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Updated August 25, 2012 - 11:09 PM EDT
Syrian Envoy: Syria Can Destroy Israeli Nukes
  More Refugees in Syria as Fighting Rages
  Romney 'Open' to Invading Syria
  Syria: Al-Qaeda's New Playground
Will 'Green-on-Blue' Attacks Change US Strategy?
  NATO Kills Pakistani Taliban Leader in Border Air Strike
White House: Diplomacy 'Still Viable' With Iran
  In Israel, Opposition to Attacking Iran Gains Upper Hand
  Israeli FM: We Should've Attacked Iran in 2001
US Drones Pound North Waziristan, Killing 18
Attacks Resume in Iraq: 20 Killed, 33 Wounded
Dems Slam GOP for Planned Ron Paul Tribute
Libya Spurns ICC Warning, Will Try Saif Gadhafi in Zintan
Revisiting Iraq  by Kelley Vlahos
More Costs of War: Suicides and Mental Trauma of Military Family Members  by Ann Wright
Romney-Ryan 'Ploughshares to Swords' Budget Would Cost 530,000 Jobs  by Robert Naiman
Dulce Et Decorum Est  by Roger Cohen
Dictatorial War-Making  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Candidates vs. the Bill of Rights  by Steve Chapman

More Viewpoints

US May Add Missile Defense Radar on S. Japan Island
Special Ops Chief, Tells Troops to Pipe Down
Syria Spillover Clashes Escalate in Lebanon
Putin Shows Openness to New Missile Reductions
Norway Jails 'Sane' Breivik for Maximum 21 Years
MoD 'More Top-Heavy Despite Cuts to Top Brass'
Syrian Regime Airstrikes Kill 23
Amateur Jihad Tests Syrian Rebel Resources
Wave of Syrian Refugees Strains Region
Rebels Try to Win the Hearts of Countrymen by Helping the Masses
New Syria Envoy Brahimi Hints at Difficult Mission Ahead During UN Appearance
Reports: 2 TV Reporters Missing in Syria Are Alive
Sectarian Clashes Kill Three More in Lebanon's Tripoli
Sunni Cleric Killed in North Lebanon Clashes
In Lebanon, Kidnappings by Clans Raise Alarm
'Lebanese Home Front Virtually Defenseless'
Iran's New Super-Fast Naval Gunships
Iran Invites Hamas Leader to Non-Aligned Movement Summit
Israeli Settlers Lured by Subsidies
Is the Israeli Home Front Ready for War?
Swiss Lab to Analyse Arafat Remains for Poisoning: Hospital
Attacks Resume in Iraq: 20 Killed, 33 Wounded
Mortar Fire Targeting Shiite Worshippers Kills 3; Suspicious Fire Leaves 6 Dead
Anti-Mursi Demo Ends in Violence
Egypt's Mursi Bans Pre-Trial Detention of Journalists
British PM Under Fire After Hosting King of Bahrain in 'Beneath the Radar' Meeting
Julian Assange
UK Police Embarrassed as Assange Arrest Plan Revealed
Police Ordered to Arrest Assange 'Under All Circumstances' if He Leaves Embassy
Ambassadors Visit Ecuador Embassy in London
The War at Home
With Footwear Scanners Failing in Airport Tests, the Shoes Still Have to Come Off
China's Missile Advances Could Thwart US Defenses, Analysts Say
North Korean Leader Seeks Trip to China for Economic Help
Kyrgyzstan Seeks to Rebuild Govt After Coalition Falls
Kenya Red Cross: 200 People Dead in Pre-Poll Chaos Since January
DR Congo Rebels Accuse Army of Recruiting Children
Nigeria President: Invading Mali 'Last Resort'
African Union Urges Gambia to Stop Prisoner Executions
Russian Court Acquits Kasparov of Charges of Participating in an Unauthorized Rally
Denmark Expedition Gathers Crucial Data for North Pole Claim
Mexican Navy: Federal Police Fire on US Govt Vehicle, Wounding 2
Weekend Reviews
Imperialism by Philanthropy
A Democracy Ahead of Its Time
Behind the Bureau: On the FBI
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The Iron Fist in Tampa

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Call Israel's Bluff

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Baiting the Bear

Kelley B. Vlahos
Assange Dodges Elite Media Darts

Nebojsa Malic
Blowback in Bosnia

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

Ran HaCohen
Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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