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Updated June 9, 2012 - 11:23 PM EDT
Obama to Further Escalate Pakistan Drone Strikes
  21 Government Employees Killed in Pakistan Bus Bombing
  CIA's Phony Vaccination Program a Thorn in Aid Workers' Side
Karzai: Deadly Airstrike Violated Pact With US
  In About-Face, NATO Apologizes for Deaths in Afghan Airstrike
  Veiled Suicide Bomber Kills Four French Soldiers in Afghanistan
  Several Taliban Among 14 Freed in Afghan Jailbreak
State Dept in Panic Over WikiLeaks Cables
  WikiLeaks Suspect Loses Bid to Drop Charges
No Bodies, But Syrian Villagers Say Massacre
  London-Based Opposition Group Says Syria Army Kills 26 Civilians
  British Journalist: Syrian Rebels Set Me Up to Die in Shooting
  West Scorns UN Call to Work With Iran on Syria Crisis
Parchin Changes Suggest Iranian Bargaining Ploy
Aide Vows Romney Will Be a Super-Hawk
Flame-Style Cyberweapons a 'Very, Very Bad Idea'
Formerly-Allied Rebels Clash in Northern Mali's Kidal
7 UN Troops, 8 Civilians Killed in Ivory Coast Ambush
Jason Ditz vs. Richard Perle Debate Drones in Pakistan  BBC Radio
Media, Drones, and Rank Propaganda  by Glenn Greenwald
Cyberweapons: Bold Steps in a Digital Darkness?  by R. Scott Kemp
Bringing the Battlefield to the Border  by Todd Miller & Tom Engelhardt
Why Obama Will Free Jonathan Pollard  by Grant Smith
Preparing for a Post-Imperial Future  by Daniel McCarthy

More Viewpoints

White Phosphorus: The New Napalm?
Pentagon Stops Helping Militarize Police for Now, Demands Papers, Please
Holder Names US Attorneys to Lead Leak Investigations
3,000 US Soldiers to Serve in Africa Next Year
Flame Malware Makers Send 'Suicide' Code
UN Chief: Syria 'On the Edge of Civil War'
NGO: Deadly Blast Rocks Damascus as 10 Die in Syria
Syrian Troops Bomb Rebel-Held Neighborhood in Homs
Sadr Says His Followers Not Fighting in Syria
Nuclear Watchdog: Talks With Iran on Nuclear Access Have Stalled
China's Hu Jintao Urges Iran to Be 'Flexible' on Nuclear Issue
Amnesty Calls on Iraq to Halt Executions; 12 Killed in Attacks
Leaked Racy E-Mails Cloud Nomination for US Iraq Envoy
White House Defends Nominee for Iraq Ambassador
Politics Loom Large in Trial of Iraq VP, First Major Case Dealing With Sectarian Killings
AFP Explains Why It Shut Down Iraq Wheat Investigation
'Ace of Diamonds' Executed in Iraq
Sticky Bomb Wounds 3 Civilians in Ramadi
Egypt Parties End Deadlock Over Constitutional Panel
Egypt's On-Air Warning: Don't Talk to Foreigners – They're All Spies
Hundreds Demand Shafiq Ban From Egypt Election
Mob Attacks Women at Egypt Anti-Sex Assault Rally
Palestinian Leader Says He'll Seek Non-Member State Status at UN Unless Israel Talks Resume
Abbas Offers Dialogue if Prisoners Freed
Middle East
Bahrain Police Battle Biggest Protests in Weeks
Radical Islamists Threaten Libya Elections
Syrian Kidnapped in East Lebanon
Tunisian Spokesman Calls on Preachers to Stop Pushing Jihad in Syria Among the Youth
The War at Home
DoD Freezes Conferences, Associated Travel
Biden's Air Force Two Use for Commutes, Golf Costs More Than $1m Yearly
Muslim Claims Bias at US Religious Panel
Army Testing Traumatic Brain Injury Blood Test
Ex-Defense Chief Rumsfeld to Face Off With Military Brass Over Law of the Sea
USS Liberty Attack Anniversary
USS Liberty Memorial Site
USS Liberty Veterans Association
An Evidentiary Study of the USS Liberty Attack
USS Liberty Incident at WikiSpooks
Unexploded Munitions a Dangerous Legacy of War in Afghanistan
China Signals Interest in Afghanistan and Taliban Relationship With Uighurs
2 Ft Bragg Officers Killed in Afghan Helo Crash
Afghan Rug Gets German Aid Minister Ragged
US and Pakistan in High-Stakes Haggle
US Gear to Fight IEDs Wasted in Pakistan
Anonymous Takes on India's Internet Censorship
Suspected Indian Terrorist Strangled in Jail
China & Her Neighbors
Chinese Firms Breaking UN Embargo on North Korea
Divisions Stalk China-Russia Unity
Blind Chinese Activist's Brother Says Officials Destroyed Abuse Evidence
Watchers Gone, but Fear Lingers in Chen's Hometown
US, Philippine Leaders Hail Growing Alliance in Shadow of China
On the Frontline With Kachin Rebels
Hospital Official: 6 Killed in North Nigeria Blast
Zimbabwe's President Tells ANC to Stop Human Rights, Torture Probe Ordered by S. African Court
Malawi Not to Host Summit After Row Over Sudan Leader
Ex-Malawi Leader's Family Snub Inquiry Into His Death
Russia's Putin Signs Tough Anti-Protest Law
Venezuela Court Decisions Shake Up 2 Small Parties
Mexico Announces Program to Protect Witnesses With New Identities
Brazil Grants Asylum to Bolivia Senator Who Accuses His Government of Persecution
Citing Churchill, Argentine Minister Invites British Diplomat to Buenos Aires Falklands Chat
Grenada Trying to Find Remains of Slain Marxist PM
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