parties
Guinea-Bissau Presidential Candidate Denounces Coup, as Regional Mediators Intervene
Islamist Group in North Mali Tries to Win Recruits
Rwanda Opposition Leader Withdraws From Trial, Cites Lack of Independent Judiciary
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