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Updated August 10, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Afghan Commander Kills 3 US Special Ops
  5,000 Afghan 'Militants' Have Surrendered – but Are They Real?
US Intel Still Solid on Iran's Lack of Nuke Program
  White House: US 'Would Know' If Iran Decided to Build Nukes
  Report: Saudis Will Intercept Israeli Warplanes Trying to Attack Iran
  US Navy Rescues Iranian Sailors From Burning Ship
Egypt Hyping Sinai Offensive For Israel's Sake?
  Gunfire Breaks Out in Sinai as Tensions Rise
Syrian Rebels Pull Out of Key Aleppo District
  Differing Strategies in Response to Syrian Rebels' Hostage-Taking
Iraq Attacks Leave 28 Dead, 87 Wounded
Mali Govt: Invasion of North 'Inevitable'
US Deploying Surveillance Drones Near China
Diplomats Blast Israelis for 'Forced Transfer' of Palestinians
Washington Puts Its Money on Proxy War  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
At Drone Convention, Zero Tolerance for Peace  by Medea Benjamin
Civil Wars and the Ungrateful  by Paul R. Pillar
Brave New War  by John Glaser
Nuclear Righteousness  by Robert C. Koehler
Police Scan Us, Soon We'll Scan Them  by Nat Hentoff

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Is Drone War

by Murtaza Hussain
Germany: Deadly Air Strike Colonel to Be Promoted
Britain Faces Legal Challenge Over Secret US 'Kill List' in Afghanistan
Spy Virus in Beirut Banks Linked to Iran Cyberattack Coding
US to Clean Up Agent Orange in Vietnam
Russia's Medvedev Hints at Chinese Threat to Far East
Uruguay Govt Aims to Become Nation's Marijuana Dealer
UN Diplomats: Algeria's Brahimi Strong Candidate to Replace Annan as Peace Envoy to Syria
Iran Hosts Syria Talks, Calls for National Dialogue
Syria Opposition: Assad Regime Fears Imminent Defection of VP Farouk Shara
A Rebel Fighter Falls in Aleppo – but This One Was From Istanbul
French Government Chides Sarkozy for Syria Remarks
Hamas Urges Egypt to Open Border Shut Since Sinai Attack
Israel Okays Egypt Attack Helicopters in Sinai
Egypt Army Seals Rafah Tunnels After Attack
Israel Girds Up to Face Syria, Iran With Arrow
Barak: US Now Shares Israel's Sense of Urgency on Iran, but There Are 'Differences' on How to Go Forward
Bombers Strike Again South of Baghdad
Iraqiya Advisor: Talk About Meeting Between Maliki and Allawi Is Just Expectations
Mutlaq Asks Iraqi Government to Take Clear Position and Condemn the Massacres in Syria
Iraq Attacks Kill Three People
Civilian Killed, Others Wounded South of Fallujah
Pro-Islamist Elected Libya Assembly Chief
Libya Elects Former Gadhafi Foe Interim President
Warning Shots, Tear Gas Fired to Disperse Tunisia Demo
Freedom of Speech Still a Distant Dream in Tunisia
Middle East
Two Soldiers Killed, Eight Wounded in Turkey
Bahrainis' Freedom Struggle Comes to Light
Mikati: Pilgrims Abducted for Leverage in Lebanese Politics
The War at Home
US Defense Firms Could Push Forward With Sending Layoff Notices
Pentagon Gets US Military Ready for Its Movie Close-Ups
New Charges Filed in Nuclear Weapons Plant Breach
Imran Khan Threatened by Taliban Over Planned March Against US Drones
Bulgaria Forces to Withdraw From Kabul Beginning of 2013
USAID Officer Killed in Afghanistan
Swap Talks Continue in Effort to Free US POW Bergdahl
British DM Retained Body Parts of Afghanistan Troops
Imran Khan Threatened by Taliban Over Planned March Against US Drones
Pakistan Taliban Wants Clerics to Issue Fatwa Against Democracy
NATO Containers Cross Chaman Border
Rawalpindi: Jirga Firing Claims 5 Lives
Gunmen Kill 3 Soldiers, Child in South Philippines
Nepal Women Workers Banned From Middle East Over Exploitation
Clash in Russia's Caucasus Leaves 5 Police Officers and 3 Militants Dead
Litvinenko Inquest: Judge Appointed to Oversee Inquest
Wildfires Set Off Explosions in Bosnia Minefield, Threaten Ammo Factory
14 Bodies Found in a Van Near San Luis Potosi
Alleged Drug Trafficker Known as 'Queen of the Pacific' Is Extradited by Mexico to the US
Chavez Claims Arrested US Citizen Could Be Linked to Alleged Plot to Destabilize Venezuela
Clinton Meets Nigerian Leader on Worsening Islamist Attacks
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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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