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Updated April 23, 2012 - 11:02 PM EDT
US, Afghanistan Agree to Draft of '2024' Deal
  Rohrabacher Refused Entry to Afghanistan Over Criticisms of Karzai
  UK Emails Reveal Plummeting Morale at Heart of Afghan Campaign
Israeli Military Chief: Covert Ops on the Rise
  Egypt Scraps Unpopular Israeli Gas Deal
Iran's Trading Partners Try to Avoid US Wrath
  Best Course for Iranian Nuclear Talks: Take It Slow, Say Experts
  Iran Retrieves Operations Data From Downed US Drone
FOIA Docs: US Cities Plan Spy Drone Fleets
US Cheers Yemen's Crackdown in Abyan
Monitors Bring Lull to Contested Syria Cities
US Navy Looks to Escalate Presence in Pacific
Surveillance-State Evils  by Glenn Greenwald
Time to Get US Nukes Out of Europe  by Stephen M. Walt
Punishing Muslims for Free Speech Only Helps Al-Qaeda  by Sahar Aziz
A Dangerous Mind?  by Andrew F. March
Stupid and Mean and Brutal  by Uri Avnery
No Real Justice in Guantanamo  by Reed Brody

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Protesters March Against NATO Plans in Russian City
Pentagon Wants Spy Troops Posing as Businessmen
Veteran Alters Afghanistan Discussion on CNN
Shift on Executive Power Lets Obama Bypass Rivals
UN to Investigate Plight of US Native Americans
Sudan, South Sudan Swap Accusations of Attacks
Sudans Put China in a Policy Bind
Muslim Mob Burns Catholic Church in Sudan Capital
Satellite Tracks Sudan Oil Damage
Four Togo Peacekeepers Wounded in Darfur
5 Suspected Sect Members Killed in Nigeria Blast
Opiates Killed 8 Americans in Afghanistan, Army Records Show
NATO to Use Russian Route for Supplies
Pakistani Charity Head Seeks Protection From Bounty Hunters
NWA Tense as Militants Kill Two Captives
Sri Lanka/India
Indian MPs Press Sri Lanka to Share Power
Sri Lanka Rejects Call to Withdraw Army From North
Sri Lanka Government Orders Removal of Dambulla Mosque
Myanmar Awaits EU Sanction Easing; Suu Kyi Delays Debut
Myanmar's NLD Not to Attend Re-Opening of Parliament
Vietnam Hosts Naval Exchange With US Navy
China, Russia Hold First Naval Exercises
China, Amid Uncertainty at Home and in Europe, Looks to Germany
Clashes in Bangladesh Over Missing Opposition Head
Fifteen Killed in Northern Mexican Bar Shootout
Florida's Trading Partners Warn of Backlash if Gov. Scott Signs New Anti-Cuba Legislation
Fears of Extremism Taking Hold in Syria as Violence Continues
Activists: Syrian Troops Attack Damascus Suburb
UN to Stay in Syria's Homs After Resident Plea
Kofi Annan Says UN Syria Vote Is 'Pivotal Moment'
Netanyahu Forms Panel to Okay West Bank Outposts
Israel Doesn't Find Anything in Captured Spanish Ship
UN Says Israel Destroys Palestinian Bedouin Homes
Israeli Court Orders Settlers Out of Hebron House
Egypt's Mussa Warns Over Presidential 'Experiment'
Doubts Grow Over Military Rulers' Agenda
Middle East
Yemen Says 18 al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Clashes With Army
Lebanon: Seven Injured in Tyre Restaurant Blast
In Uprooting of Kurds, Iraq Tests a Fragile National Unity
Iran Claims Captured US Drone Was Used to Spy on Osama bin Laden Before He Was Killed
The War at Home
Administration Torn on Secret Service Scandal Response
Axelrod: Americans Don't Mind Panetta's Massive Travel Budget
Nine Months After Debut, C-27J Transport Plane on Chopping Block
Commercial Satellite Firms May Gain From Military Piggyback Plan
Army Investigating Medal Awarded to Soldier Who Shot, Killed Fellow Soldier
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