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Updated April 21, 2012 - 10:56 PM EDT
Iraqi PM Maliki Calls Turkey a 'Hostile State'
USA PATRIOT Act Kept Somalia Starving
UN Votes to Boost Syria Mission to 300 Observers
  At Least 21 Dead in Syria Bomb Blast
  In Syria, Both Sides Report Attacks Amid Friday Protests
Israel: Rockets Fired From Egypt Were From Libya
Tens of Thousands Protest Military's Rule in Egypt
Iran Warns EU of More Oil Cutoffs if Sanctions Aren't Lifted
'USA Today' Pair Hit by Smear Campaign After Pentagon Story
This Is Politics Not Sport. If Drivers Can't See That, They Are the Pits  by Robert Fisk
Benny Morris and 'Palestinian Rejectionism'  by Daniel Levy
The TSA's Mission Creep Is Making the US a Police State  by Jennifer Abel
Why the Right Hated the Iran Talks  by Robert Dreyfuss
Afghan Screams Aren’t Heard  by Kathy Kelly and Hakim
Ten Rules of the 'War on Terrorism'  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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US Settles 2 Uighurs From Guantanamo to El Salvador Amid Diplomatic Struggle
WikiLeaks to Break 'Bank Blockade' With US Foundation
Assange Lawyer Grounded by Authorities?
Two Marines Face Discharge for Lying About Iraq Killings
UK Terror Convict Testifies in US About bin Laden Meeting
Peru's Army Prepares for 'All-Out' Assault on Rebels
Lewis-Mcchord Unit Enters Taliban 'Homeground' in Afghanistan
Afghan Military Recruits Found Dealing Drugs to US Soldiers, Army Documents Show
Taliban Claim Responsibility for Downing Helicopter in Afghanistan
Copter That Crashed Was Coming to Aid of Afghan Forces
Officials Say Bad Weather May Have Caused Afghan Crash of US Helicopter, Killing 4 Americans
'Let Our People Live': Herat Activists Call for End to War
Pakistan, US Exploring Joint Ownership of Drone Attacks
Karachi Violence: Death Toll Rises to 14
No Possibility of Unilateral Withdrawal From Siachen, Says Zardari
South Korea Asks China Whether It Provided North Korea With Banned Missile Equipment
Truck Raises Questions About China's Role in North Korea's Missile Program
South Korea Unveils New Missile Capable of Hitting All of North
North Korea Concludes Investigation Into Failed Rocket Launch
China's Wen in Iceland, Eyes on Arctic Riches
Kazakhstan Journalist Targeted in Savage Attack
Sudanese Army Chases South Sudan's Forces Out of Heglig
Sudan Oil Dispute May Yield Africa's Newest War
South Sudan 'To Withdraw Troops' From Heglig Oil Field
'We Beat Them,' Sudan's Bashir Says of the South
On Ground in Heglig, Threat of Sudan War Persists
Sudan Pipelines Will Not Open for South's Oil: Bashir
Ugandan Troops Play Jungle Cat and Mouse With Kony
US Senator Says Kony Capture Closer Than Ever
Kony 2012: Invisible Children Prepares Cover the Night Stunt Amid Criticism
Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan Says Boko Haram Security Threat Is 'Exaggerated'
Nigeria: Maiduguri Bakers Shot by 'Suspected Islamists'
3 US Military Personnel, 3 Civilians Killed in Car Crash in Mali's Capital
Mali's Ex-President Amadou Toumani Toure, Family Arrive in Senegal Nearly Month After Coup
Guinea-Bissau Junta Vows to Fight if Foreign Troops Intervene
Muslims Rights Group: Kenyan Police Executed Terror Suspect, Abducted Muslim Rights Activist
Mexican Indigenous Town Holds 16 Police Officers to Demand Probe in Killings
Retired Mexican General Shot and Killed in Capital; Was Accused and Cleared of Drug Ties
Venezuelan Authorities Issue Arrest Order for Judge Fired for Alleged Links to Drug Suspect
Venezuela Ex-Judge Says Officials Tried to Manipulate Judiciary, Government Dismisses Claims
Amid Nuclear Talks, Iran Warns of Cutting Oil to More EU States
Russia, China Seek Info on US Drone Held by Iran
Iran Warns UAE of Military Response Over Islands
Report: Iran Seeks Support to Censor Internet, Disconnect From Global Network
Syrians in Homs See Little Evidence of UN Ceasefire
Additional 30 UN Monitors Due to Arrive in Syria
China Now Says It Is Willing to Send Observers to Monitor Cease-Fire in Syria
Hollande: France Would Join UN-Backed Intervention in Syria
US Plans to Provide Israel With $680 Million in Funding for Iron Dome Anti-Missile System
Grilling of Top Palestinian Militant Exposes Arafat's Link to Terror Attacks on Israelis, Papers Show
UN Rights Office Says Gaza Death Sentences Unlawful, Urges Hamas to Halt Planned Firing Squad
Report: Ouda Tarabin to Be Released Next Week in Prisoner Exchange
Conscientious Objector Noam Gur Sentenced to Prison for Her Refusal to Join the Israeli Army
Islamic State of Iraq Take Credit for Bloodshed; 5 Killed in New Attacks
Clashes Spread Between Iraqi Shi'ite Groups
Kurd Leader Vows Not to Allow PKK to Operate From Iraq's North
Libyan Government Takes Control of Tripoli Airport From Militia Fighters
Secret Gadhafi Missionaries
Saif Al Islam Gadhafi: From Reformer to Reactionary
Stun Grenades Used to Disperse Protesters at Formula One Exhibit
Critics Blast 'Surreal' Bahrain Grand Prix
Turkish Government Scores Victories in Quest to Curb Military's Influence Over Politics
1 PKK Rebel Killed in Clash With Security Forces in Southeastern Turkey
Middle East
Yemen Says Air Raids, Army Kill 27 Militants in South
Protesters in Downtown Beirut Demand Release of Jailed Islamists
Norway Killer Breivik: Voices in My Head Told Me 'Don't Do This'
Breivik Studied 'Each' al-Qaeda Attack Before His Own Bomb-and-Shooting Rampage
Former New York Mayor Giuliani Helping Serbia's Nationalists Ahead of Elections
US Military
Upgraded Killer Drone Can Fly for Two Days
DARPA to Troubled Soldiers: Meet Your New Simulated Therapist
Women Sue Military Academies Over Handling of Sexual Assaults
A Few Good Women: Marines Open Infantry to Females
Weekend Reviews
A Compelling Case for Iraq War Crimes Tribunal
The Crisis of Zionism: Undeterred by Unavoidable Realities
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