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Updated August 23, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Pentagon: Plan to Seize Syria's Chemical Arms
  Clashes Escalate in Syria: More Than 100 Reported Killed Nationwide
  Paper: CIA Smuggles Stinger Missiles to Syria Rebels
Iran FM Dismisses Israeli Threats to Attack
Ecuador Rejects US 'Punishment' for Asylum
N. Lebanon Ceasefire Crumbles, 12 More Killed
Over 2,000 US Troops Slain in Afghanistan
Liberals Need to Start Holding Obama Responsible for His Policies  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Bizarre, Unhealthy, Blinding Media Contempt for Julian Assange  by Glenn Greenwald
Paul Ryan Campaigns on Military Keynesianism  by Tad DeHaven
Did Someone Say 'War'?  by William Pfaff
A Culture of Hatred in Israel  by Paul R. Pillar
Getting Rid of Dubya Wasn't Enough; the US Remains a Bully  by Owen Jones

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Afghanistan Is America's 'Forgotten War'

Guantanamo Torture Disallowed From Discussion in Tribunals

Book on Osama bin Laden Raid, by a US Commando, Due Next Month, Publisher Says

Egypt Requests IMF for $4.8 Billion Loan

Robert Fisk: 'Rebel Army? They're a Gang of Foreigners'


NATO: Afghanistan Will Not Unravel After Troop Exit

Kabul Blames 'Foreign Spy Agencies' for Insider Attacks


Iran Calls Israeli Military Threats Propaganda

Iran Unveils Upgraded Ballistic Missile

Israel Unlikely to Warn US in Advance of Attack on Iran

UN Chief Defies US, Israel; Plans Trip to Iran


Jerusalem Lynching Victim's Mother: I Pity the Attackers

In Wake of Lynching, Israel's Arabs Fear the Streets

Israel's Chief of Staff Warns Enemies of 'The Deadly Strength' of His Army
Israel's Lieberman Looks to Unseat PA President Mahmoud Abbas

South Africa Approves 'Made in Occupied Palestine' Labels

United States

Judge: Fort Hood Suspect Can Be Forcibly Shaved

Feds Charge Army Officer, 2 Others in Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Scheme

Battle-Tested, Female War Vets Run for Congress


Syrian Election Talk Is Delaying Tactic: Experts

Syrian Civil War Shakes Damascus-Beirut Ties

Japanese Journalist's Final Report From Syria Is Released After Her Death
Middle East-North Africa

'Egypt's Tanks Are in Sinai for Fighting Terrorism'

Tunisian Leader's Ex-Adviser Trial 'Political': Lawyer

Bahrain Shi'ites Battle Police at Protester's Funeral

Meles's 'Protege' to Take Over as Ethiopia's Prime Minister Until 2015 Election
Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi's Death Could Create Regional Turmoil

Over 50 Kenyans Hacked, Burned to Death: Police

Senegal Signs Accord to Try Ex-Chadian Dictator Habre


Hunt for North Korea's 'Hidden Tunnels'

Ecuador Official Says Government Will Treat Belarusian Refugee Same as WikiLeaks Founder

Mexican Court: Military Law Is Unconstitutional

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Blowback in Bosnia

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Left and Right Call for Escalation in Syria

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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