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Updated July 24, 2012 - 11:06 PM EDT
Wave of Attacks Kills 145, Wounds 379 in Iraq
Iranians Protest Effects of US Economic Warfare
  Peres: Iran in 'Open War' With Israel

Iran: No Plans to Close Strategic Strait of Hormuz

Syria Warns It May Use Chemical Weapons if Attacked
US Drone Strike Kills 13 in North Waziristan
  Afghan Soldier Shoots Two US Soldiers in Faryab Province
Israel Orders Demolition of Eight Palestinian Villages
Egypt Releasing Military Detainees After Mursi Decree
US Military On Call for 2012 Political Conventions
Will Downing Street Memo Recur on Iran?  by Annie Machon & Ray McGovern
'I Could've Sold to Russia or China'  by Jeremy Harding
Of Course US Rebalancing Is About China  by Justin Logan
The Obama Gitmo Myth  by Glenn Greenwald
The Sky as It Falls  by Kathy Kelly
The Moral Hazard of Drones  by John Kaag & Sarah Kreps

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4.8 Million US Employees Have Access to Government Secrets

Netanyahu's Ex-Deputy Appears to Dissent on Iran

Palestinian Prisoner Ends Lengthy Hunger Strike

Regions Where Water Disputes Are Fueling Tensions


Top Afghans Tied to '90s Carnage, Researchers Say

Afghan Reality TV Show's Goal Is National Unity

After 30 Years, Pakistan Rolls Up Welcome Mat for Afghan Refugees

Pentagon Caps Congressional Trips to Afghanistan


Israeli Police Investigating Settlement Land Deal

Egypt Allowing Palestinians Freer Entry

Israeli Tourism Minister Says Bulgaria Prevented Previous Terror Attack Against Israelis

Cyprus: Terror Suspect Similarity With Bulgaria

Japan's Claim to Okinawa Disputed by Influential Chinese Commentators

Thousands Flee Violence in India's Assam, 19 Killed


Unidentified Bodies, Missing Cases Mount in Mexico


Fighting in Syria Indicates Bashar Assad's End Isn't Imminent

In Syria Conflict, US Struggles to Fill Intelligence Gaps on Opposition

Iraq Rejects Arab Calls for Assad to Go

German Intelligence: Al-Qaeda All Over Syria

Middle East-North Africa
White House Downplays Iraq Violence

In Taji, Lives Torn Apart by Brutal Attacks

Debates on Migrants Heat Up in Libya


South Sudan Denies Hosting Darfur Rebels

Sudan Army Clashes With Darfur Rebels Near Border

EU to Suspend Zimbabwe Sanctions 'After Referendum'

United States

Navy Radio System May Be Jamming Garage Doors in Connecticut

Navy Man Set $400M Fire to Get Off Work Early
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Yawn: Romney Goes Abroad

Nebojsa Malic
Echoes of 1878

Philip Giraldi
Obama vs. Romney: Two Shades of Nay

Ivan Eland
The Drug War Finds New Ways to Fail

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

Ran HaCohen
Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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