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Updated May 16, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Court Defies Obama: No NDAA Detention
  US to Keep F-22s 'Close to Airfields' as Safety Woes Continue
Obama Order Targets Challengers of Yemen Govt
  US Drone Strikes in Yemen Kill Up to 12 Civilians
Report: Pakistan 'Green Lights' Border Reopening
  Gen. Allen Expected to Leave Afghanistan Next Year
Iraq Still Operating Torture Prison 'Camp Honor'
  As VP Trial Opens, 20 Iraqis Are Killed in Attacks

US Funds Arms in Syria as Rebels Spurn Peace Deal

  Battles in Northern Syria: Rebels Capture UN Monitors
EU Attacks Coastal Somali Village
Palestinians Announce General Strike for Nakba Day

US Arms Sale Sends Wrong Signal to Bahrain, Groups Say

The Informed Majority Would Cut Military Spending  by Roger McShane
Mitt Romney: The Foreign Policy of Know-Nothingism  by Doug Bandow
The Unanswered Questions About America's Escalating Fight in Yemen  by Micah Zenko
Prelude to a War  by John Glaser
Hail to the Cheerleader in Chief!  by William J. Astore and Tom Engelhardt
Is Israel Flirting With Iranian Terrorists?  by Trita Parsi

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First NATO Protest Targets Obama

NATO Invites Pakistan to Chicago Summit

Collateral Damage: Victims of NATO's Wars

Nearly $2M in US Guns, Combat Gear Sold to American Gangs

Panel Calls for Steep Cuts in US Nukes

House Panel Wants $5.3B More for Weapons


Many Will Profit if Pakistan Reopens NATO Supply Routes

Afghan Torture Claim Detainee Seeks Review in UK

A US Soldier ... and the Afghan Soldier Who Killed Him

Controversial Taliban Poetry Anthology to Be Published

Grenade Attack Injures Three in Peshawar


Rand Corp Warns Against Israeli, American Strike on Iran

Man Executed for Attack on Iranian Nuclear Scientist

India Will Cut Its Oil Imports From Iran by 11 Percent

United States

Army Opens Jobs in Combat Battalions to Women

Soldiers Fail to Seek PTSD Treatment or Drop Out of Therapy Early, Research Finds

Where the Wounded Are

US Officials Sought to Testify in Gitmo 9/11 Trial

New Law Clears the Way for Airports to Drop TSA Screeners


Bogota Hit by Fatal Bomb Attack

How the Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill Quietly Died

Middle East

US Commander: Jordan War Drill No Threat to Syria

Army Deploys in North Lebanon After Deadly Clashes

Syria's Sectarian Splits Creep Into Lebanon

Syrian Rebels Get Influx of Arms With Gulf Neighbors' Money, US Coordination
President Obama Executive Order Will Give Treasury Authority to Freeze US-Based Assets in Yemen

Clashes Intensify in Yemeni Army Offensive on Militant-Held Cities


Nakba Day: Returning to Lebanon's Border

Israel Is Building Up Its Military Might on the Sea

EU Issues Second Document Blasting Israel

Court Rules Judaism, Not Place of Birth, Is Grounds for Israeli Citizenship
US Court Orders Syria to Pay $330 Million to Family Over 2006 Tel Aviv Bombing

Gunmen Attack Night Club in Kenya

Blast at Kenya Refugee Camp Kills Police Officer


World War II Bomb Found in German Downtown

Britain to Spend Less on Military Hardware

White House: Obama Won't Attend Fall Summit in Russia, Denies Link to Putin Cancellation
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Stick a Fork in al-Qaeda

Nebojsa Malic
Tyranny of Good Intentions

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Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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