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Updated August 6, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT

Syria Prime Minister Riad Hijab Defects

  Syria's Aleppo: 'Decisive Battle' Still Looms
  Syrian Rebels Say 48 'Pilgrim' Hostages Are Iranian Guards
  Islamist Group Claims Credit for Executing Kidnapped Syrian TV Host
16 Egyptian Police Killed in Sinai Border Attack
Turkey: 115 Kurdish Rebels Killed in Offensive
Israel Bars Envoys From West Bank Meeting
  Israel to PA: Abandon Statehood and You Can Develop Gas Fields
Karzai OKs Impeachment of Two Key Ministers
  Pakistan Interior Minister: Afghan Govt. Supporting Taliban Leader
50,000 in Hiroshima Call for Nuclear Disarmament
Israeli Officials Slam US for 'Allowing' Iran's Nuclear Program
Drone Attack, Suicide Blast Leave 51 Dead in Yemen
Gunman Kills 6 at Wisconsin Sikh Temple
Who Really Made a Mess of Rwanda?  by Tim Black
Gore Vidal and Revisionism  by Jeff Riggenbach
Truman's Grandson Visits Hiroshima: One Site He Tragically Missed  by Greg Mitchell
The Pentagon Goes to Hollywood  by Stephen M. Walt
Kill or Capture  by Steve Coll
Julian Assange Is Right to Fear US Prosecution  by Michael Ratner

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Hiroshima's Peace Declaration
Romney Says Obama Weak on Israel
Saudi King Invites Iran for Extraordinary Muslim Summit
South China Sea Dispute: China Summons US Diplomat
Late Sen. Byrd's FBI Files Reveal CIA Leak Uproar
German DM: 'Military Action Wouldn't Help Syria'
Report: Syrian Astronaut Flees to Turkey
Briton Held by Jihadist Captors in Syria
Iran Airs Scientist-Killing Confessions
Shurat Hadin: UK Company Servicing Iran Tankers
Eye on Iran and Syria, Israel Hardens Missile Shield
PM: Israel Won't Be Spared Even if US Attacks Iran
Israeli Airstrike Kills Palestinian Riding Motorcycle in South Gaza Strip
Eight Iraqis Killed in New Attacks Against Security Forces
Iraqiya MP Escapes an Assassination Attempt
Al-Qaeda Prisoners Try to Tunnel Out of Iraqi Jail
Ruins a Memento of Iraqi Christians' Glorious Past
Oil's Big Players Raise the Stakes in Iraqi Kurdistan
Middle East
Red Cross Attacked With Rockets, Grenades in Libya
600 Palestinian Families From Syria Arrive in Lebanon
Spain Charges Russian Nationals Over 'al-Qaeda Plot'
Thumbprint Readers Stir Fears in Venezuela Vote
4 Afghans, 2 New Zealand Soldiers Killed in Taliban Ambush in Peaceful Bamiyan
Afghan Army's Future Filled With Unknowns
Looted Afghan Artifacts Returned to Kabul
Pakistan's Extremists Whip Up Frenzy Over Myanmar's Muslims
Pakistan Car Bomb Kills Two Children: Police
Gilgit Bus Attack Kills Two

Two Truckers Killed in Wana

Malians Take Up Arms to Drive Out al-Qaeda
Protesters Stop Mali Rebels From Cutting Off Thief's Hand
UN Staffer Killed in Sudan Border State
Sudan to Allow Aid Into Rebel-Held Border Areas
Car Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Besieged Northeast Nigeria City
Civilians Caught in Crossfire of Congo Rebellion as Regional Leaders Meet, a UN Chief Visits
Five Ivorian Soldiers Killed in Abidjan Twin Attacks
The War at Home
Wisconsin Police Say Shootings at Sikh Temple Treated as Domestic Terrorism, FBI to Investigate
Axelrod: Dems Not Restricting Military Vote
Duke Researchers Look to World War I Soldiers for Clues About Traumatic Brain Injuries
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