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Updated June 8, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Panetta: US at Limit of Its Patience With Pakistan
  UN Rights Chief Seeks Probe of US Drone War in Pakistan
  19 Government Employees Killed in Pakistan Bus Bombing
  16 Killed in Balochistan Religious School Bombing
NATO Apologizes for Deaths in Afghan Airstrike
  Karzai Leaves China Meeting After NATO Strike Kills 18 Civilians
  Several Taliban Among 14 Freed in Afghan Jailbreak
Clinton Inflates Terror Threat, Contradicting Data
  GOP Accuses Obama of Leaking Covert Acts to Appear Tough
Russia Vows to Block UN on Syria Intervention
  Russia: Yemen-Style Transition OK in Syria If Backed by People
  In Northern Syria, Rebels Now Control Many Towns and Villages
US Troops Killing Themselves at Fastest Pace
Remembering USS Liberty at 'Sad Little Gathering'
Iran-EU Disagreement Could Delay Moscow Talks
50 Killed as Yemen's Abyan Offensive Continues
In Constitutional Republics, Presidents Don't Have 'Kill Lists'  by Doug Bandow
Probing Obama's Secrecy Games  by Glenn Greenwald
The Pentagon Seeks to Regain the Initiative in South America  by Raúl Zibechi
Obama Codifies the Power of Indefinite Detention  by Sheldon Richman
Out to the Wall  by Kathy Kelly
First 'Targeted Killing,' Then Targeted Propaganda  by Jameel Jaffer & Nathan Wessler

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Report: Philippine Govt Gives OK for US to Use Old Bases
US Officials Testify in Manning Hearing
Russia and China: A NATO of the East?
Think-Tank: Attacking Iran Likely Counter-Productive
CIA 'Revives Attacks on Rescuers' in Pakistan
Panetta Visits Afghanistan Amid Mounting Violence
Dogs Outdone by Electronic Sensors in Afghanistan
Afghan Parliament Seeks Party's Ban
China Sees Role for Regional Bloc in Afghanistan
Emails to Family Suggest US POW in Afghanistan Was Disillusioned, Deserted His Post
Report: Pakistan Hindering Efforts to Curb Afghan Taliban IEDs
Pakistan May Be Set to Follow India in Embracing Israeli Tech
South Korea Military Accuses North of Stealing Secrets
New Account of Bo Xilai Meeting With Wang Lijun
Thai Street Protests Return
Mubarak Examined by Doctors After Breakdown, Egypt News Agency Reports
Egyptian Judge Speaks Against Islamist Victory Before Presidential Runoff
No Final Decision on Boko Haram Yet, Says US
In Mali, an Islamist Extremist Haven Takes Shape
Ivory Coast: Ex-President Gbagbo Ally Kouassi Arrested
British Army
UK: Army to Lose Whole Units Under Cuts, Says Philip Hammond
UK Military to Rely More on Reservists
US Puts Financial Sanctions on Family of Mexico's Most-Wanted Man
The War at Home
Jews Face Special Risks, Says US Homeland Security Secretary
Sen. Cornyn Doesn't Trust White House to 'Investigate Itself' Over Leaks
Vacuum Cleaner May Have Caused $400 Million Fire on Nuclear Sub
UN Watchdog to Press Iran for Access in Atom Probe
More US Waivers to Iran Sanctions Likely Next Week
Senior Iranian Exile to US Jews: Target Regime Change Rather Than Nuclear Program
Shanghai Cooperation Organization Opposes Use of Force Against Iran
Israeli Soldiers Use Palestinians to Train Army Dogs, Activist Says
Was Israel's UFO a Russian Ballistic Missile?
Jerusalem Ultra-Orthodox Attack Arabs During Protest
'Jewish State Exports Murder,' Says Right-Wing MP
Gaza Power Station Shuts Down After Sinai Militants Attack Fuel Convoy
Israel Bars Disabled Palestinian Athlete From Joining Teammates at Pre-Olympics Celebration
UN Official: Ban Said UN Patrols in Syria Are Being Deliberately Targeted With Heavy Weapons
Annan Presses World to Unite to Save Syria Peace Process
Clinton: US Willing to Work With Russia for Orderly Assad Ouster
Iran Forces Cross Into Iraq, Kill Kurdish Civilian
Iraq Executes Saddam's Chief Guard
Gang Members Jailed for Stealing Tractors Destined for Iraq
Conflicting News on Number of Shi'ite Endowment Attack Casualties
Qatar Airways Starts Flights to Baghdad
Signs of Hope in a Former Baghdad Killing Field
Cracks Show in Turkey's Once Dominant Military
Turkey: Kurdish Mayors Arrested on PKK Affiliation Charges
90 Kurdish Medical Students Detained on KCK Charges
Middle East
Obstacles Mar Quest for Arab Dictators' Assets
Bahrain Denies Police Torture Is 'Government Policy'
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