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Updated July 18, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Syrian Defense Minister Killed in Suicide Blast
  Report: No Syria Intervention Until After Nov. Vote
  Israel: Syria Pulling Troops From Golan as War Escalates
Taliban Blows Up 22 NATO Trucks in Afghanistan
  Report Claims No 2012 Pakistan Civilian Drone Deaths

Israel Accuses Iran in Bulgaria Bus Bomb That Kills 6

  Clinton in Israel: Iran Concessions Are 'Non-Starters'
  Mofaz, Kadima Split: Israel's Grand Coalition Short-Lived
Inspector Gen.: US Wasted $6-8B on Iraq Projects
  Eight Iraqis Killed at Home, 23 in Syria
US to Build New Missile Defense System in Qatar
Libyan Journalists Released After Nine-Day Standoff
Grandma Still Trying to Get Off Terror List
New Spying Malware Targets Iran, Israel
President Could Seize Radio, Internet, Under New Executive Order  by Matthew Rothschild
America's Drones Are Homeward Bound  by Ann Wright
A New Military Draft Would Revive a Very Bad Old Idea  by Doug Bandow
Hawk vs. Hawk  by W. James Antle III
Let Sequestration Happen  by Christopher A. Preble
Carnival Deception: While Mitt and Barry Posture, the Imperial Beast Plods On  by Chris Floyd

More Viewpoints

Americans Favor Diplomacy Over Military Action on Iran by Almost 4 to 1

Attorney: No Electronic 'Break-In' by Manning

Bagram Detainees Want to Use US Constitution to Argue for Release
Reid: Cheney Motivated to Stop War Cuts Over Halliburton Ties

Contractors to Testify on Potential Defense Cuts


Obama Names New Afghan, Pakistan Envoys

Afghan Soldier Sentenced to Death for Killing French Troops

Old Mines Bring New Casualties in Afghanistan

Bomb Targets Third Afghan Politician in Three Days

Exclusive Internet Cafe Connects Afghan Women to the World

Pakistan PM: Foreign Hand in Balochistan Unrest

Pakistan Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Rally


US Navy Attack Threatens Regional Security: Iran Foreign Ministry

Iran Admits Sanctions Are Hurting

Iran Offers to Insure Foreign Ships to Skirt EU Ban


Kadima Bolts Israeli Government, Blow to Netanyahu

Hamas Now Has Monopoly on Summer Fun for Gaza Kids


Indian Fishermen Say US Boat Fired Without Warning

China Pivots to Latin America

PM Noda: Japan Has No Choice in US Chopper Deployment Plan


Mexico Says 67 Journalists Killed Since 2006

2nd Bogus Bomb Threat Closes US-Canada Crossing

Indigenous Angry Over Colombia's Civil Conflict Assault 6 Soldiers, Drag Them Off Hilltop

Chilean Judge Charges 2 Retired Military Officers for Torture Death of Ex-President's Father

Human Rights Watch Attacks 'Abuse of Power' in Venezuela


After Decades, US to Extend Trade Deal to Russia


Syria Defector Tlass Urges Transition, Condemns Army Attacks

Assad Officials Deny Rebel 'Damascus Volcano' Push

Arming for the Syrian War: Do Soaring Prices Predict Escalating Conflict?

For Syrian Refugees Who Fled With Nothing, Wait Seems Endless

Jordan Moving to Ward Off 'Syrian Chemical Attack'

Iraq Tells Its Citizens in Syria to Return Home

Middle East-North Africa
20-Nation Middle East Exercise Will Focus on Seaborne Mine Countermeasures

Libya Election Results Put Liberal Alliance First

Activists Await Results of President's Committee on Egypt Military Tribunals

Tunisian Leader Promises Ben Ali Fair Trial, Safety

In the New Egypt, Beards Appear Where They Were Once Banned

State Department Slaps Sanctions on Bahraini Man

Iraq Warns Turkey Against Violating Airspace

Yemen Militants Cut Off Soldier's Fingers: Army


Somali Refugees Top One-Million Mark, Says UN Agency

UN: 2.5 Million at Risk in Somalia Famine

UN: Somali Pirate 'Kingpins' Enjoy Impunity

Mali Unites Against the Ansar Dine Islamists in Timbuktu

Red Cross: Over 5,500 Flee After Attacks on Nigerian Villages

Mau Mau Case: UK Government Accepts Abuse Took Place

Ethiopian Regime Crumbles: Enter CIA

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