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Updated August 3, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Mortars Hit Palestinian Camp in Syria, 21 Dead
  Kofi Annan Quits as Syria Peace Envoy
  Obama OKs Covert Support for Syrian Rebels
  Evidence of Atrocities on Both Sides in Syria
  Fighting Escalates in Aleppo, But UN Says 'Main Battle' Yet to Begin
  Tensions Rise as Turkey Holds Tank Exercises Along Syrian Border
Syrian War Feeds Iraq Violence, al Qaeda Revival
  Attacks and Bombings Leave 54 Killed, 74 Wounded Across Iraq
  Iraq Furious as Turkey, Iraqi Kurds Negotiate in Kirkuk
Israel PM: Time Running Out to Halt Attack on Iran
  Mossad Ex-Chief: Iranians Should Worry About Attack in Next 12 Weeks
US Drone Strikes Listed and Detailed
Afghan Police Commander Kills 17 Civilians
National Security Leaks Lead to News Chill
Egypt's Mursi Forced to Accept Army-Backed Cabinet
US Plans for Air-Sea War in Asia Inflame China Tensions
Australia Rejects Proposal to Base US Carrier
US Pours More Military Aid into Africa, Chasing Non-Threats
Syrian WMDs Don't Justify Intervention  by Doug Bandow
Your Guide to What the Hell Is Going on in Syria  by Alex Thomson
Searching for Yet Another Alternative to War With Iran  by Farideh Farhi
Mitt Romney's Culture Problem  by Robert Wright
Houston, We Have a Country  by Steve Levine
Why Romney Insulted the Palestinians  by Robert Parry

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Spain Arrests 3 'al Qaeda Suspects' Planning European Attacks
Iran, EU Agree to Talk Again on Nuclear Dispute
Uzbekistan Bans Foreign Military Bases on Its Land
Iraq Again Blocks US Extradition for Hezbollah Commander
Missile Defense Staff Warned to Stop Surfing Porn Sites
Media, ACLU Argue Against Censorship at Guantanamo
Assange's Mother Fears Death Penalty for Him in US
Mitt's Father George Romney Was Willing to 'Look and to Learn' About Palestinians During 1967 Visit
From Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, George Romney Papers
Syrian Rebels Risk Losing Moral High Ground to Assad as Video Shows Summary Executions
Syrian Rebels Pound Military Airport
UN Draft Drops Call for Syria's Assad to Step Down
As Conflict Continues in Syria, Assad's Arms Face Strain
Syrian Rebels Accused of Executions, Other Abuses
Syria Says Turkey Supports Terrorism, Opens Airport, Borders to Qaeda
UK to Step Up Support for Syrian Rebels
Russia Will Not Support UN General Assembly Syria Resolution
Rebels Give Inside Account of Damascus Fighting, Saying Holding Neighborhoods Was Never Plan
Putin Thinks Cameron Conned Him Over Libya. He Won't Allow That to Happen Again With Syria
Turkey's Military Attacks Kurdish Rebels
Kurd Rebels in Syria 'Common Threat': Turkey, Iraq Kurds
Turkey's Ex-Military Chief Tells Court of Unease About Government
Small Arms Attacks and Bombings Leave 54 Killed, 74 Wounded Across Iraq
US Concerned Over Iraqi Threats to Force Iran Cultists From Camp
Iraq Seeking Russian Air Defense Gear: Official
Iraqi Kurdistan Says Will Resume Oil Exports
In Yemen, Fears of Renewed Unrest
Yemen Tribesmen Release Italian Officer: Official
Putin: Punishment for Feminist Punk Rockers Shouldn't Be Too Severe
Ghost Town Hostage to Cyprus Stalemate
The War at Home
Media, ACLU to Argue Against Censorship at Guantanamo
House Panel to Probe Army's IED Software Report
US Nuclear Bomb Facility Shut After Security Breach
Afghan Units Slow to Break Dependence on NATO
Afghans Kill 7 Insurgents Planning Attack
Months After Americans Leave, an Afghan Base in Disrepair
Afghan Finance Chief Under Scrutiny Over Bank Records
Afghans Fear What Will Happen When Troops Leave
UN Polio Suspension Affects 22,000 Children in Pakistan
Top US Commander in Afghanistan Visits Pakistan
Indonesia Working to Soothe South China Sea Tensions
Claim: Israel Would Lose 300 Lives in Hezbollah, Syria, Iran War
Israel Warns Citizens to Return From Sinai
Hamas Blasts Palestinian Official's Auschwitz Visit
Egypt Government Announced as Tantawi Keeps His Job
Islamists Sidelined in New Egypt Cabinet
Egypt's New Cabinet to Be Dominated by Technocrats
Cairo Asks US to Free Last Egyptian at Guantanamo
Clinton, in Africa, Readies Security Talks With Uganda, South Sudan Leaders
Ivory Coast Says It Will Disarm Militias in West
As End of Transition Nears, Somalis Pray for Peace
Guinea-Sierra Leone 'Deal' to End Yenga Dispute
Kenya: Refugees Have Right to Urban Life, Report Says
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