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Updated August 29, 2012 - 11:10 PM EDT
NATO Mulls Another Afghan Surge for 'Drawdown'

Egypt Rejected US Request to Fire on Iran Ship

  Police Case for Iranian Bomb Plot Based on Tainted Evidence
  Company Bans Iranians From 'World of Warcraft,' Citing Sanctions
Israel Slams IAEA Vote on Nuclear Arsenal
  Israeli Judge: Rachel Corrie Brought Death Upon Herself
  Egypt's Mursi Vows to Respect Israel Peace Deal
Yemen: Two Suspects Killed in US Drone Strike
Damascus Car Bomb Kills 27
Rachel Corrie Verdict Exposes Israeli Military Mindset  by Chris McGreal
Obama's America: Waiting for Blowback  by Nicolas J.S. Davies
Syria: We Can Learn a Lot From the 'Small Stuff'  by Russ Baker
9/11 Hearings: Hear No Evil  by Lisa Hajjar
Martin Indyk: Israel 'Cried Wolf'  by Marsha B. Cohen
Isolating Iran?  by Najmedin Meshkati & Guive Mirfendereski

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Have US Candidates Forgotten Afghanistan?

Desmond Tutu Quits Summit With Blair Over Invasion of Iraq

Can Iran's NAM Presidency Help Resolve the Nuclear Dispute?

'American Taliban' Lindh Fights Group Prison Prayer Ban

ISAF Trainers Told to Get Closer to Afghan Partners to Prevent Insider Attacks

NATO Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan

Red Cross Halts Most Pakistan Aid After Beheading

Mullah Omar, Aides Hiding in Pakistan: US


Cindy Corrie on Verdict: Sad Day for Israel

Nine Israel Teens Charged Over Attack on Palestinian

Palestinian Cars Torched in Suspected Hate Crime

Yasser Arafat: France 'Opens Murder Inquiry'

Israeli War, Reconnaissance Planes Violate Lebanon's Airspace


WWII Bomb Discovered in Munich City Center

The Disturbing Army Militia Plot in Georgia

Bomb Kills Russian Muslim Cleric and Others in Dagestan

Russian Soldier Shoots Dead Seven Colleagues


Two Tibetan Teenagers Die in Self-Immolations

Myanmar Removes Thousands of Names From Entry Blacklist

Drones Take South China Sea Plunge

Ecuador Judge Rejects Extradition Request for Belarusian, Orders Him Freed Immediately

Deadly Car Bomb Hits Funeral in Damascus Suburb

Syrian Opposition Leader Criticizes US

Syrian Rebels Get Arms From a Diverse Network of Sources

Syria Army Drops Leaflets Urging Rebels to Surrender Weapons

Inside Daraya - How a Failed Prisoner Swap Turned Into a Massacre

Numbers of Syrian Refugees Strain Neighboring Countries

Secret Compound in Jordan's Desert Houses 1,200 Syrian Security Defectors
Turkey Accuses Israel of 'Exploiting' Syrian Civil War to Advance Settlements
Middle East
Yemeni Military Officials Say Drone Airstrike Kills 2 Suspected Militants

Iraq Announces 21 Executions in Single Day

In Letter to President, Bahrain Activist Protests Barring Her From Entering Egypt

Iran Denies Plans to Show Nuclear Sites to Diplomats


Ex-Somali PM Must Pay $21 Million for Torture: US Court

United States
Military Leaders Urgently Push for New Counterterrorism Software
Vietnam War Reporter Malcolm Browne Dies; Photo Changed Course of Conflict
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Baiting the Bear

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Blowback in Bosnia

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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