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Updated June 22, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT
UN Official: Drone Strikes May Be 'War Crimes'
  Govt Lawyers: Drone Strikes Must Remain Classified
Egypt Govt Sources: Shafiq To Be Named Winner
  No Results in Sight, Egyptians Wait and Protest
Syria Rebels Accused of Massacring 25 Villagers
  Turkish Warplane Shot Down Near Syrian Border
  CIA Funneling Arms to Syrian Rebels Via Turkey
  House Bill Would Prohibit Any Intervention in Syria
  Tunisian Youth Head to Syria to Fight in Civil War
Iran: 'Massive Cyber Attack' After Failed Talks
  Clinton: Iran Wants to Be Attacked
US Sends Floating Naval Base Through the Suez
Taliban Hostage Siege at Hotel Leaves 23 Dead
US Denies Role in Legal Wrangle Over Assange
HRW: US Blocking UN Report on Congo Rebels
Obama Asserts Presidential Powers He Once Denounced
What You Can Do to Stop a War With Iran  by Stephen M. Walt
Israel Lobby Creates Anti-Iran Astroturf Group  by Richard Silverstein
White House Strategy for Africa Revealed: Intensified Militarization and War on Terror  by Glen Ford
Amnesty's Shilling for US Wars  by Ann Wright & Colleen Rowley
For Neocons, America is an Ideology  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Apple Should 'Think Different' on Iran Sanctions  by Bitta Mostofi

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US Designates Boko Haram Leaders as Terrorists
Army Court Denies Public Access to WikiLeaks File
Lawyers for Gitmo Detainee Say Canada Stonewalling
Jihadists' Twitter Presence Becomes More Sophisticated
Carney: No Cover-Up in Executive Privilege Claim
Fort Riley Soldiers Will Be First to Rotate to Africa Under New Strategy
Two-Thirds of Republicans Still Believe Iraq Had WMDs
Syria Rebels Divided, at Times Violent
Syrian Diplomat Reportedly Passing Military Intel to Israel and US
Syrian Fighter Pilot Defects to Jordan
Syria Calls Air Force Defector 'Traitor', Demands Jordan Return Fighter Jet
Some Rebels Wonder if Syrian Troops' Poor Use of Tanks, Helicopters Is Intentional
US Ambassador Taps Facebook to Drive Wedge Between Syrian Military and Assad
Red Cross to Try Homs Evacuation Again
Hamas Accepts Cease-Fire With Israel
Netanyahu: Militant Islam Will Be Defeated in Next 90 Years or So
Mofaz to Obama: Israel's Broad Coalition Will Enable Renewal of Mideast Talks
Egyptian Media Paints Brotherhood as Enemy of the State
ElBaradei: Egypt 'On the Verge of Explosion'
Human Rights Watch Blasts Egypt Military Over Power Grab
Egypt's Brotherhood Open to Meetings With Israeli Ambassador
Iraq Speaker Threatens No Confidence Vote for Prime Minister
Iraq Lawmakers Stop Work Until Blast Walls Put Back
Turkey: Experts Doubtful About Prospect of Operation Against PKK in Iraq
Sadrist Leader Denounces Closing Baghdadiya TV
France Quizzes Iraq Official on Iran Dissident 'Torture'
Bahraini Police Arrest Five Over 'Terror Attacks'
Convicted Bahraini Doctor on Hunger Strike
US Weighs Plan to Send Military Aircraft to Aid Yemen
US Provides Yemen With Additional $52 Million Aid
Afghan Police Free 18 Civilians, Hotel Siege Continues
Afghan Refugees Forced to Return Home
Afghanistan's Karzai Confronts Graft, Opponents
Faced With Arrest Warrant, Pakistan Looks for Another New PM
Five Contesting for Prime Minister Slot
PPP Selects Raja Pervaiz as PM Candidate This Time
Pakistan Court Orders Arrest of Presidential Ally in a Drug Inquiry
Bali Bomb-Maker Umar Patek Jailed for 20 Years
Indonesia Military Plane Crashes Into Houses, Kills 10
Two Tibetans Set Themselves on Fire in Qinghai
US, Japanese Defense Officials to Meet to Discuss Osprey Issues
Sweden on Alert, Explosives Found Near Nuke Plant
Prosecutors in Norway Call for Breivik Insanity Verdict
In Former East Germany, Anxious Residents Resent Paying for Europe's Problems
Tunisian Jet Attacks Arms Smugglers Near Libyan Border
Leila Ben Ali Says Tunisian Strongman Was Victim of Plot
Thousands Flee Sudanese Army's Scorched-Earth Military Campaign
Sect Claims Multiple Attacks on Nigerian City
Burundi Sentences Journalist to Life for Terrorism
South Africa Couple Freed From Somali Pirates
'I Was Shot for Defying Kagame', Says Rwanda's Ex-Army Boss
Mexican Marines Capture Son of Cartel Figure 'el Chapo'
US Military
DoD Could Renew Push to Restrict Personal Weapons
2 Airmen Remain Hospitalized After Florida Osprey Crash
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