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Updated May 13, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Top Afghan Peace Negotiator Shot Dead
  Afghan Soldiers Kill 2 More NATO Soldiers
  US Commander in Talks With Pak Army Chief to Reopen Supply Routes
Yemen: US Drones Kill 11 Suspected Militants
  Pentagon Issues Drone War Talking Points
20 Killed as Iraq Bombers Stage Several Attacks
  US Furious Over Iraq's Release of Suspect
  Iraq's Kurds Deny Hosting Mossad
Second Anti-Islam Military Curriculum Surfaces
  Air Force Threatens Whistleblower Pilots
Syria Accuses US, Allies of Aiding 'Terrorists'
China Denies Preparations for War in Philippines Dispute
MI5 Feared British Police Attended Terrorist Camps
Israel's New Majority May Mean Crackdown on Dissent
War With Iran Would Be Madness  by Sheldon Richman
We're Fighting in a War We Lost Before the War Began  by Phyllis Bennis
What if Kobe Bryant Were an Imprisoned Palestinian Soccer Player?  by Dave Zirin
Operetta in 5 Acts  by Uri Avnery
War Powers Reconsidered  by Paul R. Pillar
A Nuclear Clash Could Starve the World  by Jayantha Dhanapala & Ira Helfand

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Minnesota Police Under Fire Over Claims They Got Occupy Protesters High
Court Rules That Google-NSA Spy Ties Can Remain Secret
Around World, Obama's Presidency a Disappointment
FBI Surreptitiously Returns Seized Server
Yemen Underwear Plot
Underwear Bomb Plot: British and US Intelligence Rattled Over Leaks
Al-Qaeda Will Expose Double Agent's Identity, Security Chiefs Fear
Al-Qaeda Leaders Believed That British Double Agent in Underwear Bomb Plot Was From Radical Islamic Family
Video in Name of Militant Group Claims Syria Bombings, Says Were Response to Regime Attacks
Syria Violence Kills 15 as UN Mission Grows
Freed Turkish Journalists on Way Home
UNRWA Says 26,000 Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
UN Observers Pelted With Stones Near Damascus Amid Unabated Violence Elsewhere
Egypt Tries to Broker End to Palestinian Hunger Strike
Palestinian Prisoners to Continue Hunger Strike
Netanyahu Envoy to Deliver Letter Urging Peace Talk Renewal to Palestinian Authority's Abbas
Palestinian FM: Israel's New Unity Government Won't Aid Peace Process
Abbas Says Israel Is Hindering West Bank Security
Nano Drones, Ethical Algorithms: Inside Israel's Secret Plan for Its Future Air Force
Man Arrested in Shooting in West Bank
2 Injured in Shooting at Protest in Northern Lebanon: Report
Hariri Says Response to Nasrallah Will Come at the Ballot Box
Building Libya's New Media 'From a Void'
Libya Minister Warns Italy on Clandestine Immigration
Middle East
Ahmadinejad Slams Neighbors for Buying US Arms
Coptic Christians Fear Rise of Islamists on Eve of Presidential Elections
In Iraq, Car Perk Overrides Promises to Public
Saudi King Dismisses Conservative Adviser
EU Observers: Algeria Vote a Step Towards Reform
London Wary of Rooftop Missiles Plan During Olympics
Sonic Device Deployed in London During Olympics
Two Cheltenham Men Quizzed Over Terror Offences
Royal Navy 'Top Gun' Pilots Train to Fly US Fighters
Serb Nationalists Call for Protests Over Vote
Germany Grappling With Violence at Islamist Demonstrations
Putin's First Week Sees Wave of Challenges
Tymoshenko's Daughter Champions Her Mother
The War at Home
Chicago Police Bulk Up With $1m in Riot Gear for 'Peaceful' NATO Summit Protests
More Americans Worried About Cybarmegeddon Than Terrorism, Study Finds
Weekend Reviews
Long Time Passing: Mothers Speak About War & Terror
What Are You Afraid of if You Have Nothing to Hide?
The Right's False Prophet
An Enduring Condition: On War Time
The Islamists Are Coming
Palliative to Global Hysteria
Case of Chen Guangcheng, Blind Legal Activist, Raises Question of Who Really Runs China
Dalai Lama Reveals Warning of Chinese Plot to Kill Him
Kerry Warns Pakistan to Be More Cooperative
Charting the Afghan Course: Chicago Invite to Take NATO Supply Route
Rohrbacher Bill: 'US to Cut $50m From Pak Aid for Each American Killed by ISI-Backed Terrorists'
Musharraf Held Responsible for May 12, 2007 Massacre
One Killed as Police Vans Bombed in Peshawar
Constable Gunned Down in Quetta
MQM Activist Among Three Shot Dead in Karachi
Pakistani Students Win International Award for Film on Drones
Gen. Allen Hastily Transforming US Mission in Afghanistan
2 NATO Troops Die in Afghanistan, 1 in Bomb Blast; 4 Police Killed by Roadside Bomb
82nd Airborne General Sinclair Removed From Job in Afghanistan in Criminal Probe
Spy Balloons Become Part of the Afghanistan Landscape, Stirring Unease
Tajikistan Looks to Russia for Lease, Security
India to Buy 145 Howitzers From US BAE Systems for $560 Million
American Family Believes Missing Son Held in North Korea
Sudan Say It's Ready to Hold Talks With South Sudan Just Days After Alleged Bombardment
South Sudanese Refugees Begin Journey to Juba
DR Congo
Clashes Resume in Congo's East
Ranger, 2 Soldiers Killed in Congo Gorilla Park
Senior Boko Haram Commander Caught: Nigeria Police
Liberian Warlord 'Would Not Be Safe' in UK Prison
Widow of 7/7 Suicide Bomber Germaine Lindsay 'Financed Kenya Tourist Terror Attack'
Briton Imprisoned for Reporting African Massacre: 'How Can This Have Happened to Our Son?' Ask Family
Tiny Guinea-Bissau Has Big Role in Drug Smuggling, and Seems Likely to Keep It
Armed Men Open Fire on Mexican Newspaper Office in Border City of Nuevo Laredo
Doubts and Suspicion Haunt Victims' Relatives in Mexico
Investigation Into Claims of Plot Hidden in Crossword Puzzle Ridiculed by Critics in Venezuela
Americans Still Dying
West Chester (OH) Marine Killed by Afghan Soldier
NC Soldier Killed by IED Leaves Behind Wife, Two Children
Soldier From Alameda (CA) Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Charlotte (NC) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Dedicated to US and Haiti
University Remembers Navy Lieutenant (NY) Killed by Afghan IED
Family, Friends Mourn Yuba City (CA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
West Point Grad From Stow (OH) Killed in Afghan Attack
Spencerport (NY) Army Nurse With Ties to Michigan Is Remembered by Family
Soldier (CA) Killed in Afghan Rollover Leaves Behind 2 Wives, 3 Sons
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