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Updated June 27, 2012 - 11:10 PM EDT
Turkey Sends Tanks to Syrian Border
  Is Assad Sending Scuds to Hezbollah?
US Drone Strike Against North Waziristan Kills Six
Yemen: 73 Civilians Killed by Land Mines in Past Week

Egyptian Court Suspends Military Arrest Powers


Egypt Election Loser Flees Country Over Investigation

Israeli Treatment of Palestinian Kids Flouts Int'l Law

Court Gets Tough on Manning Prosecutors

Obama’s October Surprise: Largest War Games in US-Israeli History  by Richard Silverstein
Are Americans Not Submissive Enough?  by Sheldon Richman
Government Transparency Is Becoming a Joke  by Gene Healy
Is US in Iran Cyber War?  by Robert Dreyfuss
What Russia Fears in Syrian Conflict  by Joe Lauria
Iran's So-Called Intransigence  by Robert Wright

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Iran Threatens to Close Strait if New Sanctions Begin

New Measures Approved to Stem Intelligence Leaks

Drones Vulnerable to Terrorist Hijacking, Researchers Say

The Legal Calculus Behind Assange's Asylum Request

FBI Probe Targets Islamic Extremists in US Military

Supreme Court to Rule on Military Lying


Afghans Flee Shelling From Pakistan

Top NATO General to Raise Haqqani Attacks With Pakistan

Pakistan: Buddha Attacked by Taliban Gets Facelift


Iraq Backs Away From Threat to Close Down Media Outlets

Iraq Releases Body of US Contractor After Dispute


Privately, Israeli Officials Wary of Mursi Presidency in Egypt

Does Shin Bet Exploit Family to Pressure Detainees?

UK Ready to Take on Israel Over Fate of Children Clapped in Irons

Israel Starts Court-Ordered Evacuation of Homes in West Bank Settlement

Putin Croons, Visits Western Wall Before Moving on to West Bank


Africa's Islamist Militants 'Coordinate Efforts'

Pro-Govt. Forces Push Militants Out of Somali Town

Angola Refugees Trekking Home 10 Years After War

Chad's Former President Habre to Be Tried in Senegal

Rebels Seize Hostages in Central African Republic


Serbia Sentences 14 for 1991 War Crime in Croatia

WWII Airman's Remains Found in Germany, to Be Buried at Arlington


Annan and UN Seek Truce as Assad Admits 'State of War'

Turkey Threatens Military Retaliation Along Syria Border

French Support Waning for Any Action in Syria

Rebels Launch Brazen Attack on Syrian Capital

Syrian Downing of Turkish Jet Serves as Warning

Syrian Opposition Gets Supplies but Unity Is Elusive

Syria's Nonconventional Arms Could Be Up for Grabs as Crisis Rages

Russia Says Iran Should Be Part of Syria Summit

Middle East-North Africa

Why Are ICC Officials Incarcerated in Libya?

Tunisian Lawmakers Protest Libya Extradition

Tunisia Consul's Home Bombed in Libya

Kuwaitis Protest After Elected Parliament Thrown Out

Egypt's New President to Pick Woman, Christian VPs

Bahrain Charging 3 Police With Murder in Uprising Deaths, Plans Payouts to Victims' Families

British Muslims Killed Fighting in Dammaj, Yemen

South Korea 'Forced' to Suspend Iranian Oil Imports by EU

US Journalist Disappears in Mexico Drug Cartel Stronghold

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Policy and Analogy

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Stay Out of Syria

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Assange and Correa: Marriage of Convenience?

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Terrorism Arithmetic

Nebojsa Malic
The Replacement Quisling

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

Ran HaCohen
Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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