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Updated April 26, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Syria: Massive Explosion in Hama Kills 70
Obama Approves Broader Yemen Drone Campaign
Afghan Soldier Kills US Soldier
  NATO Claims of 'Afghan-Led' Missions Are Nonsense
  Soldiers Promised Massacre, Including Children, Days Before Rampage
France: UN Should Prepare to Attack Syria
Judge Won't Dismiss Charges Against Manning
Is Azerbaijan Israel's Gateway to Iran?
Foreign Oil Corporations Vie for Libyan Oil
Iraq's Kurds, Sunnis Complain Over Lack of Power Sharing
Citizens Resist King Obama  by Nat Hentoff
Why I Refused to Return to Fight in Afghanistan's Brutal Occupation  by Joe Glenton
Israel's Strategy to Seize Jerusalem on Display for All to See  by Joseph Dana
Drone, Drone, Everywhere a Drone  by Kelley Vlahos
Nullify the NDAA  by Dr. Brian Phillips
History and Politics Are Never a 'High Court' Matter  by Mick Hume

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Pentagon Suspends Class for 'Inflammatory' Teaching on Islam

War Zone or Tourist Trap? Mulling the Korean DMZ

US Needs Top-Level Approval to Launch Cyberattacks

Brazil Wants to 'Strengthen Ties' With Arab World

Russia Says Iran, West Interested in Nuclear Offer

NATO Says 2 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan Attacks, 2 Others Die of Non-Battle Injuries

Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile

Pakistan PM Faces Contempt Verdict

United States

Georgia County Jail to Open Special Unit for Veterans

TSA Screeners Charged in LA Drug Trafficking Probe

Pentagon Official Signals Possible Army Layoffs

Marines Discharge Sergeant for Facebook Posts


NATO Reinforcements Begin Arriving in Tense Kosovo

20 Years After War Began, Bosnia Grows More Divided

Ukraine Denies Tymoshenko Beaten Up in Prison

Middle East-North Africa
Syria Running Out of Cash as Sanctions Take Toll, but Assad Avoids Economic Pain

Jordan Begins Libya Police Training Program

Jordanian Authorities 'Suppressing Free Speech'

Bomb Attack Injures Bahrain Policemen

Islamist UAE Sheikh Held Without Charge: Son


South Sudan Frees Prisoners; Clashes Abate

AU Gives Sudan, South Three Months to Sign Deal

Nigeria Double Attack in Plateau State

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Proliferation Intelligence or Proliferation of Intelligence?

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How Think Tanks Think

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Between Hope and Despair

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Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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