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Updated August 21, 2012 - 11:07 PM EDT
Obama's 'Red Line' in Syria: Use of WMD
  Russia: Syrian Rebels Getting Western Arms
  UN's New Syria Envoy Condemned by Both Sides
Afghan Rocket Strike Hits Top US General's Plane
State Dept. Condemns Assange, Ecuador
Netanyahu 'Determined to Hit Iran Before US Vote'
Egypt Sends Tanks to Sinai to Fight Militants
Iraq: 711 Killed During Ramadan
Eight Killed, 50 Wounded in Turkish Bombing
  Northern Iraq Instead of Syria: Turkey's New Target?
Military 'Cuts': Don't Believe the Hype  by Rep. Ron Paul
US Drone Strikes Target Rescuers in Pakistan – and the West Stays Silent  by Glenn Greenwald
Appeal to Non-Aligned Leaders Meeting in Tehran  Veterans for Peace
The New World Disorder  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Why We Must Audit the Pentagon  by Sen. Tom Coburn
Defense Cuts Are Not the End of the World  by A. Barton Hinkle

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Obama Issues Syria a 'Red Line' Warning on Chemical Weapons

Iraq Rejects Report It Is Helping Iran Avoid Sanctions

NATO: Afghanistan Will Not Unravel After Troop Exit

Congress Pushes for Arms Pentagon Didn't Want

Ecuador Moves Towards Talks on WikiLeaks' Assange


Afghans to Spy on Own Troops to Stop 'Insider' Attacks

US General Holds Talks on Afghanistan 'Insider Attacks'

BBC to Broadcast Soldiers Being Fatally Wounded in Afghanistan
Analysis: Afghanistan's Peace Hopes May Rest on Taliban Captive

'My Son Trained Somebody to Murder Him'

New Zealand Signals Earlier Exit From Afghanistan

South Asia
India Blocks Websites, Compiling Pakistan Link to Exodus of Northeastern People
Pakistani Christians, Fearing Backlash, Flee Community After Girl Accused of Blasphemy
Iraq's Clout as Oil Producer Grows, but Many Citizens Feel They're Missing Out on the Boom

Belarus President Sacks Foreign Minister

Tapes Found in Prague of AP Reporter's Cold War Show Trial

Russian Police Pursuing Other Members of Female Punk Rock Band

7 Israelis Held in Attack on Palestinians in Jerusalem

Suspect Involved in Jerusalem Lynching of Palestinian: 'Let Him Die, He's an Arab'

Israel Deploys Missile Defense on Egypt Border

Israel Mum on Egypt Move to Send Tanks to Sinai

Syrian Activists Say Pledges of US Communications Aid Are Largely Unfulfilled
Walking Into Syria: A Reporter's Visit to Where Rebels Are 'Running the Show'
As Civil War Rages Across Much of Syria, Kurds Quietly Take Control in Northeast
Veteran Japanese War Correspondent Killed While Covering Fighting in Syria

Robert Fisk: 'They Snipe at Us Then Run and Hide in Sewers'

Syrian Military Said to Intensify Assaults Near Jordan Border

Middle East-North Africa

Mursi on Path-Breaking Visit to China, Iran

US Seizes $150M in Hezbollah-Linked Funds

Car of Egyptian Diplomat Blown Up in Libya's Benghazi


Mali Announces New Govt. After Coup

A Year After Crisis, Aftershocks Rock Ivory Coast

In Somalia, a New Parliament, but Presidential Vote Is Delayed as Govt. Mandate Expires

Five Killed in Shooting Spree at Kyrgyzstan Border Post