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Updated June 13, 2012 - 11:17 PM EDT
Wave of Bombings in Iraq Kills 83

US Drone Strike Kills Nine in Yemen

  UN: Sanctions on Any Who 'Disrupt' Yemeni Govt.
  Yemeni Military Claims Victory in Abyan
UN Says Syria in Civil War; Rebels Get Foreign Arms
  US: Russia Sending Syria Attack Helicopters
Karzai: Stop All US Airstrikes on Civilian Homes
  US: Pakistan Must 'Bite the Bullet' on Supply Route to Ease Tensions
Al-Qaeda Website Posts Video of 'Dead' al-Libi
China Is Secondary Target of Sanctions on Iran
Iranian View on Nuclear Standoff Colored by Past US Actions  by Walter Pincus
Game of Drones  by Gene Healy
Inside a Foundation for Defense of Democracies–Sponsored Junket to Israel  by John Walbridge
Revolt in the Ranks  by Chris Bray
The Ultimate No-Fly List  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Obama Normalizes Extrajudicial Murder  by Michael Boyle

More Viewpoints

Justices Reject Gitmo Detainees' Appeal

Lawmakers, Army Whistleblower Unite in Effort to End War

WSJ Reporter Resigns After Admitting Affair With US Official in Iraq

Manning to Backers: 'Very Grateful' for Support

Iran Plans to Build Nuclear-Powered Submarines


Taliban Blamed in Bombing of Bus in Afghanistan, 5 Dead

Afghan Photojournalists Shoot to Glory

Afghans Fear 80 Dead After Quake Triggers Landslide

Ex-Envoy Husain Haqqani Was Behind Memo Seeking US Help, Pakistani Probe Finds

Embattled Iraqi PM Holding on to Power for Now

Call to Compensate Iraq for Israeli Bombing of Nuclear Reactor

Iraq and Iran Cuddle Up in OPEC, but for How Long?

Israeli Soldier Suspended for Suspected Use of Live Fire on Palestinian Protesters

Israel Plans to Move West Bank Bedouin

Out of Israel, Back to Africa

Israel 'To Evacuate Tel Aviv' in Event of Missile Attack


India, Pakistan Fail to Make Breakthrough on Siachen

Gun Ring Involving US Soldier Is Broken Up, Chinese Officials Say

Manila Police Block Protesters Near US Embassy

Millions of North Korean Children Don't Get Essential Food, Health Care, UN Report Says
Middle East-North Africa
In Joint Appearance With Peres in Washington, Clinton Condemns Syria

UN Observers in Syria Attacked by Crowds, Shot At

UN Adds Syria to List of Countries Killing Children

Iran Says There Is No Military Solution to Syria Crisis

UN Claims Syrian Army Uses Children as 'Human Shields'

Tunisian Police Fire Shots to Disperse Extremists

Lawyer Says Mubarak Fears Prison Doctors Want to Kill Him

Egypt Forms Constitutional Body After Lengthy Battle

Egypt Christians Rally Behind Rival of Islamists

Tribal Fighting Erupts South of Libyan Capital


Ivory Coast Says It Has Uncovered Coup Plot

Police Fire Tear Gas as 20,000 Opposition Protesters Gather in West African Nation of Togo

Falkland Islands to Hold Referendum on Sovereignty

United States
Afghan Heroin Trafficker With Ties to Taliban Sentenced to Life in US Prison
Sen. Levin: Defense Dept. Could Cut Budget Now to Avoid Severe Reductions Next Year
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