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Updated June 4, 2012 - 11:11 PM EDT
Syria Fighting Kills 89, Including 57 Troops
  Clinton: Russia Must Embrace Regime Change in Syria
Israel Deploys Nukes on German-Built Subs
  US in 'Long Cyberwar' With Iran
Lebanese Army Deploys in Tripoli After 15 Killed
US Drones Kill 33 in Past 24 Hours in Pakistan

Bomb Hits Shi'ite Site in Baghdad, 26 Killed

  Iraq: Split Over Maliki Hinges on Religious Divide
Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning
Congress Looks to Bypass Promised Pentagon Cuts
Yemen: 21 More Militants Killed as Offensive Continues
Sudan Army Says 45 Rebels Killed in Darfur Clashes
Yes, Virginia, We Can Do Something About the Drone Strikes  by Robert Naiman
Obama's Iran Charade  by Gary Kamiya
The Legend of the Spat-Upon Veteran  by David Sirota
Hope Burning  by Robert Scheer
US Should Stop Obsessing About North Korea  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Syria Intervention Isn't a Slam Dunk  by Walter Pincus

More Viewpoints

Panetta: Access to Pacific Harbors Key to US Strategy
Report: Obama Was 'Obsessed' With Killing Awlaki
Al-Qaeda Leader Recalls bin Laden's 'Generosity'
Documentary Unveils Rape in US Military With Testimonials
UK: Cyber Strikes a Civilized Option
US-Pakistan Freeze Chokes Fallback Route in Afghanistan
China Steps Up Afghan Role as West Pulling Out
Bank Case Gets Tribunal at Behest of Karzai, Who Also Acts on Afghan Rape Charge
Intrigue in Karzai Family as an Afghan Era Closes
Did Kabul Gunbattle Change Afghans' View of Their Army?
Putin Visits China to Tighten Key Alliance
China Cracks Down on Tiananmen Anniversary
US Calls on Beijing to Release Tiananmen Prisoners
Panetta Wants More US Access to Vietnam Harbor
Singapore Will Now Host 4 US Navy Littoral Combat Ships
Mongolia Ex-Leader Nambar Enkhbayar Condemns Trial
PKK Claims Killing Five Soldiers in Turkey
Kurdish Rebels Kidnap British National in Turkey: Governor
Libya's Highest Court Hears Appeal on Speech Law

Libya's Media Fights for Freedom

Suicide Car Bomber Kills 15 in Nigeria Church
In Timbuktu, Harsh Change Under Islamists
In Germany, a Firing Range Too Close for Comfort
Protests Sweep Egypt at Mubarak Verdicts
Shafiq Condemns Presidential Rival Mursi
Troops, Rebels Clash Near Damascus, Aleppo: NGO
Assad Blames Unrest on Foreign Plot in TV Speech
Arab League Vows UN Action Against Syria
Putin Hosts EU Chiefs for Talks on Syria
Palestinians Threaten to Relaunch Prisoner Hunger Strike
Israel Media Worried Over Looming Indictment of Reporter
Arab League Pledges 'Safety Net' if Israel Blocks Tax Fund Transfers to Palestinians
Gaza Angry as Qatari Fuel Delivery Delayed Again
Israel to Jail Illegal Migrants for Up to 3 Years
Shi'ite Cleric's Orders Could Halt Iraq PM No-Confidence Vote
Civilian Killed, 8 Wounded in Two Explosions in Baghdad
Khamenei: West Talks of Nuclear Iran to Hide Own Problems
Iran Funds Action Movie Glorifying Hezbollah
Middle East
6 Jihadists, Soldier Killed in Southern Yemen
Bahrain to Seek Ban of Opposition Party
Lebanese Town Tense After Killing of Imam
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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Stick a Fork in al-Qaeda

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Is Iran a Threat?

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