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Updated August 27, 2012 - 10:37 PM EDT
Two US Troops Killed by Rogue Afghan Soldier
  Taliban Behead 17 at Afghan Party 'With Music and Dancing'
  NATO Hypes Afghan Closures, But Focuses on Tiny 'Bases'
  Taliban Deny Badruddin Haqqani's Death
Syria Rebels Claim Massive Weekend Massacre
  Syria's Vice President Reappears After Defection Rumors
  Egypt's Mursi Seeks Plan for Syrian Peace Deal
12 Iraqis Killed in Attacks on Security Personnel
Rebels Kill 24 South Sudan Soldiers, Army Says
Tribal, Religious Leaders Urge Pak Not To Attack Waziristan
Ecuador: Britain Retracts Threats To Attack Embassy
Battle Over NDAA's Police-State Provisions Continues
New Record: $66.3 Billion in US Arms Sales Abroad in 2011
UK Support for Military Action in Syria Is Not in America's Best Interest  by Sarwar Kashmeri
Lynching 'Demographic Threats'  by Yousef Munayyer
Afghanistan Is Not Worth Losing 10 Kiwi Lives  by Paul Thomas
The Best-Laid Plans  by Tom Engelhardt
Highway Robbery  by Rosa Brooks
Film Highlights the Temptations and Perils of Blind Obedience to Authority  by Glenn Greenwald

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Family of Slain US Activist Rachel Corrie Awaits Verdict
Why Was a Navy Adviser Stripped of Her Career?
Oops: Pro-WikiLeaks Hackers Deface Website of Pro-Assange UK Politician
UN Official Says Somalia Transition Is Too Slow
Togo Women Vow Sex Strike to Unseat President
Risk of Water Wars Rises With Scarcity
Iran Opens Nonaligned Summit With Calls for Nuclear Arms Ban
Shas Spiritual Leader Calls on Jews to Pray for Annihilation of Iran
Unicredit 'in US Iran Sanctions Breach Investigation'
International Activists Try to Enter West Bank
Israeli Police Arrest Jewish Youths in Firebomb Attack
Market Stalls Turn Into Prime Real Estate in Fight Between Jews, Palestinians Over Hebron
Palestinian Rockets Hit Factory in Sderot
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Foils 'Terror' Plot, Breaks Up Terror Cells
Saudi ARAMCO Repairing Damage From Computer Attack
Middle East
12 Iraqis Killed in Violence Targeting Security Personnel
Gunmen Kill Protester in Yemen Sit-In
Libya Interior Minister Quits After Criticism Over Attacks
Belarus Forces Were Trained by Germany
Two Pussy Riot Activists 'Flee Russia'
UK Military Lays UFO Investigations to Rest
Turkey Blocks Syrians at Its Border Amid Escalating Humanitarian Crisis
Britain Concerned at Report of New Syria Massacre
Syrians Hold Mass Burials in Damascus Area Amid Offensive
Attorney General Investigates Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Critic Who Led Protest
Egypt Convicts 76 on Israel Embassy Attack
Egypt's Garbage Crisis Bedevils Mursi
Nigeria Navy Frees 28 Kidnapped Oil Workers
At Least Four Killed in Ivory Coast Gun Battle
EU Condemns Gambia Executions, Promises Urgent Response
Pakistan Imposes Curfew on North Waziristan
North Waziristan Residents Start Fleeing Over Likely Operation
Five Killed in New Unrest in NE India
Indian Police Detain Anti-Corruption Activists
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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