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Updated July 8, 2012 - 11:19 PM EDT
35 Killed, Including 7 NATO Troops, in Afghanistan
  Video: US Attack Helicopter Kills Farmers While Pilot Sings
Annan Says Peace Efforts in Syria Have Failed
  At Least 18 Killed in Syrian Violence
  Syria's Fighting Spills Into Lebanon, Five Killed
Iran to Sell Oil via Private Consortium to Evade Sanctions
  Mossad Carries Out Assassinations of Iran's Scientists: Book
Libya Election Sees High Turnout, Unrest From Militias
Airstrikes Kill Yemen Civilians, Survivors Vow Revenge on US
Imran Wants to Know Identities of Drone Attacks' Victims
US: MEK Must Vacate Iraqi Base or Jeopardize Status Change
In Afghanistan, Costs and Casualties Mount  by Kelley Vlahos
On the Way to BRAC Savings, a Legion of Cost Overruns  by Walter Pincus
US in Talks to Return the 17 Afghan Prisoners in Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
CNN's Bogus Drone-Deaths Graphic  by Conor Friedersdorf
Iran Won't Crack  by Pepe Escobar
The Political Illogic of Romney Mounting a Foreign Policy Offensive  by Justin Logan

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MPs Let Rip With Gun, Insults on Jordan TV
Elite Counterdrug Units Proposed for Mexico
Students March Against Mexico's Election Result
GI's Conviction Upheld in Murder of Iraqi Detainee
Six Arrested in Terror Raid Near Olympic Site
A Visual Journey Through a Deserted Soviet Base
Drone Hijacking? That's Just the Start of GPS Troubles
Ballots Burn but Most of Benghazi Votes
Libya Unrest 'Prevents Voting in 101 Centers'
Facts About Libya's Nationwide Elections
Facts About Key Parties and Political Figures in Libya's Election
US Beefs Up Gulf Naval Force Amid Tension With Iran
Iran Says It Has Plan to Close Strait of Hormuz
US Has Reservations on Iran-Pakistan Gasline Plans
Middle East
China Rejects Clinton's Criticism of Its Support for Syria's Assad Regime
Despite Unprecedented Criticism, Egyptian Military Still a Revered Institution
2 Killed, 11 Wounded in Northern Iraq Attacks
Israeli Noncooperation Not to Affect UN Probe on Settlement Activities: Palestinian Envoy
Gaza Blast Injures Five Children
Abbas: We Will Resume UN Statehood Bid if Talks Fail
Israelis March to Demand Conscription for All
Military Draft Panel Fiasco Highlights Gulf Between Secular Jews and Ultra-Orthodox in Israel
PM Calls Likud Debate Over on Haredi Enlistment
European Right Wing Seeking Alternative to Two-State Solution
1 Killed When Clashes Between Protesters, Army Break Out at Southern Secessionist March
Yemen to Resume Maarib Oil Exports Next Week: Oil Minister
US Neutrality on Paraguay's Lugo Impeachment Draws Criticism
Cuban Leader Raul Castro Visits Communist Ally Vietnam
Americans Still Dying
Soldier (VA), Former High School Coach, Killed Three Days After Arriving in Afghanistan
Columbia (SC) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Three Daughters
Richland County (SC) Deputy Sheriff Killed in Afghanistan Laid to Rest
Preston (ID) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Firefight
Memorial Held for Indiana Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Ohio Sergeant Remembered as Hard Worker, Skilled Craftsman
Iowa Town Loses a Second Native Son
Family Says Goodbye to SC Soldier Killed by Suicide Bomber
Afghan Official Says 6 Civilians Killed by Roadside Bomb
Violent Taliban Splinter Groups Opposed to Talks Harbinger of Civil War
Clinton Faces Tough Task Winning International Aid for Afghanistan
Afghan Donors Meet, Expected to Pledge $16b in Aid
Afghanistan's Multimillion 'Highway to Nowhere'
Intelligence Official Among 12 Killed in Karachi Violence
Pakistan: Terrorists Kill Pro-Government Tribal Chief
Pakistani Party Alliance Urges Mass Participation in Anti-NATO March
Three Killed in Karachis' Surjani Town
Three Pakistan Policemen Injured in Blast
Cop Killed in Drive-By Attack on Pakistan Checkpost
Japan's Govt in Purchase Talks With Japanese Owner of Disputed Islands in East China Sea
Myanmar Students Freed After Being Held Over Anniversary
China for Peace: Leader in Waiting
Sudan and South Sudan in Verbal Peace Pledge
Sudan Speaker Among Eight Killed in Ambush
Sudan Constitution to Be '100 Percent Islamic': Bashir
DR Congo
Congo Rebels Capture Second Town in Tin Province
Congo Rebels Offer Peace Talks With Government
Clashes in Nigeria's Volatile Jos Kill 10
West African Bloc Seeks Unity Government for Mali
Charles Ble Goude, Youth Leader Accused of Inciting Hate in Ivory Coast, Speaks From Hideout
Boston College Ordered to Turn IRA Interviews Over to UK Authorities
Kosovo-Serb Handshake Sparks Fury
French President Hollande Vows New Armenia 'Genocide Law'
Germany, US: Romania Power Struggle Hurts Democracy
Weekend Reviews
Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans After the Second World War
Our Invisible War
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