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Updated July 2, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Afghan Policeman Kills Three NATO Soldiers
  Afghanistan's Pentagon: US Spending $92 Million on Massive Building
Syrian Opposition Rejects UN Transition Plan
  Turkish Jets Scramble Over Syria Helicopters at Border
  US: Downed Turkish Warplane Hit While in Syrian Airspace
  Syrian Rebels: 800 Killed in Past Week of Violence
  Experts: Annan's New Syria Plan Unlikely to End War
Iran Braces for Economic Hardship as EU Sanctions Begin
Shin Bet Arrests Druze at Syria Border, Bans Media Reporting
US Drone Strikes Kill Eight in North Waziristan
Tribal Clashes Kill 47 in Southern Libyan City of Kufra
For Iran, Sanctions Are a Price Worth Paying to Preserve the Islamic Republic  by Hadi Kahalzadeh & John Schiemann
Stuxnet and the Bomb  by Kennette Benedict
More Drug-War Failures in Latin America  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Perpetual Peace  by Neve Gordon
The Specter of Domestic Drones  by Simone Richmond
How the Israel Lobby Erodes US Sovereignty  by Ahmed Moor

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White House Claims To Be the 'Most Transparent Ever'
Weary Voters Turn to Party of Mexico's Past
Mexico Drug War: More Families Buying Armored Cars
Okinawa Governor Rejects Plan to Deploy US Planes
US Must Arm Syria Rebels Despite Islamists: Opposition
New Syrian Peace Plan Is 'Unlikely to Stop Fighting'
Assad Would Be Excluded From Transitional Syrian Government, Says William Hague
For Russia, Syrian Ties Complicated by Marriage
Turkey Weighs Options for Dealing With Syria
Russian Specialists Involved in Syria Intercepting Turkish Jet, Sources Say
Iran to Test-Fire Long-Range Missiles in Desert War Game
Iran: We'll Introduce Missile Against Iron Dome
Iran Obtains Fresh Information on Downed US RQ-170 Drone
Iraq Government Counts Fewer Deaths in June Than May
Fueled by Oil Wealth, Malls Rise in Baghdad
New Curses for Old: Oil Pipeline, International Disputes Harm Efforts to Save Ancient Babylon
Judge of Nineveh 2nd Criminal Court Killed
Three Dead in Iraq Unrest: Officials
Soldier Killed in Ramadi
MP: Iraqiya Won't Make Concessions, Insists on Unconditional Implementation of Arbil Agreement
Middle East
Omanis Protest in Sign of Renewed Discontent
Jordan's King Urges Islamists to Contest Election
Yemeni Soldier, Qaeda Militant Killed in Clash
Sit-In by Controversial Sheikh in South Lebanon Continues
The War at Home
At 10-Year High, Troop Hospitalizations Show Mental Toll of War
Police Arrest Antiwar Protesters at New York Air Base
Military Looks for Ways to Save More Lives on Battlefield
Fort Bragg Soldier Who Shot Commander Dies
Drone Makers Urge US to Let Them Sell More Overseas
Israel Fears Hezbollah Will Blockade Sea in Future War
'PA Facing Worst Financial Crisis Yet'
Israeli Surveillance Tool Deployed to Record Protests
Israel Hands Hamas Militant 54 Life Terms
Shas Chairman: 'We Will Never Accept Personal Punishments for Ultra-Orthodox Draft-Dodgers'
Israel's PM Sends Letter to New Egyptian President Urging Continued Peace and Cooperation
Mursi Takes Egypt's Helm; Military Pledges Support
How Muslim Brotherhood Went From 7 Members to Egypt's Presidency
Militiamen, Protesters Storm Election Commission, Set Voting Slips on Fire
Libyan Tabu Tribe Threatens Election Boycott
Libyans in First Abu Salim Jail Massacre Remembrance
Mali Urges UN Action After Timbuktu Vandalism
Timbuktu Shrine Destruction a 'War Crime': ICC Prosecutor
Mali Islamists Destroy More Holy Timbuktu Sites
Islamists Vow to Smash Every Mausoleum in Timbuktu
Gunmen Kill 17 in Twin Attacks on Kenyan Churches
Sudan Blames 'Zionist-American Plot' for Unrest
Three Killed as Nigerian Police Clash With Islamists
US Tells Rwanda to Halt Support for Congo Rebels
Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Afghan Civilians
New Afghan Law Ignites Fear Over Shrinking Press Freedoms
Gen. Allen in Pakistan to Discuss NATO Supply Line
Hillary Clinton Calls PM Raja Pervaiz
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