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Updated May 23, 2012 - 11:18 PM EDT
NATO 'Pullout' Won't Pull Troops From Afghanistan
  'Warrant' Requirement for US Soldiers in Afghanistan Largely Symbolic
US Officials: IAEA-Iran Deal Won't Interrupt Sanctions
  Iran, UN OK Nuclear Deal; Israel Calls It 'Deception'
  Banned Iranian Terror Group Lobbies for Legitimacy on Capitol Hill
N. Korea to 'Boost Nuclear Deterrent' After US Threats
China Accuses Pentagon of Hyping Military Threat
Sudan Suggests Israeli Involvement in Car Blast
US-Backed Ethiopia Vows 'Onslaught' in S. Somalia
UN Monitors Dispute Syrian Rebel Claims of Police Killings
14 Iraqis Killed, Bloc Asked to Pick New PM
NATO Talks a Sham: War in Afghanistan Is Not Ending  by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
How Much Does Washington Spend on 'Defense'?  by Chris Hellman, Mattea Kramer, & Tom Engelhardt
Why Israeli Settlers Shot an Unarmed Palestinian  by Robert Wright
Drones Threaten Americans' Privacy  by Gene Healy
Too Few Military Threats?  by Trita Parsi
Seepage and Suffering: Obama's Civil War Scenario for Afghanistan  by Chris Floyd

More Viewpoints

Pentagon Planners Ordered to Keep Potential Budget Cuts From Congress

US Senators Cut Funds for Iraq Police Training Program

Air Force One: $179,750 Per Hour to Operate

Disabled Veterans in Texas Fleeced by VA-Appointed Money Managers

NATO Summit: Obama's Pakistan Gamble Falls Flat

NATO Airstrike: Turkey Backs Pakistan's Demand for US Apology

Ten Pakistan Protesters Killed by Gunmen in Karachi

United States

NJ Man Accused of Obama Threat Can Get Guns Back

US Airways Flight Diverted After Passenger Claims to Have Device Surgically Implanted Inside Her
Senate Dems Back Increase in Air Travel Fee to Close Funding Shortfall at TSA

Iran Recalls Its Ambassador From Azerbaijan


Hunt for Trafficker Terrorizes Honduran Villagers

Middle East-North Africa

Tunisia Ready to Extradite Former Gadhafi PM to Libya

Yemen on Brink of Food Crisis, Say Aid Groups

Qaeda Ally Says Yemen Bomb Was Payback for Attacks

UN Convoy Comes Under Fire in Syria's Homs, No Casualties

Egypt's Historic Presidential Vote Brings Excitement and Frustration

Egypt's Election Fever Comes to Garbage City

Egyptian Policemen Sentenced to 10 Years for Killing Protesters During Uprising

The Two Faces of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood


Mali Coup Leader Condemns Beating of President

Guinea-Bissau Army to Return to Barracks

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House Passes Stealth Legislation

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Stick a Fork in al-Qaeda

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Is Iran a Threat?

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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