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Updated August 28, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT

Egypt Rejected US Request to Fire on Iran Ship

Syria FM: US Is Major Player in Civil War
  Syrian Helicopter Crashes on Outskirts of Damascus
Afghan Soldier Kills Two US Troops in 'Dispute'
  No Criminal Charges for Marines Who Urinated on Afghan Corpses
  NATO Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan
  Probe: US Burned 100 Qurans in Afghanistan in Feb.
Court Rules Israel Not at Fault for Corrie Death
  Israel Spy Chief Predicts War in 'Increasingly Islamist' Region

Iran Denies Plan To Show Suspected Nuclear Site

History Resumes: Sectarianism's Unlearned Lessons  by David Rieff
On Translating Securityspeak Into English  by Kevin Carson
Questions About Assange the Media Won't Ask  by Edward Wasserman
Ron Paul Stands for Manning and Assange  by Michael Tracey
FBI Lurking Behind Every Corner  by Anthony Gregory
No Easy Solution to Syrian Quagmire  by Scott Taylor

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Israel's First Drone Strike Inside Egyptian Territory Kills Sinai Bedouin

Experts: Tightening Iran Sanctions Hurts Ordinary Iranians

US Troops Plotted to Kill Obama

Pentagon Checking bin Laden Raid Book

Three Soldiers Missing From Vietnam War Identified


Taliban Attack Kills 10 Afghan Soldiers

Bomb in Afghan City Kills 2, Wounds Police Chief

Local Official: Taliban Behead 17 at Afghan Party 'With Music and Dancing'

Pakistan Border Village Clash Leaves 36 Dead: Officials


Iraq Minister Quits Over Political 'Meddling'

Iraq Officials: Gunmen With Silencers Kill General


Rights Group: Investigate Palestinian Police Abuse

Gaza 'Will Not Be Livable by 2020' - UN Report

Pro-Palestinian Activists Barred From West Bank Visit

Mexican Cops Detained in Shooting of US Government Employees That Highlights Police Problems
Colombia's President Confirms 'Exploratory' Talks With FARC Rebels

In El Salvador, Violence Falls Amid a Gang Truce


Chemicals in Syria 'Cause' for Intervention: France

France Says It Would Recognize Provisional Syrian Government

Video Shows Turkish Reporter Held in Syria


Women, Christians Named to Egypt President Team


Riots in Kenya After Somali Shabab Member Assassinated

Five Somali Children Killed Playing With Explosives

Somalia's Al-Shabab Loses Control of Merca Port to Army

Rebels Kill 24 South Sudan Soldiers, Army Says

Nigeria Confirms Informal Boko Haram Talks

Uganda's President Elevates His Son's Army Powers

Guinea Troops Fire on Opposition Leader's Car


Myanmar Sentences 2 UN Staff to Jail

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Baiting the Bear

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Blowback in Bosnia

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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