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Updated August 12, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Egypt's Mursi Ousts Junta Chief, Takes Powers
  Six Dead as Egypt Army Presses Sinai Operation
Romney’s Paul Ryan VP Pick Pleases War Hawks
Two 'Friendly' Afghan Attacks Kill 6 US Troops
  Afghan Policeman Kills 11 Fellow Policemen
Rebels Carve Out Large Enclave in North Syria
  US Syria Policy in Shambles a Year After Telling Assad to Step Down
  Clinton Tries to Broaden Ties With Syrian Opposition
Israel Beefs Up Military Readiness
US Intel Still Solid on Iran's Lack of Nuke Program
Washington Aggravating Asian Territorial Disputes
WikiLeaks: Our Site's Been Hit by Weeklong Attack
Let the Domestic Drone Age Begin  by Kelley Vlahos
Syria and the Invisible Hand of Foreign Intervention  by Eric Margolis
Bogus Allegations of 'Anti-Semitism' Create Climate of Fear for Arab, Muslim Students in US  by Nora Barrows-Friedman
US-Israel Nuclear Front's Accountability Drives Fall Apart  by Grant Smith
Bomb-Iran Fever  by Pepe Escobar
Intervention Is Now Driving Syria's Descent Into Darkness  by Seumas Milne

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John Pilger: Australia’s Lost Olympic Prowess and a Secret Past
Military Mum on Missile Launchers in Tampa for RNC
Behind Nuclear Breach, a Nun's Bold Fervor
The Terrible Legacy of Agent Orange
2 Roadside Bombs, Gunfire in Central Damascus, No Casualties
Arab League to Meet on Sunday to Replace Syria Mission Leader
No Proof Syria Behind Downing of Turkish Jet
Canada Pledges Millions in Aid for Syrian Refugees
Lebanon Indicts Samaha, Assad Security Adviser for Terror Plots
Egypt: 5 Militants Accused of Training Jihadists Behind Deadly Weekend Attack in Sinai
Egypt's Offensive Pits 'Mr. Security' Against the 'Sinai's bin Laden'
Egypt Newspaper Censored Over Insult to President
Abbas Urges Egypt to Destroy Underground Tunnels
Seven Teenagers Killed in Sectarian Attack in Northern Iraq
Turkey Treating Iraqi Kurdistan 'As Independent'
Middle East
Middle Eastern Gauss Malware Could Be State-Sponsored
Attack on Libya Prison in Tripoli Frees 8
Iran 'Hero Pilot' Launches Campaign to Lift Western Sanctions on Plane Spare Parts
Group of US Lawmakers Call on Bahrain King to Release Prominent Rights Activist
Putin Promises to Boost Russian Air Force
'Teddy Bear' Swedes Summoned by Belarus KGB
Spain's Interior Ministry Releases Video of Alleged Al-Qaeda Suspects Practicing Bombing
8 Bodies Found Inside Car Abandoned Near Waterpark in Northern Mexico
Man 'Escaped Mexico Mass Killing' in San Luis Potosi
Fascinated US Awaits Trial of Mexican Drug Cartel's 'Queen of the Pacific'
US Withholds Funds to Honduran Police
Chavez Reiterates Claim Rival Was a Member of a Fascist Group
Cuban Exiles Plan Fireworks Off Havana, Urge Islanders to Demand Political Change, Internet
Weekend Reviews
Brave New War
The Dark Defile: Britain's Catastrophic Invasion of Afghanistan, 1838–1842
Beautiful New Film Charts the Course of Nonviolent Resistance the World Over
The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America's Wars
The War at Home
Navy's Rebooted Warships Sail Into Political Storm
Three-Star General Was Behind Harsh Treatment of Bradley Manning, Defense Alleges
Janet Napolitano's Aides 'Sexually Humiliated' Male Agents
Second Ice Staffer Claims Anti-Guy Bias by Napolitano
With Promotion, US Army Welcomes First Openly Gay General
Brennan: Intel Leaks Have 'Absolutely' Damaged US National Security
Taliban's Ghorband Valley Stronghold Two Hours From Kabul
At Afghan Orphanage, Friends From Different Sides of the War
UK Father Pays Tribute to Soldier Son Killed in Afghanistan
US Must Seal Border for Waziristan Push: Pakistani Official
Five More Killed in Karachi Violence
Shooting Causes Panic in Karachi Hospital
ANP Leader, Nephew Shot Dead
Tribesman Killed in Peshawar
Three Killed in Khyber Clash
Clashes Between Indian Police, Muslims Kill 2, Injure Dozens
Myanmar Security Forces Set Ablaze Muslims' Homes
Second Blogger Jailed in Vietnam
Kazakhstan Opposition Leader Set to Go on Trial for Seeking Government Overthrow
North Korea, Japan Discuss WWII Soldiers' Remains
Americans Still Dying
Family of Slain California Soldier Urged Him Not to Go to Afghanistan
Michigan Soldier Killed by IED Was Just Six Weeks Into Afghan Tour
Soldier's Widow (FL): 'My Whole Life, Every Plan That I Made, Stopped on Aug. 2'
Weatherford (TX) Navy Corpsman Planned a Career as a Paramedic
Father of US Soldier (TX) Killed in Afghanistan Opens Up About Son
Fraser (MI) Soldier Killed in Action Remembered by Family as 'True Leader'
Sister Remembers Covina (CA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
La Verne (CA) Soldier Is Laid to Rest
Navy Air Crewman From Louisiana Dies in Helicopter Crash in Oman
Army Sergeant From Austin (TX) Killed by IED in Afghanistan
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